Best Chalkboard Markers for DIY Projects

Top 10 Greatest chalkboard markers for DIY Projects

Do you like doing DIY projects using boards? Well, if you are a professional DIY creators or person who is truly enjoying DIY arts, you need liquid chalkboard for decorating your works. When you are painting with DIY, you always want the best chalk markers for making your actions becomes more amazing. Therefore, to help you comfortable to choose the best one, we had reviewed some products and put them on the lists as the most high-quality products. Above all these top 10 chalkboard markers, we pick the Innocheer liquid chalkboard as the perfect one for you. The vibrant colors of all 60 multi-size chalkboards would make your works beautiful. The inks dry so quickly, so you do not have to wait longer in finishing your jobs. What’s more, this one won’t stain your surfaces due to its erasable features. Getting curious about this fantastic chalkboard? See these following lists to get further information about it.


What to look for in high-quality chalkboard markers

Before discussing the best chalk markers, there are several considerations that you must know as picking the right chalk markers. As purchasing chalkboard for DIY projects, you cannot just pick anything you like. You need to consider several things like its colors, versatility, and so forth. To help you get easy choosing the right products, we provide some tips in choosing liquid chalkboard. Here we go!

  • Vibrant Colors

When it comes to chalk markers, colors become the most important thing to consider. As decorating your DIY works using liquid pens, you surely won’t like the dull or pale colors. That is why you need the vibrant ones. The more vibrant colors you get, the more amazing your art will look like. Moreover, the vibrant colors also will help you working with any surfaces. So, make sure you pick chalkboard set which has various vivid and bright colors.

  • Easy to erase

As doing your DIY projects, you will make kind of mistakes sometimes. For that reason, you need liquid chalk markers which have erasable feature. The erasable products will not make your surface get stained or permanently damaged. Furthermore, you also no need to waste your energy as you want to erase it.

  • Versatility

Most of the liquid products usually can be used only for a specific surface. However, there are also some liquid chalk markers that you can apply to a lot of types of surfaces, including the non-porous surface. Choosing the products like this will offer you more benefits.

  • Reversible Tip

One of the most excellent features thatis equipped in premium chalk markers is the reversible tip. This one will let you control the ink flow with a tip, whether you want to apply it slightly or thickly. This feature will avoid you from typography as doing your DIY projects.


10 Best Chalk markers products to complete DIY arts

Picking up the right chalkboard markers can be a tricky thing, especially when there are a lot of kinds chalk markers in the store. However, you don’t have to be worry because we have listed top 10 products which will make your school projects, DIY arts, and others more amazing. We also put the product’s description along with pros and cons, so you can choose which one you truly need.


Liquid Chalk Markers 10 Pack For Nonporous Chalkboards, Bistro Boards, Glass and Windows

Crafty Croc has been famous with its high-quality liquid chalkboard. That’s why we start out ten best products with this one. Each 10 pack of Crafty Croc chalk markers contains multi chalkboards. If you are a professional artist dealing with chalkboard projects, this one could be ideal for you. This liquid chalkboards are truly good for various surfaces like metal, glass, whiteboards, plastic, and so forth. Comes up with the multi-size product, this one has three sizes which allow you to use it on jars, water bottle, and others.

Do not worry about wasting your energy to clean it up. The chalkboard is easily removable as you apply it on any surfaces, including the non-porous surface.  Moreover, this one can be a perfect choice for kids’ tasks due to its range of use. This one is also non-toxic so that it would be safe for kids and pets.  The beautiful vibrant colors let you put your creativity into your works.


    • 10 Pack of Neon Chalk Pens
    • Easy to clean up
    • Perfect for all DIY projects
    • Equipped with handy tips
    • All the colors are vivid and bright
    • Last 2x longer


  • Silver and gold colors are not easy to clean up
  • It is not ideal for walls and chalkboard surfaces


Cedar Markers Liquid Chalk Markers – 12 Pack with Free 40 Chalkboard Labels – Neon Color Pens Including Gold and Silver Ink. Reversible Bullet and Chisel Tip and A Brand New Revolutionary Cap

If you need vibrant colors liquid chalks for any surfaces, this one can be a perfect one for you. Cedar liquid chalks are suitable for any surfaces, including non-porous ones. Cedar also owns the unique inks colors. It will make your arts look alive. Let your creativity speak up by combining beautiful neon colors to your works. The Gold and Silver color can be ideal bistro chalk markers for your menu board, wedding decoration, house window, and others. For every purchase of Cedar chalks, you can get 40 labels as a bonus for free. Additionally, this one also comes with exclusive tweezers that will make you more comfortable changing the tips without spoiling your works. Another thing that makes this product great is this one is dust free and friendly product with American and European Institutes standard.


