Different Types of Marker

In the art world, artists and researchers have always found a new way to apply figment in any other media. Every people could benefit from it by using it in a creative matter or even home industrial used. One of those figment-staining media any other than crayons and paints is the famous pens. It is a versatile, simple and cleaner, unlike the other paints. Pens are many, and you’ll be wrong to assume there’s only a marker type. Most of them can be categorized into ten majorly used a type of marker. What are they? Let’s see down below:

  1. Drawing Markers

It is used for people to make outlines from their drawings, or just sketching. Their characteristics are stable and smooth. The inks are not easily smudging, except it is on anything that is slick or glossy. Drawing markers usually have point size from 0.01 until 1.0, the more significant the number, the bigger the tip is. The drawing pen is a common thing you can see in any book or stationery store, just because of its versatility.

2. Permanent Markers

Well, most of the pens are stable when it put on any absorb-able medias. There are erasable and permanent markers, for the whiteboard. These both usually have bigger tips, so it can make bigger drawings and writings so the audience can see. The permanent one, obviously can’t be erased by just a mere fabric or eraser. It can be cleaned only by any cleaning solutions, such as kerosene, petroleum, or acetone. It is usually used to mark any hard and slick surface.

3. Dry Erase Markers

It is the opposite of permanent marker. It has the same characteristic, except it is erasable when dry. Rather than to mark stuff, it is better used for any changeable and dynamic use, such as for classroom, to teach and learn, or just to explain anything. Even if you don’t have any whiteboard, you just need to fine a hard-slick surface, and you can use and erase the markers as you like it.

4. Coloring Markers

Kids love these coloring markers. Just as the name implies, it has lots of colors. It is not efficient to utilize it in professional drawing though. Despite its functionality, the tips are usually big, and the ink bleed easily makes an easy mess out of it. It may be useful for the kids to know colors from early development, not only just see it, but to practice it as well too. The big coloring marker usually has vibrant primary colors in their product set. So anyone don’t need to buy it separately since it’s already packed for efficient use.

5. Fabric Markers

The fabric markers are everywhere in many of the stationary shops. But somehow it isn’t gained much popularity with the normal paper or hard surface markers. Even though it has specific and high function use, but it is not very versatile anyway. It is more expensive than any other coloring markers, even though with the regular coloring ones, it can be used in the pen as well. But the good points of fabric markers are after it washed, it won’t bleed the fabric.

6. Paint Markers

It is one marker type that is not common to see in any stationary store. For it is used in a more advanced industrious hard surface material. Such as cars and constructions. The paint markers itself has a lot of varieties, there even one for marking a wet surface.

7. Alcohol Based Markers

Any Illustration or any manga artists love to use this kind of markers. It has transparent quality in paper, not easily absorbed, but not easily smudged too. Usually, this kind of pen has two tips, in the back that has a flat surface, and the top which has a pointy tip. It can be blend with a special marker blender for this type. Depends on its sets, it even has vibrant or soft pastel like colors. It is one of the most expensive markers in the art industry, so better be careful when using it. It may not be easily absorbed so it can blend, but it is an electric dryer because it made from alcohol. Better not give it to kids, beside it is expensive, it is dangerous too.

8. Chalkboard Markers

The chalkboard markers, or just a chalk marker, are just a regular neon like a coloured marker. It is an alternative of chalk that makes lots of dirt on the chalkboard. Any other pens may have the problem when facing a chalkboard since it made from wood, it will ruin the tip and the paint as well. But this special marker can handle the wood surface just well. It usually used to make any art on the chalkboard, or maybe you could put fancy typography on it. The fancy light colored marker contrast the black chalkboard can make a nice visual for your party as well.

9. Washable Markers

Any other marker may stain your clothes, unlike this washable marker. Kids may have not any control on which surface they can draw, and they can draw the wall, your table, your clothes, unexpectedly. Nevertheless, no worries, the washable markers can take care of your kid’s fun while you relax from any ruined furniture. Because just like the name said, the pen is washable, as long as it is not on any absorb-able surface that is.

10. Brush-tip Markers

Last but not least is a marker that has unique tips. While all other pens have the pointy tip, but it has a brush tip just like a mini soft broomstick. A favorite for a replacement of watercolor media or any calligraphy practitioner. Any typography artist loves this too because the effect of bold and thin in the stroke is verily visible.

Have you picked your favorite marker type? Remember, all the markers have their specialities and weakness, you better be wise knowing what you will use it for. It’ll be ridiculous to use chalkboard markers in fabric, only the stain will stay in, and your mom will have a hard time cleaning it!


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Best Washable Markers For Toddlers, Kids and Adults

Washable markers are drawing tools which are perfect for young children. They often accidentally mark their clothes or body with marks. If they use a washable pen, the marks can be removed easily from clothes skin and walls only by wiping a wet sponge across the surface. The washable pen is perfect for home and classroom use since it does not stain a surface permanently. Not only young children, but young artists also enjoy using washable marker because it isn’t necessary to show a great deal of pressure to make a perfect shape and bold marks. Using washable marker means they can be as creative as possible. They can make a brighter color than marks which made by a crayon. A washable pen made by a variety of companies. You can find it in homes and classrooms where children create artwork. Moreover, some pens are scented as well. Children should use heavy pieces of paper such as newsprint or manila when they are drawing with a pen. Those papers can be attached to an easel if you want. Other children may choose to use the pens to drawing or coloring a book. But, most pages of drawing and coloring book are thin. Thus, the markers often bleed through to the other side of the page, so the washable pen is the best choice. We choose Crayola 20 Ct Super Tips Washable Markers to use


What to Look for in Washable Markers

Choosing washable pens is an important decision which should not be overlooked, especially, if you want to buy this marker for your children. You should look the ones which do not harm your children. Here’s the consideration before you purchase washable markers:

  1. Child-safe formula

It is the most important consideration since you are going to buy the pens that will be used by your children. So, always check the recipe of the product if they are free from toxic from the hazardous or toxic method.

  1. Pigment

The pigment is the powders which are mixed with oil or water to make ink, paint, or another coloring material. The pigment used for color in washable markers made into water-based mediums. You have to choose pens with an excellent water-based premium so that it can dissolve or separate and run easy when they exposed to water.

  1. Color options

If your child is creative, make sure to get them markers with various types of color. You should choose products which available in broader color options to make your child has a lot of options.

  1. Price

It is also essential if you are on a budget. Choose markers which are affordable, but it is also a great product. You can read the reviews first before spending your money on certain pens brand.

  1. Practicality

Since this pen used by children, you should also consider the practicality too. Choose the ones that come handy and easy to toss into your purse. You can buy markers which not bulky.


Best Top 10 Washable Markers for Young Children

There are various washable markers in the market that you can choose. However, sometimes it is hard to make a decision when it comes to purchasing the best one for your children. Don’t worry, and we have listed the various list into top 10 products below. We consider criteria for listing the product including child-safe formula, pigment, color option, price, and practicality


Crayola 20 Ct Super Tips Washable Markers

Super Tip washable markers feature a useful tip which draws both thick and thin lines. The washable ink from this product is formulated specially to wash from skin easily and also children’s clothing. Moreover, the markers would not bleed through paper, so this is safe to use. If you are looking for washable markers brand which has a variety of colors, you can choose this name since the set contains 20 different colors. The pens set has both the traditional and pastel colors so your child can use these pen as creative as possible. A good washable pen should have a thin barrel to make it easier for children to hold. Luckily, Super Tip washable makers’ barrel is thin marker, so it is children friendly. The pens can also be used by adults for lettering since you can use it the brush pens and they are great for faux calligraphy. The pens work great and the size also perfect for an adult to hold. It has more excellent tips and even thinner and longer compared to other washable markers.


  • The set contains 20 different colors
  • Can be used to write letters and words
  • It is easy to hold for both children and adult
  • The collection has both the traditional and pastel colors


  • The markers would dry out if used rarely
  • The price is quite high

Below is video about Crayola Supertips demo



Crayola Broad Point Washable Markers – Pack of 2 (58-7808-2Pack)


These markers are no exception! Other markers should be compared with Crayola washable pens since the brand is the standard of what a good washable pen should be. The packaging is a handy re-closeable box for convenient storage. You can store them in whatever space. Overall, the pens work great as far as the markers themselves. The colors show up vividly on a variety of surface. The best part about Crayola markers is that if you get the ink in some unwanted place, you can wash right off with an elbow grease or little water. Since it is a washable marker, you can remove the stain from painted walls too. What more could you ask for? There are plenty imitators in the market as far as art supplies, but at the end of the day, Crayola markers show that they are the best on their level. It is the brand that you can trust for both children and adult artwork needs. The downfall is that the marker tip is not quite right so you can’t color in an object quickly. It is also not too broad, so you can’t draw fine details as you wish.


  • Washes off skin and clothing easily
  • It has variety of styles
  • Water-based ink
  • The set has eight conical tip pens


  • It can’t wash off of white painted walls
  • Quite hard to clean off of carpet


RoseArt SuperTip Washable Markers 50-Count Assorted Colors Packaging May Vary (DFB70)

If you have the child who loves to draw anything at anywhere, Super Tip markers are the great product that you should purchase! The set comes in 50 different colors which make it great to use since you have a variety of colors. They are also children-friendly. The washability is great as they can be washed off easily if the ink gets on skin or furniture. If your child uses this to draw on your table, the stain can wash off with a little soap and water. The markers’ size is small enough to hold by the children and durable enough to resist lots of coloring. The best part of the pen is because the set comes with a lot of different shades of colors. Adults can also use the product for the adult coloring book. The downfall of this product is that the markers will bleed through the page. The pens will be perfect tools if that have a white color.


  • Certified non-toxic
  • The set bold and bright colors
  • Great for school or home
  • The comes in 50 different colors


  • There is no white colored marker
  • The markers bleed through the page

Crayola 12 Ct Ultra-Clean Washable Markers

Again with Crayola markers, this markers also one of a kind although sometimes you have to scrub a few time with soap if to wash off the stain. The pens are rich in colors and filled abundant ink. The eight colors are purple, pink, light peachy/pink color, gray, brown, black, yellow, orange, red, regular blue, light sky blue, and green. It is not just because the marking pens and most of them do not have beautiful colors. The set comes with cute color which adds the benefit of pure washability. Besides washable from skin, painted walls, and clothing, the markers have brightest colors compared with other brands. Furthermore, the pens are non-toxic, so it is safe to use by children. The pens can also be washed off of light-colored carpet. You can even write with them, and it does not bleed through papers.The downfall of this product is that some markers will be fired out after a year of using. The colors do not wash off easily from hands.


  • The colors are vivid
  • Wash off easily
  • Children-friendly
  • Non-toxic markers


  • Dried out after a year
  • The tips are hard


Sargent Art 22-1581 50-Count Fine Tip Washable Marker Packs

Besides Crayola, Sargent is also one of the brands that produce a great product. The pens are reliable and long-lasting. They built with a high-quality conical point. The pens are great for children because it has ventilation in the cap and toxic-free. The Sargent pens are also available in different size packs, large tip, washable, brush tip, fabric, metallic, and more. The set comes in 50 different colors and no repeat colors. They work great for both children and adult artwork needs. They don’t stain permanently, and they can be washed off form clothing with soap and water. The tip was not as good as what they said, but it gets the job done well unless the coloring space is tiny since the markers are quite thick. Overall, Sargent brand is a good set of pens for coloring as a hobby. It recommended for children and adult coloring book. If you want to use them for professional artwork needs, you need something different.


  • They are AP certified
  • Great selection of 50 vibrant colors
  • Wash off easily from skin and fabric with soap and water
  • Non-toxic markers


  • Bleed through paper
  • The colors are not intense


Crayola Washable Markers, Broad Point, Classic Colors, 8/Set (58-7708)

Crayola comes back again with eight classic colors with tip broad-line washable markers. It has water-based ink so it can washes off easily from skin and clothing. The Crayola broad point is washable markers which multi-purpose, specially formulated to wash off quickly from skin, clothing, and walls. The set contains eight colors from brightest to darkest. The variety of colors give skids plenty options to be creative and to complete their drawing projects. Each pen has a broad tip for drawing, writing, doodling, and more. The product is safe for children since they formulated for ages four and above. Moreover, this product made with recycled plastic which is eco-friendly. The markers contain recycled plastic resin which saves hundreds of tons of plastic. Your child can keep our Earth while being creative to the fullest. The product is also safe for children since they are non-toxic markers. Another great thing about this product is their flexibility. It can use in the Crayola Airbrush.


  • Safe for children
  • Non-toxic markers
  • Vivid colors
  • Eco-friendly


  • The set only comes with eight different colors
  • The washability is not excellent enough if the color gets in furniture.


Pacon Tru-Ray Construction Paper, 12-Inches by 18-Inches, 50-Count, Assorted (103063)

The next product is not markers but papers that should you buy If you want to use pens for your children’s projects.  Tru-Ray Construction Paper is excellent for any arts and crafts project. Why? It is because this heavyweight and 100{d9182458edee9a28a81d765ba139aba90e4d787eb35c4fdb400cdc5e12a49fc8} vat-dyed paper made with stronger and longer fibers to add the durability. The premium paper from Pacon Tru-Rays is tough enough to folding, scoring, and curling without tearing and cracking since it is made of heavy 76 lb stock. To make your child projects is good, the paper has superior fade-resistance. Moreover, the paper is recyclable, acid-free, and it allows your child to explore their creativity! The package contains ten different colors which are blue, festive green, pink, orange, red, sky blue yellow, dark brown, white, and yellow. Each pack comes with 50 sheets of 9-inch by 12-inch paper. Pacon Try-Rays offers a variety of colors which won’t fade over time. So you can display your art project for many years to come. The acid-free material will make the paper less fading, so it keeps project fresher and brighter longer. Your child can also save our planet since the paper made by recyclable construction paper which contains a high percentage of recycled fiber.


  • It has superior fade-resistance which make projects fresh and bright last longer
  • The papers are sturdy enough for folding, curling, and scoring without tearing and cracking
  • It is acid-free and recyclable
  • 50-pack contains ten different colors


  • Quite expensive
  • Can be purchased only at Amazon


Fine Tip Chalk Markers – Pack of 10 neon Color pens – Non Toxic Wet Erase Chalkboard Window Glass Pen – 3mm Reversible Bullet & Chisel Nib

The pens made from non-toxic, high-quality materials which make them ideal for both girls and boys of any age. You can use the pens on the various platform because it is washable. The reversible tips are the most significant thing about this product. Your children can have endless fun with Chalk Markers since the reversible tips allow them to turn into beautiful tip markers and chisel markers. Adults can also use the pens for their artwork projects. Also, the pens are also odorless since they formulated as safe for children. The pens are non-toxic and easy to clean. The set includes ten washable liquid pens with ten labels. This product is ideal for kids, and it has bright neon colors, washable materials, and high quality. But, since the colors are limited, children and adults do not have a maximum creativity with this product.


  • High quality
  • Safe for children
  • Non-toxic material
  • Bright neon colors


  • The colors are limited
  • Quite hard to wash off of skin


Super Markers Set with 100 Unique Marker Colors

Another good brand for markers is from US Art Supply. This name has fine tip markers with vivid tone. The pens produced for children and kids, but adults can also use them too! The set comes with 100 different kinds of washable markers which are recommended for the kids to utilize for drawing, coloring, writing, and doodling. The vivid inks do not bleed or smudge through most paper. If the colors get in your child’s hands and clothing, it can be washed off easily with soap and water. The packaging also comes with a convenient organizer carrying case so you can keep them organized and ready to use. US Art Supply comes with markers that perfect for the young artist. Children can express their imagination freely while having fun using this! These bright pens are fun for everyone to use and you can write with them smoothly. They are great for school, and home and they are also perfect for any arts and crafts projects. Another great thing from this product is they are safe for children. They are water-based, non-toxic, and conform to EN71 and ASTIM D4236 certifications for art products. With this certifications, the markers are suitable for children 3 and above.


  • It has vivid and bold colors
  • It has 100 different colors to choose from
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for children


  • The colors will bleed through papers
  • The tip is not as elegant as others


Color Marker Set – 120 Different Coloring Pen that Washable and Friendly for Kids by Pagos

The last washable pen is from Color Marker Set which comes with 120 unique and wonderful of colors in a variety of styles. It is the perfect set for the young artist that wants to explore and combine more colors. The collection has the rainbow of shades including pink, purple, gold, silver, black, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, chrome, skin tones, and more. The variety of colors gives benefit for kids and also adults who are into arts and crafts projects. The product is also perfect for the school project, coloring, and doodling. The pen is non-toxic, non-scented, alcohol-free, and acid-free. This one formulated with superior quality and ultra washability, the pens are washable form skin, painted walls, and also clothing. You can also get money back guarantee if you purchase them from Amazon.


