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Crafts Glue Review

It is easy to see tutorials that on blogs or YouTube videos. Making handicrafts, arts, or repairing household stuff by your self is certainly a fun thing to do; even it can be challenging and need hard work sometimes. The DIY projects inevitably gain its popularity these days. It provides positive vibes as people start to create and repair things by their self just like a professional.  As people doing the DIY projects, there is one important tool that mostly needed while working, the hot crafts glue. Almost all the DIY projects inevitably require glue for making the art or repairing things.


You probably think that choosing hot glue is the natural thing. There are several things that you need consider as you decide hot glue for making crafts. If you are looking for the best hot glue for crafting, make sure you consider these five important things!


What to Look for in Greatest Hot Glue Gun for DIY Projects

  1. Consider the Temperature

Since glue gun used for melting the glue, it only has one temperature. A lot of models of glue gun also have no adjustable settings for heat level. Therefore, you need to know exactly how to use it properly. Otherwise, picking the glue gun with the adjustable setting is way better if you have no experience using this stuff before.

As you use the glue gun, remember that to have the consistent temperature to get smoother application while crafting. The high heat is perfect for stuff like metal, wood, and glass. Meanwhile, the lower one is great for cloth and lace.

  1. Pick the Right Size

When it comes to picking the glue gun, make sure you choose it based on your needs. Glue gun has several sizes, the mini one, the large one, and the full-size one. Pick the glue gun based on the quantity of the glue that you need. For instance, the minigun is ideal for detail DIY project. Meanwhile, the larger and full-size one is perfect for big projects that relate to wood or others. Therefore, make sure you understand what you truly need before choosing the right size. However, if you are a person who often does DIY projects, you can choose versatility glue gun that you can use for different measured of glue sticks.

  1. Pay attention to the materials

Every glue gun surely has different materials. The materials of it certainly will relate to its durability. Buying lightweight glue gun with high-quality plastic can be the best choice.

  1. Consider the Power (Watt)

As you purchasing glue guns, you also need to consider the wattage of it. Typically, the glue stick melts quickly when the gun uses more watts.

  1. Set-off Control

If you have no experience in doing DIY, it is better for you to pick glue guns with set-off control. It will help you in controlling the glue.


Best Craft Glue For Many Purposes

So, those are several tips in choosing the best glue gun. If you are still wondering what the best crafts glue is, you may make a choice between these top 10 glue guns

  1. CCBetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

Are you looking for a plastic glue gun for your DIY craft projects? It can help you have the fun thing to do with glue. As you use this minigun, you do need to wait heating it up for a long time. This minigun will heat up only in 3 to 5 minutes. By maintaining the stable temperature, it can be used for perfect DIY projects or repair your household things including cloth, wood, metal, plastic, and others.

What makes it looks better than others is CCBetter gun equipped with a LED light mode which will make the gun in control. Therefore, you can use it as comfortable as you want. The trigger control here also will help you control the glue flow, so you will not run out of the glue sticks while working. It made of high-quality materials, and this gun surely has excellent durability.

Customer Reviews

  • It has super on/off switch
  • A convenient glue gun for small works
  • This little gun heats up quickly
  1. Best Hot Glue Gun

Talking about glue gun, you cannot forget this hot glue gun from Best. Every package of it includes 25 bonus of glue sticks. It equipped with full safety features, and the glue gun can be the best choice for the beginners. It has excellent temperature control, ON/OFF switch LED display and Inner Safety Fuse for avoiding you from overheating. Also, you can use it only in 3 minutes heating! With its Smart Temperature feature, you will be more helpful in having the reliable and stable temperature. It is truly perfect for many DIY tasks such as arts, card making, room decoration, household repair, and others.

Customer Reviews

  • It heats up quickly and able to get into tight places
  • It works as good as it should
  1. DISCOBALL Hot Glue Gun Kit

Still, have no idea finding your best glue gun? You may try this hot glue gun from DISCOBALL. It can be a great glue gun for small DIY arts and crafts or quick households’ repairs. In every purchase of its hot glue gun, DISCOBALL provides the kit with 50 pieces of eco-friendly glue sticks. For its materials, DISCOBALL uses high-quality plastic and aluminum, so the glue gun surely has excellent durability. With 20 watts working power, it only needs 3 to 5 minutes to heat up the gun. So, if you are a kind of fast workers, you truly need this one.

Moreover, you can use the glue gun for many things such as fixing households, decorating Christmas tree, creating card paper, sticking metal and wood materials, and so on. As you working with DISCOBALL gun, do not worry about getting burnt. It specially designed with safety materials. Its heater element is made of PTC or Positive Temperature Coefficient, making it safe to use even for the beginners.

Customer Reviews

  • It comes in handy around the house and works smoothly
  • The on/off switch is great feature
  • It heats up very quickly, and there are no glue jamming problems
  1. BSTPOWER Glue Gun

As similar to its name, BSTPOWER Glue Gun offers the best features for DIY lovers. Unlike another popular glue gun, this one specially equipped with adjustable temperature control. The temperature range from 100oc to 220oC, making the gun ideal for every DIY works. You can use it for quick household repair, crafts, arts, office repair, or school projects. BESTPOWER glue gun undoubtedly the perfect glue for all!