– Offer 30 days warranty for every purchasing

– Erasable on any surfaces, including the non-porous

– Equipped with free tweezers set

– Friendly environment product with standard American and European quality

– 40 chalkboard labels bonus


– The ink flow sometimes does not come up smoothly

– Not too ideal for chalkboard surface


Liquid Chalkboard Window Chalk Markers -12 Pack Erasable Pens Great for Chalkboards & Glass – Non Toxic Safe & Easy to Use Washable Marker Neon Bright Vibrant Colors Pen for Kids and Adult

If you own restaurant or café and need some decorations to attract your customers, this Creatov bistro chalk markers is all you need. Creatov gets eight vibrant colors, including white colors so that you can create eye-catching and stunning bistro menu boards. Furthermore, this one also has a great versatility that you can utilize to various surfaces like glass, windows, or the non-porous ones. All the colors are so pigmented and bright, making your arts look more amazing and colorful. Because it is dust free, and non-toxic product, the Creatov liquid chalks would be the best product for your kids.


  • Available in 12 color choice
  • Offer various very pigmented and long-lasting vibrant colors
  • Equipped with chisel tip
  • Dust free and non-toxic product


  • The ink dries up too fast
  • The ink is hard to clean when it has dried


Chalk Markers & Metallic Colors – Pack of 21 neon chalk pens – For Chalkboard, Whiteboard, Blackboard, Window, Labels, Bistro, Glass – Wet Wipe Erasable – 6mm Reversible bullet & chisel Tip

If you are a professional DIY worker, this Chalkola chalk pen must be on your lists! Chalkola offers 21 color variants which are 15 vivid colors and six stunning metallic colors. Chalkola uses water-based ink which makes the chalks very erasable only by using the wet cloth. These liquid chalks by Chalkola also have great versatility which gives the user freedom of creativity. You can use it on birthday cards, wedding boards, Bistro menus, house window, or any surfaces. Even, you can make your birthday gifts by decorating jars or mugs, then giving it to your special one.

Also, Chalkola also uses high-quality inks, so it will flow smoothly just exactly what you want. The inks also will dry so quickly only in minutes so that you can finish your works faster.  This one also made of non-toxic and odor-free formula, so do not worry if your kids want to express their imagination and creativity using Chalkola chalks. This one is safe both for kids, adults and also pets.


– Available in 21 different colors of 15 bright colors and 6 metallic

– Made of very durable maker tips

– Easy to clean up only with damp cloth or water

– Ideal for any surfaces, including the non-porous like metal, slate, plastic, etc.


– Some colors do not show up

– It is not suitable for some chalkboards


Liquid Chalk Markers & Metallic Colors by Chalkola | Pack of 16 chalk pens | For Chalkboard, Whiteboard, Blackboard, Window, Glass, Bistro | 6mm Reversible Bullet & Chisel Tip Erasable Ink

If you need Chalkola markers with fewer color variants, you can make this one on your list. Chalkola offers several kinds chalk pens for the board, including this 16 series. This one has 16 bright neon colors which consist of 10 vivid colors and 6 metallic colors. The metallic colors have pink, gold, green, blue, red and silver color variants. With all those stunning colors, you can freely let your imagination and creativity develop as you are doing your DIY projects. Besides those amazing colors, Chalkola also gives you more freedom to work on any surfaces you like. You can use as decoration for café menus, restaurant boards, birthday party, bridal shower, wedding-guest table, and other works.