  • It has 120 different kinds of colors
  • Safe for children
  • You can use it for many various arts and crafts projects such as drawing, coloring, scrapbooking, decorating, and more
  • Made from safe materials


  • The price is high
  • Not washable enough if the colors get in furniture


Final Words

If your children are doing a project from school or just beginning their imagination and creativity through draw and doodle, the best tools you can give to them is washable markers. If they use this type of pens, you don’t have to be worried if they are coloring in painted walls, floor, or furniture in your house since it is washable and will fade through time. Moreover, you can also use this product for your arts and craft projects or just simply to coloring your adult coloring book. We have list ten products that are perfect for you and your kids. The best thing that we can offer from this list is Super Tip 20/PK Washable Markers. Why? Because the product contains 20 different colors, can be used to write letters and words, comfortable to hold by both children and adult, and the set has both the traditional and pastel colors. Beginners can also use this product. However, you can also opt for other products such as Crayola, Sargent, US Art Supply, Chalk Markers, and much more on your shopping list. All of these products are safe for children and formulated with non-toxic materials. Now it’s time to explore your child’s creativity and imagination. Let them color their life with these pens and wait what they would make in the future.


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Tips Choosing Your Best Paint Markers for Art Painting Projects

Now, you can write any word or draw any picture on every object around you at ease. Why? It is because paint markers products will help you to do that job. So, you don’t need to get your hand dirty using real paint; instead, you only need to open the pen cap, and the pen will do the rest painting. However, you might be a little bit confused to choose which markers will work the best for your art projects. Here, we recommend Uni-Posca markers that have 15 different colors. The reason we put Uni-Posca on our most top list is that its high versatility use on almost all kind of surfaces, both porous and non-porous objects. Moreover, the paint offers to pop color results that look great for your art painting. You can also expect to get a long-lasting result since Uni-Posca markers provide minimal bleeding and waterproof features. Now, you can check more details in the following review.


Consideration before Purchasing Paint Markers

There are several considerations that you should put in your mind before start purchasing the markers for your art painting projects, including:

  • Application versatility

You need to pick the art painting projects you are going to do. Do you want to draw on a piece of paper simply? Do you want to draw pictures on woods and rocks? Or, do you want to put identifying marks on metal objects? Well, each marker for painting job has different application versatility. One pen may work the best for only porous surfaces, but another pen may work best on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

  • Marker Tip

The next thing to do is painting you want to draw. If you are going to draw on small objects or paint small pictures, you need to purchase markers with fine tips. Meanwhile, if you need more coverage to draw on broader objects, you need a medium to broad, fine tipped-markers.

  • Color options

Each pack of each product comes with different color options. You need to recheck whether the color options are enough to support your coloring projects. There are marker products that only offer 5-10 colors option, but others may provide 18 or twice more.

  • Ink-based formula

Markers for painting made from water and oil-based ink. Water-based ink usually will dry quicker than oil-based ink. Water-based ink pens will be a great option for painting on porous surfaces such as paper, wood, or fabric. However, oil-based ink offers stronger water resistance than water-based so that it would be great for outdoor projects and most surfaces.

  • Safety

Remember always to purchase pens that formulated with non-harmful formula. Check on the package if the pens made from the non-toxic, xylene free, and acid-free formula. So, you can work with ease, especially when doing the projects with your kids.


Top 10 Best Paint Markers for Art Painting Projects

On choosing the products in our list, we consider about its application versatility, long-lasting paint color, resistances, and child safe formula. Here, you can check all the products that positioned in our top 10 list below.


Uni-posca Paint Marker Pen – Fine Point – Set of 15 (PC-3M15C)

When doing an art painting project, you should consider choosing Uni-Posca pens for your painting items. As our starting product on the list, Uni-Posca pens have the high versatility of application. You can almost draw using this pen on any surfaces. Whether you want to paint on wood, canvas, plastic, glass, metal, stone, or many others, this permanent Uni-Posca pen will dry quick, so you can go on drawing using different colors at a time.

However, you should know that on nonporous surfaces such as glass and metal, the paint can be easily scraped off especially with hard objects. Meanwhile, the marker will work the best on porous surfaces such as paper and wood since the ink will be permanently absorbed. It is because the ink formulated with water-based pigment ink that won’t bleed unlike marker made by alcohol-based ink. Moreover, you can also work on outdoor projects with ease because the ink has water resistance ability. The free toxic ink also allows you to let your kids join on the project to help to enhance their creativity.

You will have 15 different colors in a pack of Uni-Posca markers with all those popping colors that will look amazing particularly to create vibrant craft work or signs. Also, the tip designed with the fine point, so you can work on detailed projects without worry. Keep in mind that you need to be careful to work on broader surfaces for its minimal coverage of the tip.


  • Ideal for use on most surfaces both porous and nonporous
  • Permanent water-based ink that will dry out faster to give minimal bleed
  • Water resistance
  • Non-toxic and child-safe ink


  • Less coverage due to its beautiful tip
  • May easily bleed on paper surfaces rather than others


U.S. Art Supply 15 Color Set of Medium Point Tips Water Based Premium Paint Pen Markers – Permanent Ink that Works on Most Surfaces Glass, Wood, Metal, Rubber, Rocks, Stone, Arts, Crafts & Tools

Do you need to work on detailed projects such as painting accurate pictures on coffee mugs, rocks, or other small objects? Here, you will need markers with the medium tip like U.S. Art Supply markers to go on details. These pens will work amazingly on any surfaces, including porous and nonporous surfaces. Not only great for art and craft works, but these permanent pens are also convenient for adding identifying marks on parts, tools, and other industrial applications.

Between 15 markers, you can choose which color you need that all will look great on light or dark colored surfaces. So, you can draw anything easily with any color you like to whether on transparent glass, black leather, or white canvas. Since U.S Art Supply pens formulated with premium water-based opaque glossy ink, these permanent markers will dry quickly on those surfaces. Moreover, the pens also resist from water, fading, smearing, and even abrasions.


  • Medium tip is ideal for precise works
  • Water, fading, smearing, and abrasions resistance
  • Permanent water-based ink with glossy paint great for painting and marking


  • May work less great on unfinished wood
  • Less coverage tip


Premium Paint Pens by Beric 12 pack, Oil-based Paint Marker, Medium Point, Writes on Almost Anything, Water and Sun Resistant Vibrant Colors Low Odor Long Lasting Fast Drying Assorted Colors

If previously you have Beric markers with a fine point, now you can have more coverage with another Beric markers’ product with a medium tip. You can easily draw the bigger pictures on any surface. Well, although you might find it quite difficult to go on finer details, with the medium point you can find coloring is easy. Whether you want to paint on canvas for your wall decoration, drawing in your drinking water, writing a message on the fence, or other projects, you won’t get any limitation doing your projects. Supported by its weather-resistant ability, the ink is drying out faster and last longer on the surfaces.

Inside the box, you can find 12 different colors with all primary color you will need to draw any pictures. You can even use these markers for your kid’s project to help them enhance their imagination and creativity. Don’t worry because the pens formulated with a tested and certified formula that free for harmful substances.


  • Medium tip gives coverage for quick coloring
  • Weather resistant with long-lasting and fading proof paint
  • Non-harmful ink formula


    • Harder for finer detail
    • Take more time before drying out on certain surfaces such as plastic and glass.


Premium Paint Pens by Beric 15 pack, Water-based, Marker, Extra Fine Point Tip, Writes on Almost Anything, Water and Sun Resistant Vibrant Colors Low Odor Long Lasting Fast Drying Assorted Colors

Art Supply also offers pens for painting not only excellent but also medium tip. If you want to draw with broader strokes, these medium tipped markers is very useful compared to fine tip one. Moreover, these premium U.S Art Supply markers are designed with valve pump action feature to allow freer flowing of the paint. So, you can write, draw, and paint anything on most surfaces, both porous and nonporous surfaces. U.S Art Supply markers are designed to be versatile to use for the most application, including paper, wood, fabric, plastic, glass, rubber, stone, metal, and many others. The paint will last longer due to its fade proof and resist to smear, abrasion, and water. So, whether you want to work indoor or outdoor, you get no problem.

Since the pens made with oil-based ink, so the paint will dry out quicker. In so, you can use different color at a time without worry the paint will be mixed, and your project can finish faster. Not only for doing arts and craft projects but these permanent markers also the great option for industrial applications such as identifying each product. You can see the result, and the paint will prettily look glossy with intense color both in light and dark colored surfaces. One more point, U.S. Art Supply is also free from xylene and other toxic substances, so you don’t need to worry to let your kids join along.


  • Ideal for use on most surfaces, both porous and nonporous
  • Medium tip design is great for broader details
  • Water, fade, smear, and abrasion resistance
  • Safe ink formula


  • Strong odor
  • Difficult on finer detail and strokes


Premium Paint Pens by Beric 12 pack, Water-based, Marker, Extra Fine Point Tip, Writes on Almost Anything, Water and Sun Resistant Vibrant Colors Low Odor Long Lasting Fast Drying Assorted Colors

Due to Beric markers extra tip, you can have flexible painting time that you can draw easily even on small objects such as stone, mugs, chino, or shoes. You can get to any painting work precisely. All 15 color options allow you to write and draw on most surfaces, both porous and non-porous objects. Also, Beric markers also have the slim body that let for more comfortable grip.

To get the best result during application, you should follow the instruction on the back of the package. Before using, you need mix the paint by shaking up and down the pen several times with the cap on until the ball inside rattles. Then, follow up by pressing down the tip repeatedly until the paint is present.

The best feature from Beric markers is its weather-resistant capability. Here, you can work on indoor and outdoor projects at ease with high expectation to have long-lasting result from minimal to no fading. Here, you can ask to utilize Beric markers to enhance your kids’ painting creativity. Don’t worry! Beric markers formulated with a safe formula for all ages that have been tested and certified.


  • Extra fine tip that perfect for precise and detailed painting works
  • Weather resistant that offers long-lasting result
  • Slim body pen for comfortable grip
  • Safe ink formula


  • Take more time before fully drying out on certain surfaces
  • Less coverage for coloring and highlighting


Sharpie Oil Based Paint Markers, Medium Point, Assorted Classic Colors, Set of 5 – 34971PP

Do you want to use the finer-pointed marker or Sharpie? Well, Sharpie has another paint marker product with the fine tip to help you painting in more precise projects. You can also draw a more visible line with this fine tip. The paint allows you to create high-contrast colors that appear to be opaque and glossy looks. It allows the marks to look stand out on light, dark, and reflective surfaces. Now, you can draw any detailed picture with five different colors set from light to dark color choice. Particularly, the colorful markers still allow you to paint on scrapbooks, posters, rocks, window arts, and much more.

The oil-based ink allows the paint to dry quicker, so you don’t need to worry about your marks to fading soon, get smearing, or wash off with water. Here, Sharpie markers let you do some outdoor projects without worrying those problems.


  • Ideal for wood and glass surfaces
  • Fine tip design is great for precise works and more visible lines
  • Waterproof and prevent from fading and smearing.
  • Oil-based ink formula to let the paint dry quickly


  • Only five colors option
  • Big pen body may be somewhat difficult to hold by kids


Metallic Markers Pens,Set of 10 Colors,Permanent Fine Tip Metal Art Paint Marker for Gift Card Making,DIY Photo Album, Scrapbooking, Black Paper, Artist Illustration 

Different from other products, Mincho offers a set of metallic marker pens with intense metallic color during application. The metallic color is the best for drawing and writing on black card and the dark gift card to give special glowing effects. Not only on the paper surfaces, but you can also do other DIY projects with these Mincho markers to mark on glass, plastic, or ceramic surfaces. Moreover, the markers’ pen body is designed with the slim figure so you can comfortably hold the pen comfortably during your project. All ages and all kind of professions will feel that the pen provide the most comfortable grip.

Designed with excellent extra fine tip, you will feel a smooth application while stroking the tip to the surfaces. These markers are great for writing notes in your notebook and drawing detailed pictures on your scrapbook. Available in 10 different colors, you still get a fun moment doing some coloring. Since the ink formulated with water-based ink, the ink will be absorbed easily to the surfaces, especially on paper. Parents can use these markers as a gift for their kids without worry since the pens are made with environmental-friendly also acid and toxic free formula.


  • Ideal for use on black or dark surfaces show its metallic paint
  • Extra fine tip is great for write notes or drawing detailed works
  • Slim body pen design offers most comfortable grip
  • Environmental-friendly, non-toxic, and acid-free formula


  • Not suit for highlighting due to its minimal coverage
  • May don’t work well on wood and rock decorating


40 Color Super Markers Primary Tones Dual Tip Set – Double-Ended Permanent Art Markers with Fine Bullet and Chisel Point Tips – Ergonomic Tri-Oval Barrels – Draw, Sketch, Illustrate, Render, Manga 

Only one type of markers’ tip doesn’t enough to support finishing your project faster? Well, how about getting two types of pens with the different tip in one purchase. Here, U.S Art Supply markers provide you with broader painting coverage with its medium and fine tip markers. In one pack, you can use its medium tipped-markers to draw broader pictures and coloring in a wider area. Meanwhile, the other pack offers fine tipped markers that allow you to draw precise lines and coloring in detailed pictures. So, you can more flexible and effective application to finish your project faster.

Each pack is available in 18 different colors that allow you to get more colorful results. From light to dark tones, you can get rich colors both on light and dark colored surfaces. You can also get more versatile use for almost all surfaces including porous surfaces such as paper, fabric, wood, and canvas, also non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, and plastic. These permanent markers’ ink allows you to mark on the objects without worry it will fade and smear soon. You can also mark on the outdoor objects such as fence or water fountain without anxiety the paint will be washed off by rain since the ink made with the waterproof formula.


  • Ideal for most surfaces
  • Extra tip in one purchase, medium, and fine tip markers
  • Permanent ink markers offer no fading, smearing, and also water resistance
  • Glossy paint result that looks great on dark and light surfaces
  • Feature valve-action to support free flowing during application


  • Strong odor
  • The wider fine tip may work like medium tip, no differences


Uni-posca Paint Marker Pen – Extra Fine Point – Set of 12 (PC-1M12C)

Another marker product from Uni-Posca will be ready to help you on any art painting project. Available in 12 different colors, you will have all those primary colors you will need to draw flowery, rainbow, anime, or other detailed pictures. Yes, due to its extra fine tip markers you can draw easily on small objects such as small rocks or teacups. Uni-Posca markers will leave its long-lasting paint on various objects, including canvas, plastic, wood, glass, metal, and much more.

Since the markers made from water-based ink, so they will have minimal bleed, unlike alcohol-based markers. Uni-Posca markers are working perfectly especially on porous surfaces such as paper and wood without bleeding since the ink will be absorbed and dried out quickly. However, you should be careful because the paint may easily scrap off from non-porous surfaces such as glass and metal. Furthermore, Uni-Posca markers are also designed to be waterproof so that you can do more outdoor projects without worry.


  • Ideal for painting use on most surfaces, but work best on porous surfaces
  • Extra fine tip for supporting detailed painting projects
  • It is waterproof
  • Minimal bleeding


  • May easily scrapped off from non-porous surfaces


Sharpie 5 Colors set Medium Tip Paint/Peinture Marker

If you need to work quicker on painting your projects, the medium tip of Sharpie markers gives you more coverage to help to finish your works. However, this one pack of Sharpie markers only consist of 5 different colors including black, white, blue, yellow, and red. If you just need to draw and paint your project using those colors, Sharpie will be handy for you. Ridges cap can be easily taken off from the pen, and you can attach it to the end so you won’t lose it quickly. Moreover, the big pen body design gives fitted grip for easy-to-use application, but may somewhat difficult for children.

Sharpie markers formulated with valve-action oil-based ink. You can also finish your project faster as the ink allows for quick drying out in minutes. Moreover, you can work virtually on almost surfaces, including wood, glass, metal, plastic, stone, pottery, and much more. Sharpie also allows you to work with high flexibility and long-lasting result both for indoor and outdoor projects because the ink markers are resistant to fading, smearing, water, and abrasion. Furthermore, Sharpie markers have been certified to be safe for every user since the ink formulated with xylene and toxic free.


  • Medium tip design allows for more coverage than fine tip
  • Versatile use for any surfaces
  • Water-, fade-, smear-, and abrasion proof that great for indoor and outdoor projects
  • Certified child safe formula


  • Limited color options
  • May quite difficult to draw precise or detailed marks
  • Big pen body may be rather difficult to hold by kids


Final Verdict

Rather than using paint for painting an object, by using a pen will provide clean work results. You can also feel more comfortable during application by holding the pen markers rather than a paint brush. Here, Uni-Posca paint markers will help you to do those arts painting works to be more comfortable, fun, colorful, and long-lasting. However, you can also consider the others products since all of them even offer great result for any painting work. So, have you decide to purchase the markers now?