Furthermore, you can set the adjustable temperature to high or low temperature, making it safe to use even for the beginner. It also has great features like the automatic thermostat, anti-overheating, and anti-drip. It made off with high-quality materials, BSTPOWER glue gun is very lightweight, easy to clean, and very handy. Other things that make this BSTPOWER glue gun becomes the best glue gun ever is its indicator light. This glue gun only needs 3 to 5 minutes for warming up. The indicator light here has a function to let you know whether it is ready to use or not.

Customer Reviews

  • It fits comfortably in hand
  • It is perfect for detailed works
  • It heats up fast and has great range temperatures for different types of jobs
  1. Cobiz Glue Gun 60/100 W

The next great hot glue for DIY projects goes to the Cobiz glue gun. Cobiz believes that everyone is a DIY talent in his/her life. Therefore, Cobiz offers great glue gun that can help you be a real DIY talent. It will help you work with ease as you are doing your DIY projects. Then, what makes Cobiz glue gun becomes one of the best glue guns? Cobiz provides rapid heating to its glue gun, so it only needs 3 to 5 minutes for warming up. It also has the great design which makes it easy to use and handle. Moreover, the high-quality material of this glue gun makes it maintains the high temperature.

Another good thing that you can get from Cobiz is you will get five premium glue sticks for every purchasing. It is different with other standard glue sticks. This one has excellent performance for every work. Just like the gun, Cobiz also offers safety features to avoid overheating and leakage. The Cobiz gun is specially made with internal safety features, fuse, and PTC heating system from German so that you can finish your DIY task safely.

Customer Reviews

  • The handle is exquisite
  • It has rapid heat up times
  • It is perfect gun for DIY arts and crafts
  1. Surebonder GM-160 Mini Glue Gun

The GM-160 mini glue gun from Surebonder also can be best glue gun to pick. It equipped with 10-watt power and 120-volts, the gun surely will heat up in minutes. Even it manufactured in China, the product made of high-quality materials, and it is very durable and easy to use. For the beginners, do not worry about having much trouble as you use this gun. This product has easy installation and very comfortable to handle. It is surely ideal glue gun for small DIY tasks and quick household repairs. As like its name, GM-160 mini glue gun only used for 5/16 inch diameter glue stick. However, for the length of glue sticks, you can use the 4 inch or 10-inch glue sticks.

Bottom of Form

Customer Reviews

  • This glue gun is ideal for occasional use
  • It heats up quickly
  • It has no jamming and any electrical problems
  1. Adhesive Technology / AdTech Two Temp Hot Glue Gun

Adhesive Technology surely becomes very popular of its advanced products. Now, AdTech provides Two Temp Hot Glue Gun for the DIY lovers! Unlike other glue guns, this one equipped with two temperature option, the low-temp, and the high-temp. The low temperature is ideal for working with papers, fabrics, and Styrofoam. Meanwhile, the high temperature is perfect for metal, wood, and other big tasks. With 40 watts power, this gun surely will heat up very quickly. To make the user satisfied, AdTech provides 5-foot removable cord. It is truly best for DIY projects and other detail tasks.

Customer Reviews

  • Reliable to use
  • It heated up so quickly
  1. ANBES 100W Hot Glue Gun

Being a professional DIY worker, you surely need a professional glue gun. ANBES knows what a great DIY talent certainly needs the best glue gun for its works. That is why ANBES makes 100W hot glue gun. This professional glue gun has very high temperature, making it can melt the glue quickly. With 100W power, it only needs 3 to 5 minutes to melt the glue sticks. To make the users satisfied with the product, ANBES equips this gun with on/off switch, interchangeable nozzle, indicator light, 1.5m cord, a stand, squeeze a trigger, and ten standard glue sticks. Moreover, the materials of this gun also used high-quality plastic and aluminum, making it has excellent durability. Another thing that makes this super glue gun different from the rest is it comes with a convenient carrying bag. Now, you can store your glue gun, and the glue sticks orderly. It surely will make you more ready every time you want to do your DIY projects or home repair.

Customer Reviews

  • The handle is slender and comfortable to grip
  • The heating time is fast
  • The gun works very well, and the glue comes out so smoothly
  1. PROkleber Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

Then next brand that offers great glue gun is PROkleber. The PROkleber glue gun comes with the 100-watt power which only needs 2 to 3 minutes for melting the glue sticks. Moreover, PROkleber also uses excellent quality of plastic and metal based on German Quality Standards, making it has strong durability. It will make the user easy to store the glue gun because every kit of it equipped with the handy travel bag, a glue gun, and 12 standard glue sticks. So, you can keep up everything together orderly.

Customer Reviews

  • The glue gun works very well and easy to use
  • The glue comes out very smoothly
  1. Ad-Tech Mini Black Daisy Hot Glue Gun

Then, the last best glue gun comes from Ad-Tech. Different with others glue gun above, this glue gun has the unique pattern of the black daisy. It can be a perfect for you who are bored with typical gray, white, or glue gun. It is using 10-watt power, and this beautiful gun only needs small heat up time. Besides, Ad-Tech also provides this gun with the built-in stand so that it can keep your fingers from the heat.

Customer Reviews

  • Cute and useful glue gun
  • It has quick heat up time and very easy to use
  • It feels comfortable in hand, and it works fine



So, those are top 10 crafts glue that truly best for DIY projects. As choosing the glue gun, make sure you know first what kind of glue gun that you need. If you need a glue gun for doing simple works, you can choose the mini one. Meanwhile, if you are doing big projects relates to wood, metal, glass, and others, you can pick the larger gun with high temperature.


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