Best Fabric Glue For Crafts, Clothes, Denim, Felt, Patches And Many More

What to Look for when Buying Best Fabric Glue

One of the most devastating things is finding a tear in our favorite clothes. It will be costly and difficult to find the same garment, and it will be too noticeable to mend it with sewing. However, in this advanced era, such problem can be easily solved by using fabric glue. Before, the adhesive we know are mostly paper glue, wood glue, or plastic glue. However, a type of adhesive is now also applicable to textile and its kind. They can mend the tear in our clothes, tarps, upholstery, or in vinyl made stuff. The product is commercialized already, and you can buy it online with no time! Before purchasing one, make sure what you look for meets these qualifications:

  1. It Should Be Water Resistance

The most important thing to check when buying glue for fabric is knowing whether it is water resistant or not. Even though most likely all adhesive designed for cloth is water resistant, but the strength may differ from each other. Select one that certified for passing water resistance test from a legal institution. Therefore, it is not just an empty claim but already proven in the beginning. To help it more, utilize the search engine to search for the brand with certified water resistance pass.

  1. Choose One that Does Not Bear Mark

The aim of using fabric glue application is not only to attach the loosened or torn string but also make it flawless like new. Therefore, the adhesive should not leave any traces that do not belong to the textile itself. The adhesive should be able to seep down the materials but with no mark left. What will be the point of applying adhesive for efficiency if it only makes the textile apparently stitched with it? Hence, choose the only paste that is transparent. The latex material may usually occur in white color, but the color itself should be washable without weakening the adhesion.

  1. Price Matters for Short Budget

Another advantage of having glue for fabric material is that it can be used not only once but for another chance when a piece of materials torn out. Therefore, it is handy for the future rather than having to sew it every time it gets split. Make sure to buy one that suits your need. Do not buy the big sized or expensive one if you use it for domestic consumption only. In contrast, if it used for industry, adhesive in gallon size is indeed convenient. Compare the price between the brands as well as the size to meet the one that is suitable for your need.


Best Fabric Glue 2020

As you consider these points above, we provide you the review of some products that are selling hard on the market for your consideration. Check the review below.


Best Fabric Glue For Vinyl, Fabric and Leather

Tear Mender TG-2 Bishs CKyvsO Original Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz (Pack of 2)

Tear Mender is one of the most popular adhesive brands in the market. A handy product from Tear Mender is 2 Oz Tear Mender TG-2 Bish Original. It comes with petite size and handy tip. The product is claimed to be water resistant. The product is not only applicable to weft but also for vinyl and leather materials. You can use the adhesive for both indoor and outdoor use. Claimed to be all natural, the adhesive does not have harmful substances subject to the health issue. The adhesive can be applied by rubbing them on the torn part and wait for it to dry in three minutes. It purely made of latex, and you can use it for leather, upholstery, camping kit as well as sporting equipment. The material is washable after 15 minutes. The price of this thick all-rounded fabric glue is affordable.


Best Fabric Glue For Wood, Leather and Lace

Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive, 4-Ounce (FT4D)

Another prominent adhesive for fixing torn textile is the 4 ounce sized Beacon Permanent Adhesive Fabri-Tac. It comes with compact size, and the adhesive is convenient for home use. The tip is also more narrow it can reach the smallest spot to fix. It is said to be q crystal adhesive that leaves no stain on the materials as it is applied. Claimed to have strong adhesive power, it can also be used to hold together woods, which is impressive considering the name aimed for textile only. You can apply the paste to leather, lace, and vinyl. It will dry fast and it does not leave spot mark. As the name suggests, it is supposed to be strong enough in its adhesive power to be called permanent.


Best Fabric Glue For Badges, Couch and Clothes

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive 4oz

Another powerful adhesive for putting together teared up textile is Aleene Permanent Glue. This time it comes with 4 oz size, another size is also available. The adhesive, as the name suggests, is claimed to be able to fix any tear on the materials. It comes with a rather slightly curved bottle. It may be a little of any significant change to the typical shape of a cylinder, but it makes the high switch to the comfort when we hold the bottle as it will make it easier to stay because the curve follows the shape of our inner palm. Nontoxic, the adhesive is safe for clothing. However, you can’t use it excessively, or it will leave marks on the spot fixed. You need to purchase Aleene to fix all of your textile problems.


Best Fabric Glue For Quilting, Basting and Machine Applique

Odif USA 505 Spray and Fix Temporary Fabric Adhesive 12.4oz

While other brands use the conventional liquid application, Odif comes with an innovation of sprayed adhesive. Sprayed substance is more time-saving and practical. Even though it comes as more efficient, it does saying that the substance adhesion is only temporary. It will need to re-spray when the textile starts to lose again. Still, spraying the adhesive instead of applying it leaves a higher chance of the perfect result. It does not leave stains and suitable for a quick fix in clothing. The temporary fabric glue is suitable for light cloth craft and quick fix in fashion.