Affiliate Disclosure:
http://www.joyofallcrafts.com/ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon.com. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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Best Chalkboard Markers for DIY Projects

Top 10 Greatest chalkboard markers for DIY Projects

Do you like doing DIY projects using boards? Well, if you are a professional DIY creators or person who is truly enjoying DIY arts, you need liquid chalkboard for decorating your works. When you are painting with DIY, you always want the best chalk markers for making your actions becomes more amazing. Therefore, to help you comfortable to choose the best one, we had reviewed some products and put them on the lists as the most high-quality products. Above all these top 10 chalkboard markers, we pick the Innocheer liquid chalkboard as the perfect one for you. The vibrant colors of all 60 multi-size chalkboards would make your works beautiful. The inks dry so quickly, so you do not have to wait longer in finishing your jobs. What’s more, this one won’t stain your surfaces due to its erasable features. Getting curious about this fantastic chalkboard? See these following lists to get further information about it.


What to look for in high-quality chalkboard markers

Before discussing the best chalk markers, there are several considerations that you must know as picking the right chalk markers. As purchasing chalkboard for DIY projects, you cannot just pick anything you like. You need to consider several things like its colors, versatility, and so forth. To help you get easy choosing the right products, we provide some tips in choosing liquid chalkboard. Here we go!

  • Vibrant Colors

When it comes to chalk markers, colors become the most important thing to consider. As decorating your DIY works using liquid pens, you surely won’t like the dull or pale colors. That is why you need the vibrant ones. The more vibrant colors you get, the more amazing your art will look like. Moreover, the vibrant colors also will help you working with any surfaces. So, make sure you pick chalkboard set which has various vivid and bright colors.

  • Easy to erase

As doing your DIY projects, you will make kind of mistakes sometimes. For that reason, you need liquid chalk markers which have erasable feature. The erasable products will not make your surface get stained or permanently damaged. Furthermore, you also no need to waste your energy as you want to erase it.

  • Versatility

Most of the liquid products usually can be used only for a specific surface. However, there are also some liquid chalk markers that you can apply to a lot of types of surfaces, including the non-porous surface. Choosing the products like this will offer you more benefits.

  • Reversible Tip

One of the most excellent features thatis equipped in premium chalk markers is the reversible tip. This one will let you control the ink flow with a tip, whether you want to apply it slightly or thickly. This feature will avoid you from typography as doing your DIY projects.


10 Best Chalk markers products to complete DIY arts

Picking up the right chalkboard markers can be a tricky thing, especially when there are a lot of kinds chalk markers in the store. However, you don’t have to be worry because we have listed top 10 products which will make your school projects, DIY arts, and others more amazing. We also put the product’s description along with pros and cons, so you can choose which one you truly need.


Liquid Chalk Markers 10 Pack For Nonporous Chalkboards, Bistro Boards, Glass and Windows

Crafty Croc has been famous with its high-quality liquid chalkboard. That’s why we start out ten best products with this one. Each 10 pack of Crafty Croc chalk markers contains multi chalkboards. If you are a professional artist dealing with chalkboard projects, this one could be ideal for you. This liquid chalkboards are truly good for various surfaces like metal, glass, whiteboards, plastic, and so forth. Comes up with the multi-size product, this one has three sizes which allow you to use it on jars, water bottle, and others.

Do not worry about wasting your energy to clean it up. The chalkboard is easily removable as you apply it on any surfaces, including the non-porous surface.  Moreover, this one can be a perfect choice for kids’ tasks due to its range of use. This one is also non-toxic so that it would be safe for kids and pets.  The beautiful vibrant colors let you put your creativity into your works.


    • 10 Pack of Neon Chalk Pens
    • Easy to clean up
    • Perfect for all DIY projects
    • Equipped with handy tips
    • All the colors are vivid and bright
    • Last 2x longer


  • Silver and gold colors are not easy to clean up
  • It is not ideal for walls and chalkboard surfaces


Cedar Markers Liquid Chalk Markers – 12 Pack with Free 40 Chalkboard Labels – Neon Color Pens Including Gold and Silver Ink. Reversible Bullet and Chisel Tip and A Brand New Revolutionary Cap

If you need vibrant colors liquid chalks for any surfaces, this one can be a perfect one for you. Cedar liquid chalks are suitable for any surfaces, including non-porous ones. Cedar also owns the unique inks colors. It will make your arts look alive. Let your creativity speak up by combining beautiful neon colors to your works. The Gold and Silver color can be ideal bistro chalk markers for your menu board, wedding decoration, house window, and others. For every purchase of Cedar chalks, you can get 40 labels as a bonus for free. Additionally, this one also comes with exclusive tweezers that will make you more comfortable changing the tips without spoiling your works. Another thing that makes this product great is this one is dust free and friendly product with American and European Institutes standard.


– Offer 30 days warranty for every purchasing

– Erasable on any surfaces, including the non-porous

– Equipped with free tweezers set

– Friendly environment product with standard American and European quality

– 40 chalkboard labels bonus


– The ink flow sometimes does not come up smoothly

– Not too ideal for chalkboard surface


Liquid Chalkboard Window Chalk Markers -12 Pack Erasable Pens Great for Chalkboards & Glass – Non Toxic Safe & Easy to Use Washable Marker Neon Bright Vibrant Colors Pen for Kids and Adult

If you own restaurant or café and need some decorations to attract your customers, this Creatov bistro chalk markers is all you need. Creatov gets eight vibrant colors, including white colors so that you can create eye-catching and stunning bistro menu boards. Furthermore, this one also has a great versatility that you can utilize to various surfaces like glass, windows, or the non-porous ones. All the colors are so pigmented and bright, making your arts look more amazing and colorful. Because it is dust free, and non-toxic product, the Creatov liquid chalks would be the best product for your kids.


  • Available in 12 color choice
  • Offer various very pigmented and long-lasting vibrant colors
  • Equipped with chisel tip
  • Dust free and non-toxic product


  • The ink dries up too fast
  • The ink is hard to clean when it has dried


Chalk Markers & Metallic Colors – Pack of 21 neon chalk pens – For Chalkboard, Whiteboard, Blackboard, Window, Labels, Bistro, Glass – Wet Wipe Erasable – 6mm Reversible bullet & chisel Tip

If you are a professional DIY worker, this Chalkola chalk pen must be on your lists! Chalkola offers 21 color variants which are 15 vivid colors and six stunning metallic colors. Chalkola uses water-based ink which makes the chalks very erasable only by using the wet cloth. These liquid chalks by Chalkola also have great versatility which gives the user freedom of creativity. You can use it on birthday cards, wedding boards, Bistro menus, house window, or any surfaces. Even, you can make your birthday gifts by decorating jars or mugs, then giving it to your special one.

Also, Chalkola also uses high-quality inks, so it will flow smoothly just exactly what you want. The inks also will dry so quickly only in minutes so that you can finish your works faster.  This one also made of non-toxic and odor-free formula, so do not worry if your kids want to express their imagination and creativity using Chalkola chalks. This one is safe both for kids, adults and also pets.


– Available in 21 different colors of 15 bright colors and 6 metallic

– Made of very durable maker tips

– Easy to clean up only with damp cloth or water

– Ideal for any surfaces, including the non-porous like metal, slate, plastic, etc.


– Some colors do not show up

– It is not suitable for some chalkboards


Liquid Chalk Markers & Metallic Colors by Chalkola | Pack of 16 chalk pens | For Chalkboard, Whiteboard, Blackboard, Window, Glass, Bistro | 6mm Reversible Bullet & Chisel Tip Erasable Ink

If you need Chalkola markers with fewer color variants, you can make this one on your list. Chalkola offers several kinds chalk pens for the board, including this 16 series. This one has 16 bright neon colors which consist of 10 vivid colors and 6 metallic colors. The metallic colors have pink, gold, green, blue, red and silver color variants. With all those stunning colors, you can freely let your imagination and creativity develop as you are doing your DIY projects. Besides those amazing colors, Chalkola also gives you more freedom to work on any surfaces you like. You can use as decoration for café menus, restaurant boards, birthday party, bridal shower, wedding-guest table, and other works.

Moreover, if you are a teacher or lecturer who needs something new in your teaching time, this one can make your class more exciting and pleasing. The water-based, odor-free, and dust-free formula also makes this product safe for your kids. This one can help your kids increasing their creativity as doing their school tasks, classroom tasks, or even making birthday gift or card for their best friends.


–  Available in 16 color variants

–  Made of water-based ingredients, making it easy to clean up

– Compatible with any surfaces and any DIY projects


–   The metallic chalks are too small and not long-lasting

–   The ink will be difficult to wash if it left for over one day


White Chalkboard Chalk Markers by VersaChalk (Fine Markers) | Dust Free, Water-Based, Non-Toxic Wet Erase Chalk Ink Pens

Looking for chalk a marker which is very suitable for white chalkboard? This ink pens by VersaChalk is all you need! VersaChalk uses premium quality inks from Germany which is finest one in the country. With this high-quality ink, your works will be dried only in seconds. It can be perfect chalk pens for every DIY lover. Even the ink dries so quickly, and it does not stain your work easily. Once the ink has dried, you can still wash it by only using wet cloth! VersaChalk also adds great versatile which allows users to works on all non-porous surfaces like metal, glass, vinyl, and others. However, remember that this one is not compatible with all chalkboards. Make sure to check it first before applying it on your surface.

Besides, you also do not need to worry that the inks will spoil your works. VersaChalk equips its markers with long-lasting tips that can be used even for the heaviest projects. What’s more, they also use odorless, dust-free, and non-toxic formula as their main ingredients, so it is probably safe for children.


  • Made of great quality ink from German
  • The inks dry only in seconds
  • Very washable only with damp towel or cloth


  • Difficult to wash as it applied on chalkboard wall/paint
  • The tips takes longer time to fill as it has used for several seasons


Liquid Chalk Board Window Markers – 8 Pack Erasable Pens Great for Chalkboards – Non Toxic Safe & Easy to Use Neon Bright & Vibrant Colors for All Ages Funatix

Funatix is ready to make your DIY works becomes more amazing and stunning with its neon and vibrant colors. All those 8 Funatix colors can add particular impression to your arts. It can work well with bistro boards, restaurant menu, house windows, mugs, glass, and other non-porous surfaces. Any DIY arts you make will be more amazing if you decorate it with Funatix chalk pens. The colors are so vibrant and eye-catching. As a result, it looks so perfect if you use it to attract the customers.

Funatix also uses non-toxic, no-dust, and no-odor ingredients, so the parents can allow the children develop their creativity using this product. For the professional DIY artist, this one is what you needed. All the colors are tremendously pigmented and durable, providing more beautiful color to your artworks. This one is also great for decorating new home, wedding or birthday party, posters, and so forth. Moreover, Funatix also provides 100{b0570d686f8abe3f6227922e6f74b908c0c99f3a0270167d932ef3a0d8ff8ed3} satisfaction guaranteed as you are not satisfied with the products.


  • Available in 8 vibrant and neon colors
  • Safe for adults and children
  • Very compatible with all non-porous surfaces
  • The colors are pigmented and long-lasting


  • The tips are easily damaged


Blami Arts Chalk Markers Reversible Tip for Non-Porous Chalkboard and Bistro Glass Windows – 14 Pack Erasable Neon Bright Non-Toxic Liquid Ink Pens with Bright Vivid Paint – Eraser Sponge included

Learning process sometimes can be very boring for students. To overcome this problem, some teacher uses chalk pens in the teaching and learning process. A colorful school board surely can be the great alternative to attract students’ attention. Blami Arts provides 14 variants colors of chalk markers, so you can freely to use any colors you like. With non-toxic, dust-free, and water-based inks, this one is surely safe for you and the students. The very bright, vibrant and opaque colors of these Blami Arts chalk pens also can be useful for professional DIY artists. The stunning and beautiful colors variants are truly livened up your artworks.

Besides amazing colors, the reversible tip from Japan is what makes this one becomes the best chalk markers. It can extend you drawing, coloring, and decorating selections. What’s more Blami Arts also provides several bonuses for every purchasing, including two tips, gold and silver color, and safe caps! However, as you are using the silver and golden pens, remember that both only washable from non-porous surfaces. Never use it on a chalkboard, if you do not want it gets damaged. So, if you need high-quality chalk pens which are washable, ideal for all DIY crafts, durable, and having vibrant and bold colors, this one is for you!


  • The pens providing bold lines
  • The colors are vibrant and bright, making it looks suitable for all crafts
  • Compatible with all non-porous materials
  • Available in 14 variants of colors and silver and additional gold colors


  • Silver and Gold colors are permanent and not washable
  • It is not compatible with all chalkboards


Crafty Croc Liquid Chalk Markers, Jumbo 18 Pack, (Mom’s Choice Award Gold Recipient), Neon Plus Earth Colors 6mm Reversible Tip, 2 Replacement Tips Included

Finally, we move to the last best chalk markers product by Crafty Croc. The first thing that makes Crafty Croc chalk pens becomes highly recommended is its awards. Crafty Croc has awarded for its excellent originality and quality of children’s product by TillyWig. For that reason, this one recommended for children use. If you have kids who like to do some creative things, let their creativity develops with this product. Crafty Croc provides vivid neon chalk pens which are brighter than any standard chalk.

With all those bright colors, it surely makes your kids get more spirit as doing their school projects, or their artworks. Crafty Croc adds a reversible tip which let your kids do their artworks easier. This feature can help them in making whether the bold or thin line. They will get so much fun in making birthday cards, Christmas decoration, Halloween costumes, or Thanksgiving presents.

Additionally, Crafty Croc also equips its product with great versatility, so you can be free let your creativity alive on any non-porous surfaces. Even this one highly recommended for kids, and it does mean adults cannot use it for their artworks. You can also use it for decorating home, bistro, bar, and others. Made of the high-quality product, liquid chalk pens by Crafty Croc is very washable, even only with the cloth. Now, you can freely do your DIY works without worrying it gets spoiled.


  • Highly recommended for children
  • The inks are easy to wipe up
  • Equip with reversible tip
  • Available in 10 vibrant colors variant


  • It gets difficult to wipe as it painted on chalkboards
  • No too ideal for professional artworks


Premium Window Chalkboard Neon Pens Liquid Chalk Markers 30 colors by GOTIDEAL

For a newbie DIY lover, you surely need chalk markers that are very easy to apply on any surfaces. Airbay liquid chalk pens made of premium inks which will run smooth as you use it. The ink flow is consistent almost on all non-porous surfaces. What’s more, Gotideal chalk pens also has reversible tip and safety cap which can be so helpful in doing DIY works.Moreover, the safety cap here prevents the tips from any damage so that it can last longer.  And use new upgraded ink that brings more colors become fluorescent

Not only for the newbie but this one also ideal for professional DIY artists. Gotideal offers 30 variants colors which are bolder and brighter than other products. The colors will go whether you want to apply it to metal, glass, plastic, chalkboard, or vinyl. Moreover, the additional silver and gold colors truly can make your arts look stunning.  Made of water-based, non-toxic, and no dust formula, this product is safe for everyone. Also, you do not need to waste your energy to wash the ink painted on the surface. The markers are so washable with just a wet towel or cloth. For the silver and gold colors, you may need alcohol to clean it up.


  • Available in 30 colors and extra silver and gold colors
  • 100{3ad0515dd2ff4b566a8077055826a353e5fbc4689d6fc5f67b38c7e53d49fb36} compatible with non-porous surfaces
  • The colors are brighter and bolder
  • All markers are available for all DIY activities


  • The pens are not consistent with several chalkboards
  • Silver and Gold colors are not easy to clean up

DIY projects certainly become one thing that mostly does by people these days. Besides it is kind of fun and pleasure thing, doing DIY projects also can give develop our creativity. DIY provides us the freedom to express our imagination and creativity in the form of artworks. However, becoming a DIY artist sometimes becomes a tough thing. We need to prepare DIY tools in making crafts, paintings, and other artworks. In doing DIY projects, chalkboard markers become one important thing that you need for decorating your artworks. You can use this one for any events such as birthday party, school project, and wedding party, even for teaching and learning process. Furthermore, you can also use it for bistro or restaurant decoration so that it can look so artsy and attractive. So, what are you waiting on? Grab your chalk markers and let your creativity explode!


Affiliate Disclosure:
http://www.joyofallcrafts.com/ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon.com. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates
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What are the Best Alcohol Based Markers


Alcohol Based Markers for Best Professional Result

From all reviews, we can see that Shuttle Art Dual-Tip Permanent Markers is an excellent set of alcohol based markers. Although it is bleed easily, there is another solution while using it. Then, the marker is also easy to blend so you can get much other shade of colors by combining one color to another color. Like the other alcohol markers, it comes with the dual tip which both of them are perfect to use since they are easy to handle. To make it is easy to arrange, it comes with a premium zippered case. On the other hand, it is also perfect for traveling. With the vibrant colors, you will get a professional result for coloring. Since it is also acid-free and non-toxic, it is safe for all age, especially for children. The ink will dry fast, and it will not be faded easily. It is perfect for any projects and uses.