Moreover, if you are a teacher or lecturer who needs something new in your teaching time, this one can make your class more exciting and pleasing. The water-based, odor-free, and dust-free formula also makes this product safe for your kids. This one can help your kids increasing their creativity as doing their school tasks, classroom tasks, or even making birthday gift or card for their best friends.


–  Available in 16 color variants

–  Made of water-based ingredients, making it easy to clean up

– Compatible with any surfaces and any DIY projects


–   The metallic chalks are too small and not long-lasting

–   The ink will be difficult to wash if it left for over one day


White Chalkboard Chalk Markers by VersaChalk (Fine Markers) | Dust Free, Water-Based, Non-Toxic Wet Erase Chalk Ink Pens

Looking for chalk a marker which is very suitable for white chalkboard? This ink pens by VersaChalk is all you need! VersaChalk uses premium quality inks from Germany which is finest one in the country. With this high-quality ink, your works will be dried only in seconds. It can be perfect chalk pens for every DIY lover. Even the ink dries so quickly, and it does not stain your work easily. Once the ink has dried, you can still wash it by only using wet cloth! VersaChalk also adds great versatile which allows users to works on all non-porous surfaces like metal, glass, vinyl, and others. However, remember that this one is not compatible with all chalkboards. Make sure to check it first before applying it on your surface.

Besides, you also do not need to worry that the inks will spoil your works. VersaChalk equips its markers with long-lasting tips that can be used even for the heaviest projects. What’s more, they also use odorless, dust-free, and non-toxic formula as their main ingredients, so it is probably safe for children.


  • Made of great quality ink from German
  • The inks dry only in seconds
  • Very washable only with damp towel or cloth


  • Difficult to wash as it applied on chalkboard wall/paint
  • The tips takes longer time to fill as it has used for several seasons


Liquid Chalk Board Window Markers – 8 Pack Erasable Pens Great for Chalkboards – Non Toxic Safe & Easy to Use Neon Bright & Vibrant Colors for All Ages Funatix

Funatix is ready to make your DIY works becomes more amazing and stunning with its neon and vibrant colors. All those 8 Funatix colors can add particular impression to your arts. It can work well with bistro boards, restaurant menu, house windows, mugs, glass, and other non-porous surfaces. Any DIY arts you make will be more amazing if you decorate it with Funatix chalk pens. The colors are so vibrant and eye-catching. As a result, it looks so perfect if you use it to attract the customers.

Funatix also uses non-toxic, no-dust, and no-odor ingredients, so the parents can allow the children develop their creativity using this product. For the professional DIY artist, this one is what you needed. All the colors are tremendously pigmented and durable, providing more beautiful color to your artworks. This one is also great for decorating new home, wedding or birthday party, posters, and so forth. Moreover, Funatix also provides 100{b0570d686f8abe3f6227922e6f74b908c0c99f3a0270167d932ef3a0d8ff8ed3} satisfaction guaranteed as you are not satisfied with the products.


  • Available in 8 vibrant and neon colors
  • Safe for adults and children
  • Very compatible with all non-porous surfaces
  • The colors are pigmented and long-lasting


  • The tips are easily damaged


Blami Arts Chalk Markers Reversible Tip for Non-Porous Chalkboard and Bistro Glass Windows – 14 Pack Erasable Neon Bright Non-Toxic Liquid Ink Pens with Bright Vivid Paint – Eraser Sponge included

Learning process sometimes can be very boring for students. To overcome this problem, some teacher uses chalk pens in the teaching and learning process. A colorful school board surely can be the great alternative to attract students’ attention. Blami Arts provides 14 variants colors of chalk markers, so you can freely to use any colors you like. With non-toxic, dust-free, and water-based inks, this one is surely safe for you and the students. The very bright, vibrant and opaque colors of these Blami Arts chalk pens also can be useful for professional DIY artists. The stunning and beautiful colors variants are truly livened up your artworks.

Besides amazing colors, the reversible tip from Japan is what makes this one becomes the best chalk markers. It can extend you drawing, coloring, and decorating selections. What’s more Blami Arts also provides several bonuses for every purchasing, including two tips, gold and silver color, and safe caps! However, as you are using the silver and golden pens, remember that both only washable from non-porous surfaces. Never use it on a chalkboard, if you do not want it gets damaged. So, if you need high-quality chalk pens which are washable, ideal for all DIY crafts, durable, and having vibrant and bold colors, this one is for you!