Best Fabric Glue For Leaves, Paper and Cardboard

Aleene Fabric Stiffener & Draping Liquid

Another product from Aleene that has the slightly different purpose than regular adhesive is Aleene Fabric Stiffener & Draping Liquid. The adhesive can be used to add the solidness of the textile. It can be used to stiffen some material from textile like crochet, lace, doilies, and ribbons. It is thick and applicable through rubbing the tip of the bottle to the area that needs to stiffen. Easy to use, it is also durable for extended use, though not permanent. It is not resistance to water so bear in mind not to get it into the water. This one is excellent for decorating outfit and properties for a stage play or show. This product is available in different size, starting with 6 oz as the cheapest one.


Best Fabric Glue For Outdoor Furniture, Umbrella

Tear Mender Outdoor Fabric Adhesive Repair Kit, 2 oz Bottle, TM-OD

Tear Mender also has another variant that is suitable for fixing the textile. It is the Tear Mender TM-OD Original Outdoor Fabric Repair. As the name suggests, it can repair tissue tear, especially for outdoor use. Items that frequently used in outdoor can be fixed using this. It means it is bound to be more sticky and durable. It can be used to attach umbrella, sports outing and even the cover of a boat. It also dries fast and can be employed only after three minutes of application. It works with having particles that can seeped through the textile and fasten the loosened material and make it as if it is a new one. Tear Mender also has critical review mostly in favor with its quality. The price is affordable. Make sure you get this adhesive to fix your textile.


Best Fabric Glue For Denim and Sports Equipment

Tear Mender TM-16-EA Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 16 Oz Bottle, Tg-16

Tear Mender proved to be a favorable brand of glue for fabric with the size of 16 oz bottle. Coming with slightly curved design, it creates a convenient handling to apply the adhesive to the materials. As usual, it has the Tear Mender iconic dry in three minutes and is washable after 15 minutes of application. Water resistance and provided with UV filter, the Tear Mender TG 16 is durable and is not limited to indoor use but also for outdoor use. The garments that can be repaired using is not limited to clothing only but also for leather, vinyl and sporting equipment. It is claimed to be permanent and durable. The element of what it made of is also nature-friendly and safe. You don’t need to be afraid to use it in your stuff. Overall, this brand is cheap and useful. Make sure you have one of those at your house!


Best Fabric Glue For Felt and Upholstery

Aleene’s Quick Dry fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive, 4-Ounce (32299)

Quick and permanent is what Aleene Quick Permanent Dry Fabric Fusion claimed to be. It works five times faster to dry and is also washable. It also keeps the flexibility of the cloth even after multiple washing. It is also claimed not to leave the visible stain on the garments. The double-sided tip is flexible to move it around to patch the small and intricate tear in the textile. This one can only work for textile to silk and is not applicable to materials where one is not one of them. Claimed to be super fast, it is a good choice for those who want to quick fix of garments for immediate use. The adhesive also works well for upholstery, leather, and vinyl. However, it is still a home product, and the durability may change if it is exposed to heavy weather frequently. This fast dry fabric glue will not cost you a lot of money because it is affordable.


Best Washable Fabric Glue

Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 6 oz Bottle, TG06H

Tear Mender has impressive variants, and one of them is Tear Mender TG 6H Instant Fabric and Leather Repair. The adhesive is aimed to be an excellent fixer for textile and leather. Therefore, it can be used to combine two different elements of garments. You can use the adhesive without stiffening or disfigure the material. UV resistant and waterproof, you can use the tool for the outdoor equipment and heavily used material. It also dries in an instant. It also works if the upholstery and for leather materials garment. To test using it, try to wash it after 15 minutes of use and decide if the flexibility does not change after application.


Best Fabric Glue Plastics, Glass, Rubber, Metal and Painted Walls

Stencil Ease Repositionable Stencil Spray Adhesive – 4.4 oz. can

For those who work in a garment industry where many sewing machines used, it is necessary to adjust the stencil ease reposition using adhesive. The product is claimed to be able to fix teared up or loosened threads in the garments. Coming with the rounded tip, it is readily applicable by rubbing the tip directly to the garment. Dry fast, the sewer can immediately continue his work after it gets dry. The tool is convenient in fixing minor thread loose as well as for creating cloth craft. You just need 24 dollars to get this instant fabric glue. There’s nothing better than purchasing this product with our links to get the best deal today.



These are the review from the most viewed and bought adhesive product on Amazon. You can buy the products with just one click and it will arrive at your home. To choose one that suits your needs, determine the type of textile that needs repair. For leather, make sure the product is more suitable for leather. Even though most adhesive is all rounded and you can use it for any cloth material, it does not guarantee that the strength of adhesion will not differ between ordinary textile, leather, or even plastic equipment. Also, consider the size and the price. Some brands are more expensive than the other brands. It can be less pricey with the same size of bottle and function. The best fabric glue is one where it can be efficient in use as well as friendly priced for our budget.


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