The Considerations to Choose Alcohol Based Markers

Although the alcohol-based markers are little bit expensive rather than other types of pens, you can choose it as the best choice for coloring or draw your craft. Still, if you confuse what you will choose the alcohol markers? You look at these considerations why you have to choose alcohol markers to get the perfect result. Here are the reviews to choose alcohol markers:

Easy to Blend

The first factor why you have to choose alcohol marker for your project or craft is because it is easy to blend. When shading or coloring, you need more gradation or combining colors. In that situation, you need colors that you want to mix easily. If you still want to color with a pen but even want the gradation result, you can choose the alcohol marker.

Quick to Dry

Then, you need markers that will not dry easily. Most of the alcohol markers dry quickly. You do not need to worry that you have to wait some minutes to get another line because waiting one color has not dry yet. In that situation, the alcohol markers are the perfect tools to make your work fast since the color will not dry quickly.

Can be Refill

Why you have to choose alcohol pen is because you can refill some of the product. It is important for professionals since they use all of the pens mostly every time. The ink must run out easily in that situation, so refilling is one simplest way to get the colors back.


Best of the Best Easy-to-Blend Alcohol Based Markers

Shuttle Art Dual-Tip Permanent Markers

Are you looking for the easy-blended marker? You have to try pen with the alcohol base. Typically, this kind of pen is easy to blend. One of the best pens that is alcohol based is Shuttle Art Dual-Tip Permanent Markers. Shuttle Art is the most popular marker for everyone, especially for Shuttle Art team. With the completed colors, Shuttle Art serves the best quality ink. For the Shuttle Art Dual Tip permanent Markers comes with a dual tip which is the best for coloring. Since it has alcohol based, all of the colors are vibrant and easy to blend.

For a set of Shuttle Art Dual-Tip Permanent Markers, there are 50 best colors. In each color, it has two types of tip.  There is 1mm pointed bullet tip intended to sketching or coloring for small space and 7mm broad tip which is the best for coloring for large space in quick coverage. All of the colors are easy to blend and quick to dry. This marker is the best choice for student, artist, or someone who like drawing as a hobby. Moreover, you can also get the new color by combining some of the colors in Shuttle Art. It must be perfect!


  • Since it has alcohol based ink, it is easy to blend and even can be used to create a new color
  • The ink is acid-free and non-toxic, so it is safe to use
  • Come in dual tip that is perfect for coloring
  • Arrange in a premium black zippered case


  • Since it is the alcohol markers, it tends to bleed easily for thin paper
  • The color on the cap does not match the shade color, so it must be little bit difficult to find the right color
  • The shade of colors are dark


Bianyo Classic Series Dual Tip Art Markers

There are a lot of pens that you can choose, but it seems difficult to find the travel set of marker especially for the alcohol markers. In contrast, Bianyo Classic Series Dual Tip Art Markers serves what you need. These alcohol pens come in a set with the easy0travel case holder. Don’t worry if you could not find the color that you want, this series of Bianyo Markers come in one set of 72 pens which completed shades. Moreover, for each marker will not smudge easily, but it will dry quickly.

With the handy carrying case, the Bianyo Classic Dual Tip Art Markers is a perfect choice either for present or your collection. Then, Bianyo Marker has dual tip marker which is 1 to 2 mm fine tip which is easy to use for lining, sketching, or coloring in small space and 6 to 7 mm broad tip which is perfect for coloring in large space and shading in quick. Although the marker comes in full package of 72 pens, the ink will not skip so that you may not worry that there will be blank space when coloring. Is the color vibrant? Big yes for Bianyo Classic Dual Tip Art Markers since it has super vibrant color will not fade easily.


  • Completed with the handy carrying case
  • Has complete shade colors which are 72 colors in a set
  • Perfect for any kinds of coloring activities such as drawing manga, designing fashion, and other kinds of coloring


  • Bleed easily as like as other alcohol markers
  • There is no space for the case so that it must be little bit complicated to arrange


Touchnew Dual Tip Alcohol Markers

Are you looking for the completed package of marker? The Touchnew Dual Tip Alcohol Markers must be a perfect choice. It has 80 tremendous colors in a set that all of them are vibrant. Moreover, for each pen has a dual tip. With dual tip, it is perfect for drawing, coloring, sketching, and other activities which need large and small tip marker. The Touchnew has the broad tip which is perfect for coloring the large space in quick and the fine tip which is perfect for sketching, lining, or coloring in small space. All of them can be done only with one set of Touchnew.

Moreover, the Touchnew Dual Tip Alcohol Markers are perfect for all age. If you are a student, you can take it as one of the perfect tools in the study. If you have a child or you are a teacher, you can buy it for your child or students in the class. It is also perfect for children since it has acid-free to make it safe for children. Since it has 80 markers, it will come in one black pouch which will make you easy to arrange or travel it.


  • A set in beautiful case which is easy to bring and arrange
  • The colors are vibrant so will not fade easily
  • Has completed colors


  • Bleed so easy so you need thick paper for coloring with it
  • Little bit difficult to blend


Spectrum Noir Pastels Alcohol Markers

Some of the permanent pens have similar body design. It is boring, right? But the Spectrum Noir Pastels Alcohol Markers has excellent different body design. Then, it also comes with a double-ended tip which is perfect for drawing. Both of them are different since one of them is the broad chisel nib which is perfect for coloring in large space while there is the fine bullet tip which is perfect for the detailed work such as lining or coloring the smaller area. What makes it more perfect is that you can refill the ink. So, you just need to refill the ink without throwing it up when it runs out.

Like its name, the Spectrum Noir Pastels Alcohol Markers has perfect pastels color. All of the shade pastel colors served in one set. Finding the soft colors like pastel might be difficult. In that situation, Spectrum Noir helps the best color. What makes it is more perfect is there will be no striking effect so that you may not worry when making lines by this markers. There is also no duplicate colors, so in a set which has 24 colors are different.


  • Not bleed easily
  • Easy to blend to get multiple color choice
  • No duplicate color for each color


  • Since it comes as pastel marker, you cannot find black and grey marker
  • There is no name color on the pen, so it will make little bit difficult to find the color


The 168 Set Colors of Touchnew Dual Tip Art Pen

When you are looking for the perfect completed vibrant marker, Touchnew becomes one of the solutions. For this series, the 168 Set Colors of Touchnew Dual Tip Art Pen is the completed series color. From the bright colors, dark colors, and even the skin tone colors. All of them comes in one set. All of the colors are vibrant and long last, so there is no worry if the color will be faded out easily. Moreover, this marker is also perfect for any kinds of the base which are paper photos, metal, and even glass.

The 168 Set Colors of Touchnew Dual Tip Art Pen has strong materials which are perfect for professional or beginner. You can take it as your collection or as a gift. Since this is the alcohol marker, you have to be aware when using it so that there is no bleed. One thing that can be done to avoid the bleed is by using the paper for a marker or put another base under your main base when coloring. You do not need into blend one color to another color to find a color that you want. Most of the colors are available in one set.


  • Easy to blend
  • A lot of colors to choose
  • Come with a case so it will be easier to carry and arrange
  • The colors are vibrant


  • The nibs cannot be changed
  • The ink cannot be refilled up


Colorona Professional Art Markers Set in Case

Once again, Colorona gives the best pleasure for coloring art. The Colorona Professional Art Markers Set in Case comes with 24 shades includes the skin color. Although it has only 24 colors which are less than other set alcohol markers, the Colorona is easy to blend. Therefore, if you need additional color, you can blend some of the colors well into the color that you need. All of the colors are highly pigmented. This pens made for all people, either for professional or beginner.

What you can expect more for Colorona Professional Art Markers Set in Case is it comes with the most attractive case. Sometimes the markers will come in a set with fabric case which difficult to arrange. It means that the case is only a case without any gap. Different from others, the case of Colorona has the gap for each marker so there will be no problem when you take one of them out. They will be still at the place. Moreover, the case can be folded easy so that you can bring all of the Colorona for a set in the great case. The tips are chisel tip which is perfect for large space and fine tip which is super ideal for detail.


  • Different from the most alcohol markers, the Colorona will not bleed easily
  • The colors are vibrant and rich
  • Can be stored easily in a case with gap for each pen
  • Highly blend-able to find more color in 24 shades color


  • Little bit difficult to take the cap off and on


Mastermarkers Professional Dual Tip Alcohol Art Markers

For completed colors in ideal case with the high-quality ink, the Mastermarkers Professional Dual Tip Alcohol Art Markers is the best choice. It comes with the vibrant 160 colors. All of the markers have a double-ended tip. At first sight, you can see that this pen is the highly professional markers. It comes in a professional case which is a box. In a box, there are some pieces of the case with a gap for each pen. From the packaging, it is the perfect choice to get well-arranged markers.

Moreover, the Mastermarkers Professional Dual Tip Alcohol Art Markers built with dual tip. There are chisel tip and brush tip. For the brush tip, it is perfect for brushed line and coloring in larger space. Meanwhile, there is also the chisel tip which is used for lining and coloring the small space. For the color choice itself, it divided into 3 set colors which are Primary Set A, Primary Set B, and also Secondary Set B. All of them have completed shade colors in 160 set colors so that you will not search for another color in another set pens. Then, it is not only made for professional but also perfect for kids. It has the ergonomic design which will give the consistent, vibrant color. It is safe for children since it has non-toxic.


  • Completed shades colors include the skin tone colors
  • Perfect for professional or beginner, adult or children
  • Ideal for collection or gift
  • Comes with a premium case which will be easier to arrange
  • Easy to blend
  • All of 160 colors are different shades
  • Comes with the colorless blender to mix the color well


  • Sometimes the brush tip will be frayed so that hard to make a detail
  • The size is little bit bigger, so it will hard to handle


Spectrum Noir Lumineux Bright Alcohol Markers

We all know that Spectrum Noir has a tremendous design. Then, it divided into two series which are the pastel colors and the bright color. For the Spectrum Noir Lumineux Bright Alcohol Markers, it has all brighter colors than the pastel series color. The specifications might be not too different from the pastel series. It has a double ended tip which is for the large space and small space so that you can easily coloring in any coloring or drawing types. Moreover, the ink will dry fast so there is no worry the color will be faded out.


  • You can refill
  • the ink
  • You can also change the nib into another nibs
  • Easy to blend


  • The color shade on its body marker does not represent the true shade color inside
  • The size is too big that difficult to handle


DSHZ Coloured Artist Markers

At first sight, these DSHZ Coloured Artist Markers seems like kind of old marker. With this unique alcohol marker, you can get deep and vibrant color. It comes with the dual tip which is the fine bullet tip for the sketching, underlining, or filling in the smaller space and the broad chisel nib which is perfect for coloring in the larger area. What makes it more different from other alcohol markers is it comes with the multipurpose markers. You will not only use it as coloring marker, but you can also use it for writing or sketching.

Then, the DSHZ Coloured Artist Markers will come with a handle bar which is perfect for organizing all of the markers in one. This pen made for professional such as the landscaper, producer, designer, and artist who need the high-quality coloring pens. It has non-toxic ink, so that safe to use.


  • Build for professional, so that has high-quality colors
  • Easy to blend
  • Easy to carry in a premium case


  • The case has no gap, so it needs more effort to organize
  • The colors might be too bold for some reasons


Skin Tone Alcohol Professional Markers Set by Colorona

It seems difficult to find the skin tone marker. Although some of the pens come with one big set which is 50 to 100 colors in a set, it still difficult to find the skin tone colors. In that situation, Colorona gives the best solution. The Skin Tone Alcohol Professional Marker Set by Colorona gives the perfect eight shade for skin tone. For you who are wandering around to get perfect color for skin, here is the best solution.

Typically, this kind of marker is searched by who like to draw human-like manga character or designer. Besides it has skin tone colors, the Colorona also gives a dual tip which is double-ended bullet tip which is perfect for the little space and the chisel nob which is ideal for coloring the large space. For the colors, there are eight different colors for skin tone which are sun white, fruit pink, baby skin pink, cream, sand, barely beige, rose beige, and also natural oak. All of the colors are perfect for coloring any kinds of skin tone colors. Besides for professional, you can also use this marker for adult and children coloring book.


  • Perfect for professional project that needs skin tone colors
  • The grip is so comfortable to make it easy to handle
  • The ink is highly pigmented
  • Easy to use


  • Since it is for skin tone colors, it becomes the additional collection for coloring
  • A set in plastic case which has lower durability so that you need additional case to keep it longer


Read other review about washable markers here

Below is video about how to blend with alcohol based markers


All in all, alcohol-based markers intended for professional. It is easy to blend and dry quickly. Then, the alcohol marker is also perfect for professional since you can change the nibs and refill the ink as well. In contrast, the alcohol marker is not only perfect for professional, but it is also perfect for a beginner from children to adult. There are so many considerations why you have to choose alcohol markers. Besides of the quality, most of the alcohol marker comes in the dual tip that will easily help you to cover in small and large space. However, you have to be more aware to avoid bleed.


Affiliate Disclosure:
http://www.joyofallcrafts.com/ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon.com. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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Best Fabric Markers for Cotton, Quilts, Shoes and Other Surfaces Review

The Best Fabric Markers for Various DIY Projects

Do you want to do some DIY project with your white T-shirt, sneakers or with other materials? Well, the item you should prepare is particular pen designed for cloth application. To help you know which one is the best for you, we already put them on the list. From the best ten products below, we choose Fabric Markers Pens Permanent 24 COLORS as the number one option. Why? Craft 4 All are manufactured to be highly versatile for various surfaces, including fabrics. The color will give you the best satisfaction, as a result, is intense, vibrant, and last longer. Moreover, you can also wash the fabrics multiply without worry the color fading away. It is because the ink is formulated with fade-proof, washer-proof, even free from toxic. So, you can let your kids play along while doing the projects. Now, it’s time for you to check the following list to learn more about the products.


Tips before Purchasing Fabric Markers

Choosing markers for fabric is a little bit tricky rather than common drawing markers. The reason is that fabrics works need to wash regularly, so you need to ensure that the marker ink won’t fade out smoothly. However, there are other considerations you should think about it twice before deciding to purchase a product, including:

  • Application versatility

If you are going to do more extensive projects with various types of fabrics, ensure that the markers have the high versatility of application. It is because some markers products might be only able to be used on specific materials such as cotton, but not going work well for thicker materials, such as canvas and denim. Check out beforehand whether it can work on those kinds of materials.

  • Washer proof

It is the most crucial consideration. The good pens for fabrics should be washer proof. So, the color won’t fade away even after multiple washing. Also, ensure that the color is permanent, so it won’t bleed smoothly during and after the application. Also, markers that weatherproof is even better since you will use such as a colored t-shirt or marked sneakers outside and longer.

  • Child-safe formula

Because you are going to do the project along with your kids, so always check that the product is free from the hazardous or toxic formula.

  • Color options

If you want more various types of color, you should choose products that available in broader color options.


Best Top 10 Fabric Markers for DIY Projects

There are various fabric markers in the market that you will find it harder to choose the best one for your DIY fabric projects. However, we have sorted out the various lists into top 10 products below. We consider several criteria for sorting the product including versatility, fade proof, marker design, and color options.


Fabric Markers Pens Permanent 24 COLORS fabric paint Art Markers SET Child safe & non-toxic. Graffiti Fine Tip MINIMAL BLEED By Crafts 4 ALL

Craft 4 All has been popular among pens products designed for fabric application, so we are going to start our top 10 list with this product. Craft 4 All provides 24 different pens that available in all primary colors you need to draw on your DIY projects. Whether you want to draw a red rose, yellow sunflower, lavender, or other brighter pictures, these pigmented German dye ink markers will offer intense and last-longer colors on the fabrics. Not only on cloth surfaces, but you can also draw and color pictures or do calligraphic on paper. Craft 4 All Markers are designed with an excellent tip to give you versatility application that both amateurs and professional or kids and adults can use them with ease.

You don’t need to worry the application will be fade out after washing it. It is because Craft 4 All are formulated with water-resistant ink that fade-proof and washer-proof. So, doing drawing projects on clothes, tote bag, or other cloth materials is a fun work to do. Furthermore, parents can give this pen product as a gift for their children as it formulated with non-toxic ink that child-safe.