  • The pens providing bold lines
  • The colors are vibrant and bright, making it looks suitable for all crafts
  • Compatible with all non-porous materials
  • Available in 14 variants of colors and silver and additional gold colors


  • Silver and Gold colors are permanent and not washable
  • It is not compatible with all chalkboards


Crafty Croc Liquid Chalk Markers, Jumbo 18 Pack, (Mom’s Choice Award Gold Recipient), Neon Plus Earth Colors 6mm Reversible Tip, 2 Replacement Tips Included

Finally, we move to the last best chalk markers product by Crafty Croc. The first thing that makes Crafty Croc chalk pens becomes highly recommended is its awards. Crafty Croc has awarded for its excellent originality and quality of children’s product by TillyWig. For that reason, this one recommended for children use. If you have kids who like to do some creative things, let their creativity develops with this product. Crafty Croc provides vivid neon chalk pens which are brighter than any standard chalk.

With all those bright colors, it surely makes your kids get more spirit as doing their school projects, or their artworks. Crafty Croc adds a reversible tip which let your kids do their artworks easier. This feature can help them in making whether the bold or thin line. They will get so much fun in making birthday cards, Christmas decoration, Halloween costumes, or Thanksgiving presents.

Additionally, Crafty Croc also equips its product with great versatility, so you can be free let your creativity alive on any non-porous surfaces. Even this one highly recommended for kids, and it does mean adults cannot use it for their artworks. You can also use it for decorating home, bistro, bar, and others. Made of the high-quality product, liquid chalk pens by Crafty Croc is very washable, even only with the cloth. Now, you can freely do your DIY works without worrying it gets spoiled.


  • Highly recommended for children
  • The inks are easy to wipe up
  • Equip with reversible tip
  • Available in 10 vibrant colors variant


  • It gets difficult to wipe as it painted on chalkboards
  • No too ideal for professional artworks


Premium Window Chalkboard Neon Pens Liquid Chalk Markers 30 colors by GOTIDEAL

For a newbie DIY lover, you surely need chalk markers that are very easy to apply on any surfaces. Airbay liquid chalk pens made of premium inks which will run smooth as you use it. The ink flow is consistent almost on all non-porous surfaces. What’s more, Gotideal chalk pens also has reversible tip and safety cap which can be so helpful in doing DIY works.Moreover, the safety cap here prevents the tips from any damage so that it can last longer.  And use new upgraded ink that brings more colors become fluorescent

Not only for the newbie but this one also ideal for professional DIY artists. Gotideal offers 30 variants colors which are bolder and brighter than other products. The colors will go whether you want to apply it to metal, glass, plastic, chalkboard, or vinyl. Moreover, the additional silver and gold colors truly can make your arts look stunning.  Made of water-based, non-toxic, and no dust formula, this product is safe for everyone. Also, you do not need to waste your energy to wash the ink painted on the surface. The markers are so washable with just a wet towel or cloth. For the silver and gold colors, you may need alcohol to clean it up.


  • Available in 30 colors and extra silver and gold colors
  • 100{3ad0515dd2ff4b566a8077055826a353e5fbc4689d6fc5f67b38c7e53d49fb36} compatible with non-porous surfaces
  • The colors are brighter and bolder
  • All markers are available for all DIY activities


  • The pens are not consistent with several chalkboards
  • Silver and Gold colors are not easy to clean up

DIY projects certainly become one thing that mostly does by people these days. Besides it is kind of fun and pleasure thing, doing DIY projects also can give develop our creativity. DIY provides us the freedom to express our imagination and creativity in the form of artworks. However, becoming a DIY artist sometimes becomes a tough thing. We need to prepare DIY tools in making crafts, paintings, and other artworks. In doing DIY projects, chalkboard markers become one important thing that you need for decorating your artworks. You can use this one for any events such as birthday party, school project, and wedding party, even for teaching and learning process. Furthermore, you can also use it for bistro or restaurant decoration so that it can look so artsy and attractive. So, what are you waiting on? Grab your chalk markers and let your creativity explode!


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