  • Available in 24 color choices
  • Designed with fine tip and colored caps for easy-to-use application
  • Versatile application both on fabric and paper surfaces
  • Waterproof, fade-proof, and washer-proof
  • Formulated with non-toxic ink that child-safe


  • Work very well on white or light colored fabrics, but might not on darker colored fabrics.
  • Might bleeding on detailed works and thin materials


UCHIDA Graffiti Fabric Marker Value Set 30/Pkg-

When doing clothing and other home décor project, Uchida markers should be on your item list. Designed with graffiti tip, you can use the pen to mark the fabrics with graffiti, sketches, or other paintings. Since in a package of Marvy Uchida there are 30 different color markers, you have a wider selection of colors to draw any pictures on your projects. Also, you can pick the color easily as the cap represents the color of each pen.

It is okay to spill your drink on the marked-fabrics because the ink has water resistance ability. You can also wash the fabrics as it has done markedly. The marker also formulated with pigmented ink, so each marker gives very intense color and brighter results even before and after you wash them. Moreover, as you marking and finishing the project, you won’t smell any strong smell from the marker since the ink formulated with low odor and non-toxic formula that safe for child use.


  • Ideal for fabrics and other home décor projects
  • Offer wider color selection with 30 color choices in one pack
  • The marker is designed with graffiti tip to give easier marking application
  • Fast-drying and water resistance
  • Odorless and non-toxic ink formula


  • May fade out a little after washing
  • Brighter colored-markers may don’t look the same during application of darker surfaces
  • May requires rubbing for well-marking results


NPW 8-Count T-Shirt Graffiti Fabric Markers, Multicolored, Bright Colors

As you look at the pack, you might find NPW-USA markers are adorable. Yes, it designed with the T-shirt shaped package so that it will be a good gift for your kids. Available in 8 different color markers, NPW-USA markers are perfect for various use on fabrics, including the cotton T-shirt, canvas sneakers, caps, and many others. The best thing is the color won’t fade away easily even after you wash them to multiply. The ink color result is permanent on the fabric. However, you should better to wait for 24-hours before removing them.


  • Best for uses on fabrics
  • Permanent and fading resistant
  • Waterproof and withstand multiple washing


  • Need several rubbing to get vibrant color result
  • Only available in 8 different color options


Colore Premium Fabric Markers – 20 Rich Pigment Fine Permanent Graffiti Coloring Pens – Child Safe & Non Toxic – For Art Writing on Bags, Shoes, T-shirts & Other Fabric Paint Materials

For professional painters or artisan, Colore Premium markers are the best choice to help them on doing fabric painting or textile designing projects with excellent results. However, every beginner including kids can also use the marker easily to help them boost their creativity. The pens are highly versatile that you can use them to mark on various surfaces such as canvas shoes, cotton T-shirts, blue jeans, handbags, and other fabric materials. You can draw any color and any picture as you wish because Colore markers are available with 20 rich pigmented color options that you need primarily.

The tip designed with bullet brush tip that perfect for doing thick strokes, yet you might it is rather hard to do with full strokes. Still, as you mark on the fabric, you will find that the color has an intense result. The best feature offered by Colore markers is its weatherproof ability. The pen is manufactured to resist weather damage. The color will not fade away easily when it gets too much sunlight. The color will also remain the same by the time. It is a great thing when you want to use your work for a long time.


  • Available in 20 color options
  • Versatile application on various materials, including cotton, canvas, jeans, and much more
  • Bullet tip is excellent for doing thick strokes
  • Fade-proof and weatherproof


  • The tip may broader to mark on detailed pictures
  • Light colored-marker don’t work well on darker surfaces


Luxbon 12 Pack Permanent Fabric Markers Pens Color Art Markers Dual Tip Minimal Bleed Stained Graffiti Coloring Textile Paint Pens for T-Shirt Canvas Shoes Bags DIY Non-Toxic & Children Safe

Inside its white pack, you will find 12 different colors of Luxbon markers. There are dark markers and brighter markers that all you need to draw any pictures. Luxbon pens are designed to be used correctly for fabric application. You do the various project with all type of fabrics, such as cotton, denim, and others. Luxbon markers will blend well into the cloth. You can draw your baby’s vests, kid’s shoes, boyfriend’s T-shirt, or your handbags, and the Luxbon will only give you beautiful results.

Luxbon markers are designed with the dual tip to satisfy your drawing projects. So, you can flexibly draw broad lines then fine lines as you wish to improve your creativity. The ink with dry faster and blend with the fibers. Don’t worry to wash the fabrics because the ink is hand and machine washable only with water under 30 centigrades. The color won’t fade away so you can use the colored-fabrics longer. Although the markers formulated with odorless and non-toxic ink, it is recommended to avoid children under age of 3 for using the pens.


  • Available in 12 color options
  • Best for use on all type of fabrics
  • Dual tips markers with numbered and colored caps
  • Weatherproof, fade-resistant and withstand multiple washing
  • Low odor and free toxic ink formula


  • May don’t work well on non-fabric materials


Craft 4 All 12 Dual Tip Fabric Markers in Black Body Pack

Rather than only a fine tip, you want to use chisel tip marker to draw thicker lines? How about both of them? Yes, Craft 4 All 12 pens are also available with dual tip, fine and a chisel point. So, you can draw broad strokes on the fabric then color its detailed pictures with the beautiful end. Your DIY projects now become more flexible and convenient. Both caps also designed with color and number according to the color inside. Now, you can choose the one that fits you best easily.

Craft 4 All markers are formulated with German ink to give minimal bleed for any application on clothes, canvas, wall art, paper art, and much more. So, you can enhance your creativity to draw your imagination on the fabrics by using these markers. You can also use the pens to draw bibs or baby gears with cute pictures since the ink is child-safe. In every application, Craft 4 All ink will dry out fast, so it will give minimal bleed. As you finish your projects, the marker ink is fade-proof and water resistance so you can wash them without worry.


  • Available in 12 color choices
  • Designed with dual tip, fine and chisel, to offer more flexible application
  • Ideal for application on fabrics, papers, wall, and canvas
  • Fast-drying with minimal bleed
  • Water, fading and washing resistance
  • Formulated with non-toxic ink that child-safe


-It won’t work with a dark material

-May bleed a little in particular application

If previously you have read about Craft 4 All designed in black body pack, now you will have a different option with white body pack. It is a matter for you who love white color or stationary in brighter appearance. Similar to our second product in the list, Craft 4 All markers are available in 12 different colors from darker to more vivid tones. All those are primary colors that you will need to do graffiti, sketches, or painting for your projects. Each pen designed with dual tips, including broad and fine tips. So, you can easily draw from broad strokes to more detailed lines.

Specially designed for use on any fabric application, Craft 4 All is ideal for any DIY project using fabric materials. Whether you want to draw on T-shirt, canvas, sneakers, handbags, bibs, or other textile materials, Craft 4 All markers will help to shine your imagination and creativity. The color results in high pigmentation with less bleed. The color also resisted to water, fade, weather, light, and washer. So, your work will last longer.


-Available in 12 color options

-Perfect for use on any fabric project

-Dual tips, broad and fine, are ideal for flexible application

-Water resistance, fade proof, and washer proof

-Weatherproof from light, time, and weather


-Light colored-marker don’t work well on darker surfaces


ThatColor Dual Tip 12 MartKerz

ThatColor markers designed with permanent ink that highly versatile to use on various surfaces including fabrics, paper, plastics, and woods. Since the ink is continuous, the color is water resistance and won’t easily wash off. So, you can use this marker both for indoor and outdoor projects. You can also do several DIY projects with T-shirt, shoes, jeans, etc., without worry to use them again and again. The ink gives you the experience of minimum fading so the color will be the same after multiple washing. The marker is also safe for kids since the ink use non-toxic formula.

These dual tip markers are ideal for you who want to feel flexible to do some arts on your project. Why? The fine tip will allow you to draw on the precise finish to do some lining, drawing, sketching, and other thin strokes works. Meanwhile, the chisel tip is great for drawing thick strokes, coloring in, highlighting, and even doing calligraphy. After finish painting your T-shirt or other fabric materials, you can use them immediately because the ink dries out fast. You can choose the color you want more easily since the cap designed with color and number as the filling inside.


-Available in 12 color options

-Highly versatile for multiple application on various surfaces, including fabrics, paper, plastics, and wood.

-Perfect dual tip design for broad and fine strokes

-Permanent ink with vibrant result and faster drying

-Minimum fading after multiple washing

-Non-toxic ink that safe for kids


-Need several rubbing to get the color filled in

-The chisel tip might get shred out after several uses


Colore 12 Dual Tip Fabric Markers

Available only 12 different color options, you still get all the primary color to draw a beautiful rainbow. You can draw precise lines to do some sketches or paintings. You can also draw broader marks to coloring in or marking. This dual tip marker is very functional. As Colore markers designed for fabric application, you can do a various project with fabrics such as clothing, canvas, sneakers, handbags, baby gear, and much more. Colore markers are designed with permanent ink to blend well to fabric fibers. It is resulting in minimal to no bleed and fading for last longer works.

Whether you want to use for yourself or giving these markers as a gift for your kids, Colore can be your best choice. The pen is formulated only with child safe formula without toxic formula. Moreover, the ink is also weatherproof that durable to any weather, damp or dry. You can also wash the fabrics again and again without worry the color will fade out.


-Available in 12 color options

-Specially designed for use on fabric

-Developed with broad and fine tip for more flexible application

-Permanent ink that absorbed well into the fibers

-Minimum fading after multiple washing


-Non-toxic ink that safe for kids


-The ink may run out faster if you store the marker upside down. If this happened, you need to angle down the marker in advance before application so it can work well.

-May don’t work well on several surfaces.


UnityStar Superior 21 Dual Tip Fabric Markers

The ink is designed to help you doing several DIY projects, not only on fabric materials but also others such as canvas, paper, and wood. Since the markers are ideal for fabrics drawing and coloring works, the marker colors withstood through multiple washing. Although the pens are waterproof, you should take a note that there are two colors of UnityStar markers that non-waterproof. They are thick violet and vivid purple. So, don’t use them on clothing or other fabrics that you are going to wash them.

UnityStar markers have dual tip design so that you can draw broad and thin lines alternately. Each pen formulated with sturdy pigmented ink that even allows you to draw a line up to 400 meters long. The ink is also free from toxic that safe for doing various projects for both children and adult. Moreover, the cap is designed with color and number to help you know which color you want to use immediately. The lid also can be attached to another end, so you won’t lose them easily. Also, you will even get the black carrying case for convenient organizing and store the markers.


-Available in 21 color options

-Ideal for fabric application, but also can be used for canvas, paper, and wood projects

-Dual tips markers with numbered and colored caps

-Waterproof and withstand multiple washing

-Free toxic and child-safe ink formula


-There are no slots inside the case so the pen may splay out easily

-There are two markers colors, vivid purple and deep violet, are non-waterproof


Final Words

Doing DIY projects during your free time or school holiday is going to be a fun thing to do with your kids or friends. Drawing and coloring white T-shirt, black cap, handbags, sneakers, and much more at home is no more difficult when you have fabric markers inside your stationary case. You can draw any pictures you love the fabrics, and you can create your fashion style. You can use Craft 4 All markers to help you do this DIY project. However, you can also opt for other products such as Colore, Luxbon, UnityStar and much more on your shopping list. Now, it’s time to prove your creativity!


Affiliate Disclosure:
http://www.joyofallcrafts.com/ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon.com. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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Best Non Toxic Professional Coloring Markers for Adult and Children Review

The Best Coloring Markers to Get Professional Result

From all the coloring pens, you can see that this one is the best coloring markers are Sargent Art Markers. From the materials, it built in perfect construction. Although it comes as 30 set marker, the size is not too big which makes it easier to bring. Moreover, the materials are also safe. The ink is free toxic. Then, most of all shades have a vibrant color which makes it more stand out when applied on a piece of paper. For the best outlining, it comes with a beautiful tip which is easy to handle. It is not only for adult, but this pen is also perfect for children. Although the color will fade easily, it is not a big deal since you can use it for double layer. All in all, the Sargent Art Classic Markers will make you feel enough with all 30 vibrant shade colors in one set.


How to Choose the Best Coloring Markers to Achieve Perfect Result

The coloring is the best activity for developing our brain. Recently, there are so many adult coloring books which offer around the bookstore. It simply shows that coloring is not only for children, but coloring also help adult to maintain their emotional. Moreover, coloring is also the best way for increasing your imagination. There are so many tools for coloring that you can use. One of the easiest to bring tools for coloring is the pen. If you like to color using a pen, so you can choose the coloring markers.

For the best result, you should make two main points with it. First, you have to choose the best pens. Second, you have already known a simple secret technique to get professional finish by using the pen for coloring. Here is the way to choose the best markers to get a perfect result:

  1. Avoid the Overlapping Line

For the first thing to get the ideal result is avoiding the overlapping line. It must be more difficult using the pen for shading. As the best recommendation, you can choose the alcohol-based marker which usually is the little bit fast to dry. Moreover, this kind of pen is also perfect for cover all the space since it has high coverage.

  1. Make Sure the Color Stay in line

One of the biggest problems when coloring by using marker is bleed. Some of the people face this crisis. However, you can resolve it. Don’t give much pressure when you handle the pen. The more you force the pen, the more bleed it will be.

Video about shading with markers


Top 10 Markers for Professional Coloring

Sargent Art 22-1592 30 Count Classic Markers, Fine Conical Tip, Plastic Peggable Pouch

The pen is one of the critical items for drawing or coloring. One of the best markers which are perfect for coloring comes from Sargent Art. In 30 sets, Sargent Art Classic Markers give the best color for coloring or drawing. Although it is the perfect pen, these Sargent Art Markers have the great color which is perfect for coloring in many types of style. From the cover, you can see that this marker has the fine tip to fill the color in small to big space.

Moreover, the Sargent Art Classic Markers built in well-constructed. The body of this marker must be tiny, but it has high durability. It will come along in one set in a plastic coverage that will make all of the pens well organized. Since it comes as 30 set, you can easily find all the color that you need. From the dark to the light, all of them served in one set. However, some of the colors have different shade from its cover. So, it seems a little bit difficult to get the right shade from the cover colors. In contrast, it still has full colors that might be the best choice for a beginner or even for an intermediate artist.


  • It has completed shade that will make you easier get any colors in a set
  • Easy-to-go product that let you to bring it everywhere
  • The Ink is non-toxic, so it is safe even for children


  • Some of the color shades have different shade from its cover, so it will make little bit difficult to find the right shade
  • It is not long-lasted, the color might be faded easily


Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Broad Line Markers, 40 Classic Crayola Colors Non-Toxic Art Tools for Kids & Toddlers, Huge Variety of Bold Vibrant Colors, Great for Classrooms

When looking for any coloring for school, Crayola might be the first item that crosses our mind. As we know, Crayola has incredible products that are perfect to become one of school item. It is not only for school, but the Crayola products are also excellent for some projects, in office, and many else. It means that Crayola is worth to get. One of the best product is The Big 40 Set Crayola Washable Markers. It comes in 24 colors that will make you enough to get more colors. Although there are only 24 colors in a set, all of the colors are incredibly perfect for doodling or coloring.

Moreover, The Big 40 Set Crayola Washable Markers has perfect materials that make it easy to wash. There will be some problems for children who like doodling everywhere. They may doodle on themselves, so the washable pens are the perfect item. In that condition, this Crayola marker is not only brought the ideal vibrant colors but also easy to wash off. There are also many parents who like to give this item to their children that make the most of them like it more. The colors are perfect for children who need an exploration of colors.


  • It has washable material to make it easier to wash off when your children got marker on their body
  • It has non-toxic and free-acid that make it safe to use
  • Great range of colors
  • No odor


  • The caps are too challenging to take off, so your children need more help to use it
  • The size is bigger than usual markers, so sometimes it is not too comfortable to handle

You can also use dry erase markers for your class projects.


RoseArt SuperTip Assorted Color Washable Markers 100-Pack

Have you ever thought that 100 packs of marker came in one set? It must be incredible, right? As you imagine, there are 100 pack markers in on set. RoseArt introduced these highly completed pens for coloringRoseArt. The RoseArtSuperTip Assorted Washable Markers are the incredible set of the pen in market ever. Some of you might think that set of marker contains just 50 packs. However, the RoseArt breaks the rule. It comes as you wish to get the incredible shade. If you like to coloring or drawing with pens but like to make some gradation and confuse to get the shade, this is the answer for you.

The RoseArtSuperTip Assorted Washable Markers is super perfect for school, project, or even just for the hobby. This full set is also durable that make its color long-lasting. Moreover, all of the 100 markers will come in one set of pull and pop packaging. This packaging becomes the most brilliant packaging that will help to keep in organized. The most important thing is it has non-toxic ink which is highly safe to use. Don’t worry there might be the duplicate colors since it has full set colors. There is no duplicate, all of 100 pens come in different colors.


  • They have many shades which are perfect for children and adult coloring book
  • Children-friendly markers
  • It comes with full coverage which makes the colors more vibrant
  • The price is affordable for 100 packs of markers


  • It has limited primary colors, so it will be difficult for you who prefer more primary colors
  • It is not preferable for fabric base
  • The white color is not available


BIC Color Collection by Conte Felt Pen, Assorted Colors, 20-Count

We all know that the BIC Marker has the super big reputation. Mostly all of the products have the high standard. Now, you can also get the best color from BIC Marker by choosing BIC Color Collection by Conte as one of the best choices. It comes with a felt pen which has more vibrant, bold, intense, and bright color. A set comes with 20 different shade colors that will let you experience the best color. Moreover, all of 20 set colors that stored in a metal premium case.

Besides for your collection, the BIC Color Collection by Conte is also perfect for a gift. In highly excellent quality, this pen has intense color. Although you will only get 20 shades in a set, it will be enough for you. At first sight, it has a package for adult coloring pen. However, it is also perfect for children who like to color all of the objects. The body is easy to handle to make it more comfortable when using for drawing or coloring.


  • It has metal premium case which let you store it well
  • The best color for the light line
  • The colors are intense and long-lasted


  • The ink bleeds easily, and sometimes the paper will be torn up
  • It is not perfect for gradation
  • No named color on each marker that will make you difficult to know the color
  • The shade of colors are little bit different from the tone on caps
  • It is not highly coverage


RoseArt SuperTip Assorted Color Washable Markers 100-Pack

Are you looking for a perfect pen in full set? The Super Markers is one of a brand that offers complete set colors. The 100 Set Super Markers Unique Colors is the best choice for you who like to draw or color some objects in many colors. There will be no duplicate color in 100 set. All of them serve in different shades, so you do not worry to get limited colors. As full set markers, it comes with the most vibrant color that will make your drawing more attractive. Moreover, the tip of the pen designed in brilliant concept. It has bullet point tip that will help you to make a thin and think line in fine detail.

Although the 100 Set Super Markers Unique Colors comes in completed colors, it is not too expensive. It has an affordable price for 100 set markers. Mostly the colors from Super Makers have the smooth tone with a nice tip. When you want to get more gradation, this pen is worth to get, and it has high saturation. The body of the pen is easy to handle. It makes you easier to use it to draw. Some of the pens will make your hand tire easily, but with this pen, it will not happen anymore.


  • It comes in a convenient organizer rack that will help you to organize all of the pens since it has individual spit to hold each marker
  • It has vibrant and bold color
  • Completed shade colors in one set
  • Easy and comfortable to handle and


  • It leaks and bleed easily and sometimes it can tear a paper up, so you may be more careful in using it
  • It is not waterproof, so it has short durability
  • It has limited light color
  • The ink will dry easily


24 Marker Pens – Dual Tip Brush Pens with Fineliner Tip 0.4mm Art Markers for Adult Coloring Books, Drawing, Underlining (Pack of 24)

Are you looking for a dual tip marker? A product from Wanshui is one of the options that can you can choose. The Wanshui 24 Set Dual Tip Brush Marker Pens has the incredible tips. There are fine tip and brush tip. The fine tip has 0.4 mm which is perfect to draw a bold line and make an outline. Meanwhile, the brush tip which is perfect for filling and shading color has 1 to 2 mm brush. For all 24 colors have the most vibrant colors that let you live up your drawing or craft.

Some of the people use the Wanshui 24 Set Dual Tip Brush Marker Pens even for journaling, scrapbooking, doodling, and much more. It means that this pen is perfect for your creativity. As the best pen for coloring, this Wanshui marker is ideal for all age. It built with perfection and is suitable for adult or children. If you want to color all the space, you can use the brush tip. Then, you can use the excellent tip for the details which is sometimes too difficult to apply. What makes it more incredible is it will not bleed easily, so you may need to worry that your drawing will be messed up.


  • The dual tip is the best recommendation since both of them are drawn the color efficiently well
  • Both of tips are easy to use
  • Completed in incredible color set


  • The ink dries quickly, so you have to make sure to close the cap when you do not use it
  • The label of marker will be peel off easily, so you have to be more careful with it


60 Dual Tip Brush Pens Art Markers, Fine Liner Brush Tip Double Colored Pens Set for Adult Coloring Books Bullet Journal Note Taking Drawing Planner Art Project

The Ohuhu 60 Colors Dual Tip Brush Art Markers is one of the recommendations for coloring and drawing. The color of markers is variant and soft. It is the best for coloring the gradation with the pale color. In one set, there will be 60 great colors. Since it has the dual tip, it lets you to use it for thin and think line. For the outline, you can use the fine tip while you can also use the brush tip which is perfect for shading or coloring.

What makes it more perfect is it comes all in one set of round paper barrel. With this kind of storage, it will make all of 60 pens are easy to organize. On the other hand, the Ohuhu 60 Colors Dual Tip Brush Art Markers with the super attractive packaging is also perfect for the gift. If you are looking for the best gift for your friend or children, this marker is an option. This pen is different from the others since it will have a watercolor result. After applying on a sheet of paper, the color will look like a watercolor. Since the brush is easy to handle, it will not make you tire easily. Moreover, you can also use the fine tip for journaling or write anything.


  • Can mix well on watercolor paper which is perfect for painting
  • Both of the tips are comfortable that do not need much force to make it bold


  • Some of them have duplicate color
  • Most of the colors are dark shade


Studio Series Fine-Line Marker Set (30 colors, 0.4mm tip)(Perfect for Coloring and Bullet Journaling)

If you are looking for markers with the fine tip in one set, the 30 Set Studio Series Fine Line Marker is a perfect choice. It has 0.4 mm tip fiber which allows you to get more attractive experience in drawing the line. With perfect materials, all of the colors have a rich and bright color which have water-based ink. As a perfect bonus, it comes in a carry case. However, the carry case is not too usable since the hanging part is too small to carry. Since it built like a fine line pen, most of the people use it for the adult coloring book.


  • Has great vibrant color
  • Easy to handle that will let you draw flawlessly


  • The ink bleeds easily, so you have to be careful about giving the second layer
  • The ink can dry out easily, so you have to make sure that the cap was close perfectly


Dual Brush Pen Colored Art Markers 24 Colors – with Fineliner Fibre Tip 0.4 Fine Point – Sketch Drawing Marker – Perfect for Coloring Books for Adults qianshan

Are you looking for a set of markers for coloring in the dual tip? The pen from Qianshan is one of the best recommendations. The 24 Set Dual-Tip Pen Colored Art Markers is the best choice for you who are looking for the dual tip pens which are perfect for coloring or drawing. As its name, it comes with 24 full colors in a set. The Qianshan pen has the dual tip which is 0.4 mm fine tip and 1-2 mm brush tip. Both of them are effective for coloring for outline, filling, and shading.

The 0.4 mm fine tip is incredibly perfect for outlining. It has a bold and thin line that will make the drawing looks even greater. Meanwhile, the 1-22 mm brush tip that you can use for the filling and shading. It has a comfortable shape that will let you get the perfect color. Both of the dual tip colors are vibrant. What makes it more interesting is all of the shade can be blended well. There will be no worry on coloring for gradation or any shading since the colors are highly blend-able.


  • The colors are vibrant
  • Full variation of colors
  • The ink is durable
  • Whole package of dual tip which both of tips are easy to use
  • It is safe since it has free-acid and non-toxic ink


  • It bleeds easily and sometimes can tear a paper
  • Some of the color shades are different from the cap colors


Strokes Art 100 Fine Tip Kids Coloring Markers – Washable – Smudge Free – Vibrant colors – Carry Case

It seems kind of difficult to get a 100 set of markers that have easy-to-go cover. There are a lot of to choose, but some of them might have the rack for the cover place. In that situation, it will difficult to bring. It will be a problem too for children who want to bring all of the colors that they have to school. However, the 100 Set Stroke Art Kids Coloring Markers presents to be the most incredible pens for kids. It does not only has 100 set colors but also it has kind of a bag as its cover that will be easier to bring.

Since this product intentionally targeted for children, the materials that used in this pens is highly safe. The 100 Set Stroke Art Kids Coloring Markers built with a washable mess free that will help you to remove the stain or marker from hands easily. By cleaning it with water, the color will faded out easily from hands. So, there will be no worry if your children draw on themselves. As the perfect product for children, it is perfect for coloring books since all of the colors are so vibrant.


  • A set with a carry case that will easily to bring anywhere
  • It has full shade colors that will let your children create their imagination through coloring
  • Smudge-free


  • The tip will split easily, so you have to be more careful when taking the cap off
  • The carry case is little bit fragile, so it is possible to have a short durability
  • Sometimes, it will rip the paper easily



All in all, you can use a pen for your coloring book as long as it has great quality. For the best quality of coloring marker, you can choose it with free toxic so it will be safer. Moreover, you can also choose the pen which will not bleed easily. Once the shade bleeds, all of your art-work will not be the same. All of the pens might be same when you let it open for a long time because the ink will dry. It might be true that coloring by markers is difficult, but there is still much technique that will make your art-work to get the professional result with pens.


Affiliate Disclosure:
http://www.joyofallcrafts.com/ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon.com. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates
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Best Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers On Whiteboard, Glass, Paper And Multiple Surfaces Review


The Best Dry Erase Markers for Your Class and Other Projects Review

Most of the classrooms are now using dry erase markers to write on the whiteboard, instead of using chalks. Not only prevent dusty class, but the pen is also easier to mark and wipe on the whiteboard or other surfaces. Among the top-10 list below, we would like to recommend you using EXPO marker that provides eight different colored pens. Each pen is designed with chisel tip so you can let the students mark on the board as they wish. Moreover, the marker ink formulated with a safe formula that non-toxic and low odor, so it is the best for your class supplies.

Consideration before Purchasing Dry Erase Markers

If you want to know what is dry erase markers ingredients, loo at video below

You might think choosing pen merely is like choosing pencil or others. However, you should know that there are several considerations before purchasing pen with dry erase feature, including:

  • Ink formula: Always ensure that the pen formulated with safe ink formula. Recheck the package. A good dry erase marker formulated with non-toxic ink that safe for kids use. Also, it is far better if the pen has a low odor that might disturb you while writing on the board.
  • Durability: Don’t choose markers that dry out easily. You will use the pens almost every day for presentation, class projects, or just writing something on the boards, so you need markers with great durability. The pens with invisible ink level are even better, so you can always monitor ink supply and can calculate when you should purchase the new one.
  • Versatility: If you often do class projects to marks various surfaces with markers, you need the one that versatile for multiple surfaces. There are some markers that only for whiteboards and other non-porous surfaces use. But, you can use some others on the fabrics and similar surfaces.
  • Color options: Do you only need a black marker or more vibrant? If you love to teach by drawing colorful things on the whiteboard, then you should purchase marker product that offers more color options.

Top 10 Products of Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers

You will find various brand and type of dry erase markers in the store or online shop. Here, we are helping your sorting out into top-10-list from best of the best pens out there. All the products are chosen based on functionality and safety for student use.

EXPO Dry Erase Marker with Chisel Tip

Let’s start our top 10 list, and there is EXPO dry erase marker. Available in an 36 Black dry erase markers, EXPO offers black, red, orange, green, blue, purple, pink, and brown markers. All the pens provide intense and vibrant colors that perfect for writing on the whiteboard. The chisel tip design allows you with the versatility to writing or drawing thick lines on the whiteboard with consistent color quality. Even the students who sit at the back of the class can see the writing. However, a brighter color such as orange and pink might be barely showed up to be seen easily from a far distance. Not only a whiteboard, but EXPO markers are also suitable to be used on glass or other non-porous surfaces.

This marker ink is made from a non-toxic formula that safe for children so the teachers can let their students write or draw on the whiteboard during the class without worry. Teachers can let the kids write and draw on their small whiteboard with their favorite color of markers. Look how the course will turn out more fun for learning. EXPO markers are also low odor that you might smell the odor faintly. Moreover, once you finish writing, the marker marks will dry quickly, and you can erase it right away simply with dry cloth or eraser.


  • Low odor markers with eight color choices
  • Made with non-toxic ink that safe for kids
  • Perfect for writing and drawing on whiteboard, glass, and other non-porous surfaces


  • Stain marks on fabrics might be hard to wash out
  • The ink might dry out easily when you don’t close the cap tightly
  • Orange marker might be hard to see far distance

We have more info what is the best permanent markers today. It is excellent for fabric and any kinds of coloring


EXPO Dry Erase Marker with Fine Tip

It has more detailed lines on the whiteboard, looking for a pen with fine tip is the solution. Different from the previous product, this EXPO marker is designed with excellent tip so you can draw thin lines easily. This product is perfect for students who want to draw a lot of things with fine lines on their small whiteboard without spending too much space. The kids will have fun time to draw with brighter and vivid color including pink, red, orange, blue, green, purple, and even brown and black. Moreover, the ink is made with low-odor formula, so it is ideal for use in the classroom.

If you have some class projects, you can also use the markers on different surfaces like glass, ceramic, and other surfaces that will not absorb water. Don’t worry, the ink can’t easily smear and will dry quickly. So it won’t disrupt their works flow to wait for the ink to dry. If they accidentally draw the wrong lines, the marks can be easily erased using a dry cloth or something similar.


  • Perfect set to write or draw thin and detailed lines that resulted in intense colors
  • Low odor and non-toxic markers with eight color choices
  • Ideal for writing and drawing projects on whiteboard, glass, ceramic, or other non-porous surfaces


  • Difficult to stain out if staining your clothes
  • The ink might dry out easily when you don’t close the cap tightly


U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Marker

The best feature from U Brands Magnetic dry erase marker is on the cap. If you see the pen, it designed with the unique shape of the cap. On the pointed tip of the cap, it is built-in felt eraser. It is great for the kids, so they don’t need to go far away to find eraser to erase their works. Moreover, the cap also designed with magnetic ridges you can store the marker on the fridge door or other magnetic surfaces on the wall. Additionally, the cap ridges design also allows the pen for not slipping out from the table instead the kids kick it off. Take a note, when you store the marker, don’t let the tip positioned vertically with a magnet at the top. It will make the color get weak quickly because the gravity makes the ink run into the pen.

One pack of U Brands Magnetic marker contains with six different colors, including black, purple, red, blue, orange, and green pen to write both in whiteboard or glass boards. You won’t find the smell of the pens to be overwhelming or unpleasant since the ink formulated with low odor and non-toxic formula.


  • It designed with built-in eraser for more ease use
  • Magnetic ridges cap allow the marker to store on magnetic surfaces
  • Low odor and non-toxic ink that dries quickly and erase easily


  • The magnet might not be powerful and fall off easily
  • Rubbing the built-in tip eraser too hard and too often can make the sponge fall off


EXPO Dry Erase Marker with Eraser

Need a complete package of dry erase set? Now, you don’t need to worry purchasing eraser and cleaner in the different purchase. EXPO dry erase set provides all those needs in one package. Once you finish draw lines and marks on the board, you can clean it right away with the eraser without the need to let your hand get dirty. Additionally, the 2 oz. cleaner is handy when the boards become too messy, and you need some extra cleaning.

This EXPO package only offers four colors choice including black, blue, red, and green markers that provide strong color quality. Still, all those primary colors that will you need in the class. The pen is designed with chisel tip to allow you to mark on the board in 3 ways including thick, medium, and thin lines. It’s perfect for drawing things during the class.


  • Complete package, including 4-colors markers, eraser, and cleaner
  • The cleaner works great to clean dirty board
  • Designed with chisel tip to allow three ways marking: thick, medium, and thin lines
  • The marker ink and cleaner formulated with non-toxic and low odor formula that great for the classroom.


  • The eraser may don’t work so great on cleaning the marks alone. You may need to spray the cleaner to help the eraser to work better.


AmazonBasics Dry Erase Marker

Need more supplies for black dry erase markers for your classroom so you can let more students write on the board at the same time? AmazonBasics provide a package of 12-black markers ideal for whiteboard use for classrooms or offices. AmazonBasics claims that the ink is specially formulated with DryGuard ink so it won’t dry out easily if your students forgot to put on the cap yesterday. You still can use the marker to mark on the board boldly even the day after tomorrow.

The pen designed with flexible body and cap. You can ask the kids attach the cap on the end while using the marker to write on the board. It allows for more ease access after use while preventing they forget and lose the cap easily. The cap is also designed with a tiny ridge for easy opening and preventing it falls off easily from flat surfaces. The tip is also designed with chisel point so you can write or draw on multiple line widths by changing the angle.


  • More supplies with 12 black markers in one package
  • Ideal to be used for classroom with whiteboard
  • Designed with chisel tip to allow three ways marking: thick, medium, and thin lines
  • The ink is formulated with DryGuard ink to prevent drying out up to 2 days while uncapped


  • It’s not working for other surfaces such as glass or laminate paper.
  • May still smell its strong ink smells.


EXPO Dry Erase 4-Colored Markers

EXPO offers value packs that you can get four packs in one purchase contains 4 markers in each pack. So, you can have 16 pens for more supplies in your class. In each package, there are black, blue, red, and green markers that offer bold color so your students can see the marks easily even those who sit at the back. The pen is designed with chisel tip so whether you can to write in think, medium, or thin lines, you just simply turn how you hold the pen.

Moreover, EXPO marker formulated with non-toxic and low odor ink that has been certified to be safe. Whether you just want to use the pen to write on whiteboards or for drawing on glass or ceramic surfaces for class projects, you don’t need to worry because the pen is safe for your kids. After the class ended, you can erase the marks with a dry cloth or easer without leaving any trace.


  • 4 value pack with a total of 16 markers
  • Ideal for whiteboard, glass, ceramic, unpainted metal, or other non-porous surfaces
  • Formulated with non-toxic ink and low odor that has certified
  • You can erase the ink mark with dry cloth and eraser


  • May dry out quickly if you uncap the marker too long
  • Limited color option for those who want to use more colors


SRX Magnetic Dry Erase Marker with Built-in Eraser Caps

SRX marker will give you easy access and time efficient on the use because you don’t need to walk off to take the eraser or hold onto extra eraser on the other hand while writing on the board. Moreover, you can also save more money by not purchasing new eraser. It is because each marker is designed to be convenient with built-in eraser cap. Additionally, the cap is also designed with the magnetic feature so you can store the pen by attaching them to a magnetic surface on the wall or fridge door. The cap design also enables you to take it off easily without too much effort. An easy way to keep them organized.

You can choose SRX magnetic dry erase marker as your supplies in the classroom. The ink formulated with the formula that won’t harm for the users. The pens also don’t have the strong smell, so you can write on board without feeling bothered. In the package, you can find six different colors markers, including black, blue, green, pink, purple, and orange pens.


  • Convenient built-in eraser and magnetic caps for storing
  • Formulated with non-toxic ink and low odor


  • The magnetic cap might lose the strength quickly
  • Pink and green marker is too light so they might won’t show up and uneasy to read on whiteboard


BIC Magic Marker Dry Erase

What the best thing from BIC dry erases is the visible ink level feature. In the middle of pen’s body, you can see how much the ink left through the window. That way, you can count the time left before the marker entirely dies. It’s great to give you notification before you run out for marker’s supplies and get more time ahead to purchase a new one.

In one package of BIC magic marker, there are 12 markers with different colors, including two black, 2 dark blue, one light blue, one dark green, one light green, one red, 1 brown, 1 purple, 1 orange, and one pink marker. They are primary colors that very needed for your kids to draw colorful pictures on their whiteboards. You can use the pen on the glass and other non-porous surfaces. Don’t apply it on the cloth because the stain won’t go away once stained.

The marker is designed like a pen so you can hold it that fit for kids hands. The cap is versatile which you can quickly open and attach it on the end of the pen so that it won’t miss out. The marker has the fine tip so you can mark precisely with thin and bold lines.


  • More vibrant color choices
  • Visible ink level to measure how much time left before the marker dry out
  • Ideal for whiteboard, glass board, and other non-porous surfaces
  • Easy to use with slim body and versatile cap


  • Not suitable for marking of fabric and other porous surfaces
  • Opening and closing the cap too often might cause the ink leaks


The Board Dudes Dry Erase Marker

In the package, you will get nine different colored markers. You will get two black markers in the box since this color is the most used one, especially during the class. The Board Dudes pen designed like a pen with ridges cap, so you can attach it to erase boards, shirt pocket, or book. The kids will love the markers since they can hold them and store them in their most favorite places.

You can use the marker to mark on dry surfaces such as whiteboard, glass, ceramic, or others. The marks may take times to dry easily. But, once they dry out you can erase them easily. You can save your class from strong ink marker smell because The Board Dudes markers are low odor unless you put them right on your nose. Furthermore, the pen has medium point tip so can write on precise lines.


  • The cap with clip allows you to organize the marker easily
  • Slim body with pen style to give comfort handle
  • Perfect for dry surfaces marking
  • Erase easily, low odor, and non-toxic ink formula


  • Take times before completely dry out to be erasable
  • If your clothes or other fabrics get stained, they won’t be washable


Quartet Enduraglide Dry Erase Marker

Like BIC, the Quarter pen also offers invisible link level. From the see-through gauge, you can monitor how much the ink left inside with just a glance. This feature is convenient so you can assume when is the time to get the new supplies for your class needs before you run out. If you look at the ink reservoir carefully, you will see that it has three patented-chambers that will directly deliver ink to the tip. Each chamber designed with enough pressure and airtight to prevent the ink from drying out easily. It doesn’t matter if you forgot to close it an entire day, you still can write in the bold statement.

Furthermore, the marker is designed with chisel point so you can let your students draw both in thick and thin lines during a presentation in front of the class. Don’t worry because the marker won’t fall off from the table due to the cap is designed with anti-roll design to keep the pen in place. All 12 pens in the pack formulated with low odor and non-toxic ink, so your class won’t get interrupted.


  • Unusual see-through gauge design to allow ink monitoring
  • Ink reservoir design prevent the ink from drying out easily even when uncapped too long
  • Chisel point design allows for thin and thin lines marking
  • Anti-slip cap design to prevent the marker slipping off from flat surface
  • Ideal for non-porous surfaces: whiteboard, glass, plastic, ceramic, and much more
  • Low odor and non-toxic ink


  • Vibrant colored marker such as green and pink might be hard to see at far distance

Final Words

The pen is the most critical tool for class supplies, especially those that use the whiteboard for learning. If you want to find dry erase markers with high durability, versatility, safe ink formula, and more color options, then EXPO marker is the best on our list. You can purchase the other products if you think the meet your class need the most since all of them are great choices.


Affiliate Disclosure:
http://www.joyofallcrafts.com/ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon.com. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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Best Permanent Markers For Fabric, Plastic, Glass etc Review

The Best Permanent Marker to Make Your Work Turn Well

From all reviews, you will see that 24 Set Craft 4 All Fabric Markers Permanent Color has the best quality that is perfect for every kind of your needs. It is a perfect one since it has more shade colors that make you comfortable to choose every type of color in a set of markers. Then, to create the excellent result of drawing or writing all the colors of this pen will not bleed easily. After that, it can also be used for every type of fabric to make it more multifunction coloring marker that you can use for everything. Also, the most important thing is that it has the highest pigmented colors. It will make it looks cool. This set of permanent markers is highly recommended for all ages, from children to adult since it does not contain or toxic and acid. Thus, it is safe and incredible as markers.


How to Choose Permanent Markers Based on Your Need

There are a lot of types of markers that you can find in the stationary store. From the big one to smallest one, you just name it. There are so many types of permanent markers since they made for some purposes. You have to get what you need. So, here are some considerations to choose the best pen:

  1. Consider the Tip Size and Material

So far, there is three types of markers based on its size and two types of the pen based on its material. From the size; there are an excellent tip, medium tip, and broad tip. For the thicker marker, you can choose a pen with the fine tip. Meanwhile, it is better to select a pen with full tip since it has thinner one as you need for coloring. Then, you need to choose it by the material types, and there is plastic tip which is usually has a metal funnel. This plastic tip is firmer than felt tip since the felt tip made from the spongy material.

  1. Check the Ink Quality

From ink, you can consider it while choosing markers. There are water-based, pigmented, oil based, and alcohol based ink marker. It is essential to know which pen is the best as your need since some of them will bleed quickly on paper. Alcohol-based and oil based are two types of ink marker that you need to avoid because if you need the pen for drawing or writing on a piece of paper since both of them will bleed easily.


Perfect 10 Permanent Colors on Market that Highly Recommended


Fabric Markers Pens Permanent Color Art Markers 24 SET Premium Graffiti Fine Tip MINIMAL BLEED By Crafts 4 ALL .Child safe & non-toxic

The DIY craft will not complete without color markers. The permanent colors are the best since it will not fade easily. Craft 4 All will satisfy your will with its product called 24 Set Craft 4 All Fabric Markers Permanent Color. As its name, it intends to color on fabric. For all 24 set, it has full selection color so that you will never find other makers to find another color. Only with these 24 set, your creation will brighten and lived up.

You can use all of the pens for every kind of fabric. It is also better on canvas, for you who like to draw on a canvas bag. It is not only perfect for children who love to draw, but it is also perfect for people who love to make some items by themselves. Drawing on the shoes, bags, and even clothes will not be a problem. Since it has high standard coloring, the 24 Set Craft 4 All markers will not be faded easily.


  • Has deepest and highest pigmented colors
  • Created with a bullet-tip that’s is perfect for any kinds of coloring and writing such as doodling, sketching, underlining, etc
  • Made as the no-bleed fabric markers
  • The ink is dried easily after applied on fabric


  • The colors are too dark, mostly contains darker color than usual pen
  • Limited shade
  • Little bit tricky to get lighter color


Sharpie Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Black, Box of 36, Includes 5 Color Flag Set

Sharpie Permanent Markers is ideally perfect for any surfaces. There will be no problem if you use it on paper, plastic, and even metal. With 12 set, it comes entirely for the basic coloring. Besides, you can use it for all type surfaces; this marker also built-in water resistant. You don’t need to be worry because of it is obvious even if it exposed to water. Also, it is also perfect for coloring the more vibrant color since it has tremendously bright color. People use it on every occasion such as for home, class, and office.

It is not only for designing or coloring for DIY’s items, but the pens from Sharpie can also be utilized to write your schedule. It is perfect for both coloring and writing. It comes with 12-set colors which you can use as the primary color. There are black, brown, blue, turquoise, green, lime, yellow, orange, red, berry, and purple. These colors may be perfect for the primary use but the little bit limited for gradation. However, it is comfortable to hold since it built with fine point tip. Not too big yet too small tip; it is perfect for writing or coloring on any surfaces.


  • The ink will dry easily
  • Multifunction, coloring, and writing
  • Has more vibrant color
  • The shades color will be bolder


  • Limited color for gradation effect
  • Only alcohol can remove it
  • Will set stains if rubbed away


Sharpie 1949557 Color Burst Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 24-Count

When it comes for the DIY project, more shades option is a must. Some pens only offer some color that makes it limited to choose. Different from the previous series, it comes with more various shades that are perfect for coloring. It is not only for office or class purpose, but this pen is also excellent for children who begin to draw anything. It also built with the fine tip that makes it more intense in every inch of color.

Since it comes with the color burst, there will be five perfect additional color burst that comes in 24 packs. For the rest 19 packs will be the classic color. It is not only perfect for writing on plastic or metal surfaces, but these markers are also ideal for drawing. The color is long-lasting and even not too different from each surface to draw. The bold color that comes in 24 set will be perfect for making some gradation color. It will not ever bore with this pack. With the attractive shades, it will not have the different color on different surfaces.


  • Perfect for every surface
  • Has bold color
  • Completed color comes in 24 set
  • Intense and bright color
  • The ink dried quickly
  • Fade resistant
  • Best for coloring on larger spaces


  • The ink runs out easily
  • Sometimes the ink is not working, so it is needed to close right away
  • Not water base
  • Difficult to color on smaller spaces


Shuttle Art 51 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers,Permanent Marker Pens Highlighters with Case Perfect for Illustration Adult Coloring Sketching and Card Making

For the completed series of drawing and coloring, the Shuttle Art 51 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers is the massive package. It does not only come as markers that have various colors, but it comes with the dual side that makes it easier to handle. The double tip of Shuttle Art markers has different tip types. One side provides to draw the smaller line in smaller space while another side has the triangular side that offers to bring the more significant line in bigger spaces. Although it has the dual tip, it still comfortable to be handled since it built with the no-slip grip.

Dual Tip Art Markers with 51 Colors also can be used for drawing on some surfaces. You can use it to sketch on a piece of paper and also to make a great design on a glass or glasses plate. Besides, it can also be used to draw a display that made from ceramic. No worries that it can be faded out. If you want to draw some animations on your favorite clothes or shoes, you can use the Shuttle Art markers as the coloring tip.


  • It has non-toxic ink and acid-free so that it will not distract your activity while drawing and safety to use
  • Both of side tip have full coverage that most natural to blend
  • The ink will dry quickly


  • Adult-only markers, so it is not intended to use for children
  • It will bleed easily through any paper, so you have to use some piece of paper behind your worksheet, or you need to use it on a paper intended to marker
  • The variation of grey colors are limited


Avery Marks-A-Lot Desk-Style Permanent Markers, Black, Value Pack of 36 (98206)

The marker that usually used for office and class, Avery Marks A Lot Desk Permanent Markers can be an option. It comes in three colors which are black, blue, and red.  Three of these colors are the standard colors for permanent markers. Although it does not come as a package, which means in a set of 12 to 24 packs, the Avery Markers offer the best quality that comes in one color for each series. It has bolder visibility so that it will not need any force while writing with it.

Moreover, the Avery Marks A Lot Desk Permanent Markers has chisel tip that you can use for every kind of lines. You can use it for the small line with small widths either bigger line with bigger widths. After that, you can also see its brilliant design. The bottom of the marker designed to make the cap of marker clicked each other. So, there is no way to lose your cap marker. Thus, the cap is not too hard to take off so that it comes with a good performance as a marker.


  • It has non-toxic ink so that highly safe to use
  • Since it made as permanent marker, so the ink is rub and water resistant
  • It has small size and handy
  • It has high durability which is last longer than the others
  • The ink will not dry even the cap was off for 30 minutes


  • Didn’t come in set colors, so you have to buy it one by one
  • Has limited colors, black; blue; and red
  • Little bit difficult to use for writing large sign
  • Doesn’t stay long on every surface, it will only remain along on some the of surfaces

Sharpie 15661PP King Size Permanent Marker, Chisel Tip, Black, 4-Count

The Black Sharpie King Size Permanent Marker is intended for industrial purposes. This one has a more prominent size so it will make a great line. Like its name, the marker has a significant proportion which has bold line and highly visible color. Although it only comes in one color, the pen still incredible and perfect to use for industrial purposes. The ink built with water resistant and non-toxic so that not only safe but also will not bring any odor when it opened. The large size of a marker, the more extensive ink supply will be. It is perfect for tough jobs that need to mark anything.

To support the project run well, this Black Sharpie King Size Permanent Marker is available in three primary colors such as black, red, and white. Three of them have bold color so you may not worry it will be faded out quickly. As a permanent color, it is not only durable on marking application but also tough enough to mark on oily and wet surfaces. Glass, stone, foil, plastic, corrugated, and other surfaces that usually available for the industrial project. On the other hand, people also often use it at home for marking their pot or display at home.


  • Has bold color, so it is perfect to mark everything
  • It will ruin or fade out easily even on the oily surfaces
  • Strong enough to use for tough jobs


  • Has limited color
  • Not too comfortable to hold since it has big handle


Permanent Marker Set Markers Colors Pens Eco Pack 36 Fine Point Felt Tip – Big Bulk 18 Assorted Ink -FREE Gift (Ebook) Not Sharpie Brush Ultra Broad Chisel Fabric Black Pen – Classroom Office Supplies

For marker that has more colors and bold colors, the maker from Permanent Marker is the best choice. There is a product called 36 set Permanent Marker Colors Pens Eco Park that has highly recommended to use. In this set which contains 36 set marker includes 18 different bold markers that will satisfy your will in drawing with markers. At this point, this kind of markers is perfect to use in the classroom. In various colors, it will give more attractiveness on writing subjects.

Although it has bold color, it built with safe ink. The ink is xylene-free and toxic free so that you may not worry it will intoxicate. For some markers can be used for children, so do this marker. It is safe for children. Some parents already gave this marker for their children that used for making some decoration or work at school. Moreover, if you like to make some DIY or like to draw on clothes or shoes, this marker is the recommended one. It will not fade smoothly but the color will be turned out well too. With small body handling, it is easy to use.


  • It comes with bulky box so it will not scatter around for 36 set of markers
  • The ink colors turned out well to use on various surfaces such as jeans, cardboard, paper, or plastic


  • The ink can bleed easily, so you may make sure that the cap didn’t come off
  • The ink will be dried out easily while you opened it for sometimes


BIC Marking Permanent Marker Fashion, Fine Point, 36-Count, Fashion Assorted

The coloring is not only for children. As an adult, you have special items. In that situation, people need coloring markers that is ideal for them. It is not only for coloring the coloring book, but people also need coloring marker for some work. You can choose BIC Marking Permanent Marker. It comes with more vibrant and soft color. Moreover, it also has a ultra-fine point which helps you to get more color in detail work. This one is handy. It covered by rubber. That way it helps to make handling point more comfortable. With this soft grip, it will also help to control the coloring easily.

In various colors, BIC Marking Permanent Marker is perfect for the fashion-related project. Blending color or making gradation is easier with this pen. Then, it also comes with acid-free so that it will not bring too much odor. Besides paper, this pen is also perfect to apply on other surfaces such as plastic, photos, foil, metal, glass, or even oily and wet surfaces.


  • Has perfect color for coloring in many colors
  • Comes with a soft rubber so that it will be more comfortable to handle
  • It has various vibrant colors that are perfect for any works


  • The ink will dry easily
  • Although it has free acid, the odor of ink still can be smelled when it opened
  • When it applies to wet surface or glass, it will not be dried quickly so that you have to let it dry for a while


Fabric Markers Permanent 12 Pack premium quality bright dual tip stained fine writers art fabric pens BY Crafts 4 ALL .Child safe,water-based & non-toxic

Craft 4 All is like a home for who like to do DIY or drawing on fabric. With the best tips, Fabric Markers Craft 4 All 12 Packs comes as an option. Different from other markers that usually used for fabric, this pen used high-quality ink that has the minimal bleed. There will be no worry there is some mess while drawing over the surface. Moreover, this product also comes with a dual tip that lets you control coloring way easily. For smaller space or bigger space, you can handle it with one marker.


  • The ink is non-toxic and free acid so that it is even safe for children
  • Although it has minimal bleed, it still has waterproof ink which is perfect for fabric
  • Since it made from fabric, the color highly pigmented that make the color more vibrant


  • The ink will dry up easily, so you have to take care of its cap
  • Since the ink color will be absorbed efficiently, it will be difficult to turn out on black fabric surface


Write Dudes Infinity Metallic Permanent Markers 8-Count Assorted Colors (CYB80)

At first, the Infinity Metallic Permanent Markers would look like a natural highlighter. It is an incredible marker that will not fade easily. It built with ink permanent ink that has high durability. It has best use for school, office, or home. Different from other markers, it comes as the metallic color that must be easy to apply on some surfaces. Moreover, there is some color that usually not too builds up when it comes to light or dark surfaces. For this marker, the dark or light cover is not a big deal since it still has colored up on both.

The body of the Infinity Metallic Permanent Markers is not big yet too tiny, so it still comfortable to be handled. Although the cap of marker seems fragile, it always quickly to take off and can be placed on the bottom of the pen. So far, it has eight variant colors which are green, light blue, purple, gold, orange, black, and also silver. For the recommended one, people usually choose the grey color as the most pigmented one. The most important thing is it has non-toxic ink to make it safer to use.


  • Has not any strong odor, so it must be safe to put in the pocket or pencil case
  • Each color turn well in light or a little bit dark surfaces
  • Has full coverage so it may have deep color


  • Although you can use it on the dark surface, on deep black surface it will not turn out well
  • The ink will not as bold as other permanent pens, so it takes more force to make it brighter
  • The ink will dry fast, so you may make sure that the cap is not off


We have nice video about how to draw with permanent markers

Final Verdict

All in all, choosing permanent markers is not too easy yet too tricky. There is some consideration that will make your work or craft turn out well. The pen made for some purpose. It is not surprising that they create different types of markers. You can take the full color in many shades if you need pens for drawing or coloring craft. In contrast, if you need pen more to do some project in industrial purpose you may choose one best bold color. There will be pro and contra of each product since all of them are intended to use for one purpose.


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Best Markers for Drawing, Sketching, Rendering And Coloring Projects

The Best Markers for Drawing and Coloring Projects

When doing drawing and coloring projects, what kind of item you might need the most? Yes, it is a marker. For those who are focusing on doing sketch or portrait for their drawing project, we are highly recommended to use Master Gray Tones markers. This pen nominated for the top position of our drawing markers list. In one pack of Master Gray Tones marker, there are 24 pens with different grayscale tones that no other pen can offer. Each pen provides different accents and effects that you will need when doing sketching. Whether you are a beginner or professional artist, you can opt for purchasing Master markers inside your drawing case.


Tips before Purchasing Drawing Marker

Rather than a pencil, marker offers more permanent result. It is the reason why most of those who are into drawing or sketching are choosing pens instead. However, if you are new in this art world, you need to learn some tips before decide to purchase drawing markers.

  1. Choose the Color

Each product of pen offers a different number of color choices. Some pens only offer 12, 24, or 36 colors choices. However, other markers offer 80 colors choices or more. If you are into more serious drawing and coloring projects such as drawing anime and fashion design, you should purchase a pen that offers more tones options so you can get more detailed results.

  1. Consider the versatility

Here, you need to consider where you want to apply the marker. Do you only need to draw in your sketchbook? Or, do you want to do some DIY projects on the fabric or wood surfaces? Well, not all marker pen have the same versatility to be able applied on the wide variety of surfaces. You need to find markers that are suitable for your projects.

  1. Check out the formula

If you are going to use the marker near children or give them as a gift for kids, make sure that you check the formula to make the marker filling. Ensure that the formula is safe for children. Choose markers with non-toxic and acid-free formula. Children sometimes do some unexpected action such as put the marker inside their mount or draw on their skin. So, it is essential to look for the safe pen.


Top 10 Drawing Markers Products to Give the Best Drawing Result

When you want to purchase in the shop or online store, you will find various and different markers. However, no need to confuse, here we have narrowed down the various choices of drawing pens in the market into top 10 list. The products below are chosen based on their various color options and high-quality drawing result.

Master Marker 24 Color Gray Tones with Chisel Points

Master Gray Tones positioned on top of our list as the best marker for drawing and sketching. Available in 24 grayscale tones in one pack, you will have unlimited choices to sketch in details. Whether you want to the drawing, sketching, shading, illustrating, or others, the various marker tones help you easily create accents, effects, and features to get the real-portraits result.

Master has dual coloring tips in one marker that convenient for drawing and sketching. One part of marker point tip is chisel tip to help you draw a clean think brushed lines. Meanwhile, the other point tip is swept tip to give you more flexibility and accurate on drawing thin lines. Both suggestions work together sharing a single ink reservoir to provide you with excellent drawing and coloring blending for the perfect result. The marker is also easy to use that you can grip on both ends comfortably.

Moreover, Master markers made with safe formula. They contain with a non-toxic and alcohol-based formula to provide the safer permanent result. This formula has even safe for children at the age of 3, and it certified. So, you don’t need to worry when your child accidentally apply the marker on their skin.


  • Give the best result for sketching
  • 24 grayscale tones choice
  • Dual tips
  • Safe for kids of 3 and above
  • Ergonomically design with affordable price


  • Might bleed on certain surfaces
  • The lightest colors might get dry faster


Soucolor Marker with 32 Color Choice

Do you need more colorful markers with various tones offer? Well, Soucolor should be on your shopping list. Offering 36 different color choices, you will have more vibrant tones even more than those rainbow colors. For those who just love to coloring pictures or those who into a more difficult level of drawing such as anime pictures, caricatures, fashion design, and much more, Soucolor marker tone choices help you to make your drawing more colorful and livelier.

Soucolor markers designed with dual chisel and brush tips. The difference of Soucolor marker tips with general one is the size. If general markers usually only have 5 mm chisel tip width, Soucolor offers 7 mm wider. The wider the tip means that you will have broader and thicker lines for highlighting and underlining with the precise result. On each marker, there is the color-coded cap to help you organize and identify the color more easily. Additionally, one pen is claimed to be able to draw the line at least up to 300 meters long. One of the best points is you can store and carry the markers easily for traveling because they are packed nicely inside a black case with holder.


  • Provide more colorful result for drawing and coloring
  • 32 colors choice with more vibrant tones
  • Dual tips with 7 mm more extensive tips
  • Good choice for traveling set


  • Ink may splatter if you don’t carefully open the caps
  • Bleed easily on thin paper
  • No ink refills available


STA Aquarelle Brush with 24 Colors Choice

If you love to drawing or coloring in small details, STA marker pen is the right choice. STA marker pen designed with dual tips, including brush and excellent tips. The brush tip has a width approximately 1-2 mm, while the excellent tip has the thinner diameter about 0.8 mm. So, you can easily draw any thin lines and color the small detailed-pictures with the excellent point. Then, you can do the coloring you work or the bigger pictures with brush point, yet it might take more times than using chisel point.

STA Aquarelle drawing brushes formulated with water-based ink, so it might need more time to dry after coloring. However, you don’t need to worry because the product equipped with alcohol solvent ink. So, you can apply alcohol ink as the base then use the water-based pen on the top. In this way, you can let the draw to dry more quickly, and durable also get a brighter result. The ink claimed acid-free, non-toxic, non-pollution, and odorless formula, so it is safe to be used for kids.

There is no coded-cap on each pen. Instead, the cap designed with specific color like what the ink filling is inside as color identification. No ridges to help you open the cap easily, instead a small pointed knob to help rotate the cap and prevent the marker to rolling off from the table.


  • Suitable for drawing thin lines and coloring in small detailed-pictures
  • Available in 24 colors choice with more vibrant tones
  • Equipped with alcohol solvent ink to give better result
  • Formulated with safe formula to be more reliable for kids


  • No ridges caps, so you might find it more difficult to open the cap
  • Might smear or bleed easily when exposed to water


L’émouchet Marker with 60 Colors Choices

Need more color choices to make your works more colorful and livelier? Then, L’émouchet marker is the best option out there. Available in 60 colors choices, you can put more colors from the most vibrant to darker tones. This pen is suitable to those who need to draw, color, highlight or others for their manga and design projects. Moreover, you can use the pen on a variety of surfaces including paper, plastic, fabric, glass, wood, ceramics, and metal. This marker is also useful for doing some DIY projects.

Another best thing from L’émouchet marker packed with carrying case. So, you can choose the marker pen easily and organize them. The colored and coded caps allow you to easily identify the color that you want between the 60 tone choices. The color result is excellent with rich pigment to let you smoothly draw the line at least for 325 meters. You can also do some blending to get more rich color for your works. Each marker is designed with four corners round shape for holding comfort and dual tips to a more detailed application.


  • Versatile on various surfaces from paper to metal surfaces
  • Suitable for wide variety of drawing and coloring projects
  • Available in 60 colors choice
  • Packed with carrying case


  • No slots inside the case so the pen might easily dilute


Master Professional Marker with 80 Colors Choice

Master offers you with another product for more professional works. Yes, providing 80 primary colors, Master professional marker is suitable if you need more various tones to draw and color your work. The best feature is a cool black case made from nylon to let you organize the marker neatly and ready to use them easily.Moreover, inside the case is designed with an individual slot to hold each marker. So, you don’t need to worry the pen will dilute out when you are carrying them. Above the case is attached with hooks for a sling so you can carry it easily anytime anywhere.

Like other Master markers, this pen also designed with dual tips, including chisel and excellent point. You can draw, sketch, highlight, underline, give colors, and much more on your projects. You can be easily identified the color you want by looking at the caps. The caps designed with name, number, and color identification. Moreover, the caps also have ridges to easily open the caps and avoid them rolling off from the table.


  • Available in 80 colors choice
  • Dual tipped-markers, broad and beautiful points
  • Designed with ridges caps with name, number, and color identification
  • Formulated with alcohol based ink for permanent and fast-drying result
  • A cool black nylon case with individual slots and sling for easy carrying during trip


  • No refill ink available
  • Not suitable to be applied on fabric surfaces


Zhijian Marker with 80 Colors Choice

Zhijian markers offer 80 different colors choices for detailed coloring works. Those 80 TouchFive markers stored inside a black case with holder, so you can easily bring it anywhere. But, the case doesn’t have individual slots so the pen will easily splay out when you open the case. The filling ink is formulated with non-toxic alcohol base so it will dry out faster and avoids fading.

The marker is designed with a triangular shape to give ergonomic grip. You also don’t need to worry the pen will rolling off from the table. But, for those with small hands, they might feel the marker shape is too big for them to grip. On each marker, you will find the cap is designed with specific number or color to identify the color you want to pick easily. When you open the lid, you can see two different tips. One part is chisel tip to allow you draw thicker lines, while the other part is brushed tip to draw thin lines and color detailed pictures.


  • Available in 80 colors choice
  • Packed with black case and holder


  • No slots in the case so the markers will easily splay out
  • The pen is way too big to hold

Master Landscape Marker with 24 Unique Colors

If previously you already have Master markers with gray tones, now you can have another option to drawing and sketching with more unusual results with Master. Yes, Master is also available in ‘landscape’ mode to allow you capture the real landscape onto you sketchbook in details. Now, you can draw a tree with the help of vibrant tones markers to get every effect, tone, color, and accents captured like a real one.

On the cap, you can see that every marker is coded with its number and color identification so you can find any color you want easily. Additionally, the caps are also designed with ridges to prevent the markers rolling off the table. In this way, you can also avoid the ink to splatter or miss the pens. The marker barrels also help you to grip both ends comfortably while drawing. Moreover, each pen designed with dual tips, chisel, and brush. So, you can easily draw thick lines with chisel tip then turn it over the draw thin lines with the brush tip.


  • Suitable to draw colorful landscape
  • Available in 24 colors choice with more vibrant tones
  • Ergonomically design with ridges and coded-caps
  • Non-toxic with alcohol-based formula
  • Safe for kids of 3 and above


  • May bleed easily on thin paper
  • No ink refills available
  • No case only stored inside the box

Meetory Art & Draw Marker with 24 Colors Choice

The best feature from Meetory marker is that it can be used not only on paper but also on several surfaces, including fabric like clothes, canvas, burlap, and much more. Even, you can draw on plastic, wall, or wooden surfaces. This pen is excellent for those who love to do do-it-yourself projects. When applying to non-paper surfaces especially fabric you need dry out the surfaces with dryer or iron. Then, wash the painted-fabric with cold water with detergent and no bleaching.

Meetory markers are neatly packed inside a box so that you can organize them easily. Designed with chisel and brush tips, you can draw 6 mm thick lines and 1 mm thin lines. Moreover, the marker has the dual function that you can use the chisel tip as the highlighter. The pen also designed with the rectangular shape, so you can grip on the pen easily especially when using chisel tip. The caps intended with code and color identification, so you can choose your color and take them back with no confusing.


  • Versatile on various surfaces, including paper, plastic, fabric, wood, and wall
  • Suitable for DIY projects
  • Available in 24 colors choice
  • Dual tips and dual functions as highlighter
  • Packed with box for easy storing
  • Made with non-toxic and safe for kids formula


  • May take spaces to carry out while traveling

STA Coloring Marker with 36 Colors Choice

When you want to take the marker for your trip, this STA marker eases your job. The pens stored with a portable black case with holder. There are no slots to hold the pen inside, so as soon as you unzip the case, the pen will dilute. However, you can also store the other pencils or pens inside the case. So, the case can be your new pencil case.

Inside the case, you will find 36 markers with the different color each other. Each pen identified with color and number on the cap, so you can pick the color you want. The pen also designed with dual tips, broad and subtle. You can change them easily to draw what kind of lines you want. The marker made from alcohol based-ink. Once the pen applied to the surfaces, the result will be permanent and dry out faster. The ink is also formulated with acid-free so parents can let their kids draw with this marker.


  • Dual tips and coded and colored caps
  • Available in 36 colors choice
  • Markers stored inside a black case with holder
  • Formulated with alcohol based-ink for the permanent and fast-drying result.


  • No slots in the case so the markers will easily splay out
  • May bleed in certain surfaces


Miss AJ Marker with 36 Colors Choice

Miss AJ marker designed with dual nibs. The broader point has approximately 1-2 mm width, while the fine point has 0.8 mm width. This marker design is perfect for those who want to draw and color more detailed pictures. Each marker also designed with round body, so you can hold and turn the marker easily while drawing. You can identify the color of the pen by looking at the cap. The cap has no number instead of the color of the filling in the reservoir. In one pack, there are 36 different colors of the marker with vibrant tones.

The filling is formulated with water-based ink so it can be easily scattered and mixed with water to give the best result. However, you might only apply the marker on the paper as it is not suitable for other surfaces. As it made from water-based ink, the pen is odorless and no-toxic that safe for children. It will be ideal for your kids who start to learn drawing on their coloring books.


  • Available in 36 colors choice
  • Dual nibs marker with approx.1-2 mm broad point and 0.8 mm fine point
  • Round body to give comfort holding
  • Non-toxic and odorless formula that safe for children
  • Scattered easily with water application


  • Unsuitable for non-paper use
  • May bleeding when exposed to too much water


Look at video below about how to draw a house with markers


Final Verdict

Drawing markers are indeed an essential item for drawing and coloring works. Not only merely used to draw lines on the paper, but markers also help you to capture your imagination or the real-life scenery on the sketchbook. As you have read on the list above, we put Master marker with 24 grayscale color options on our top menu as it offers the best drawing ability, especially for those who more into sketching. However, you can choose the other products if you feel like you need more color options to finish your projects.


Affiliate Disclosure:
http://www.joyofallcrafts.com/ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon.com. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates
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