Best Fabric Markers for Cotton, Quilts, Shoes and Other Surfaces Review

The Best Fabric Markers for Various DIY Projects

Do you want to do some DIY project with your white T-shirt, sneakers or with other materials? Well, the item you should prepare is particular pen designed for cloth application. To help you know which one is the best for you, we already put them on the list. From the best ten products below, we choose Fabric Markers Pens Permanent 24 COLORS as the number one option. Why? Craft 4 All are manufactured to be highly versatile for various surfaces, including fabrics. The color will give you the best satisfaction, as a result, is intense, vibrant, and last longer. Moreover, you can also wash the fabrics multiply without worry the color fading away. It is because the ink is formulated with fade-proof, washer-proof, even free from toxic. So, you can let your kids play along while doing the projects. Now, it’s time for you to check the following list to learn more about the products.


Tips before Purchasing Fabric Markers

Choosing markers for fabric is a little bit tricky rather than common drawing markers. The reason is that fabrics works need to wash regularly, so you need to ensure that the marker ink won’t fade out smoothly. However, there are other considerations you should think about it twice before deciding to purchase a product, including:

  • Application versatility

If you are going to do more extensive projects with various types of fabrics, ensure that the markers have the high versatility of application. It is because some markers products might be only able to be used on specific materials such as cotton, but not going work well for thicker materials, such as canvas and denim. Check out beforehand whether it can work on those kinds of materials.

  • Washer proof

It is the most crucial consideration. The good pens for fabrics should be washer proof. So, the color won’t fade away even after multiple washing. Also, ensure that the color is permanent, so it won’t bleed smoothly during and after the application. Also, markers that weatherproof is even better since you will use such as a colored t-shirt or marked sneakers outside and longer.

  • Child-safe formula

Because you are going to do the project along with your kids, so always check that the product is free from the hazardous or toxic formula.

  • Color options

If you want more various types of color, you should choose products that available in broader color options.


Best Top 10 Fabric Markers for DIY Projects

There are various fabric markers in the market that you will find it harder to choose the best one for your DIY fabric projects. However, we have sorted out the various lists into top 10 products below. We consider several criteria for sorting the product including versatility, fade proof, marker design, and color options.


Fabric Markers Pens Permanent 24 COLORS fabric paint Art Markers SET Child safe & non-toxic. Graffiti Fine Tip MINIMAL BLEED By Crafts 4 ALL

Craft 4 All has been popular among pens products designed for fabric application, so we are going to start our top 10 list with this product. Craft 4 All provides 24 different pens that available in all primary colors you need to draw on your DIY projects. Whether you want to draw a red rose, yellow sunflower, lavender, or other brighter pictures, these pigmented German dye ink markers will offer intense and last-longer colors on the fabrics. Not only on cloth surfaces, but you can also draw and color pictures or do calligraphic on paper. Craft 4 All Markers are designed with an excellent tip to give you versatility application that both amateurs and professional or kids and adults can use them with ease.

You don’t need to worry the application will be fade out after washing it. It is because Craft 4 All are formulated with water-resistant ink that fade-proof and washer-proof. So, doing drawing projects on clothes, tote bag, or other cloth materials is a fun work to do. Furthermore, parents can give this pen product as a gift for their children as it formulated with non-toxic ink that child-safe.


  • Available in 24 color choices
  • Designed with fine tip and colored caps for easy-to-use application
  • Versatile application both on fabric and paper surfaces
  • Waterproof, fade-proof, and washer-proof
  • Formulated with non-toxic ink that child-safe


  • Work very well on white or light colored fabrics, but might not on darker colored fabrics.
  • Might bleeding on detailed works and thin materials


UCHIDA Graffiti Fabric Marker Value Set 30/Pkg-

When doing clothing and other home décor project, Uchida markers should be on your item list. Designed with graffiti tip, you can use the pen to mark the fabrics with graffiti, sketches, or other paintings. Since in a package of Marvy Uchida there are 30 different color markers, you have a wider selection of colors to draw any pictures on your projects. Also, you can pick the color easily as the cap represents the color of each pen.

It is okay to spill your drink on the marked-fabrics because the ink has water resistance ability. You can also wash the fabrics as it has done markedly. The marker also formulated with pigmented ink, so each marker gives very intense color and brighter results even before and after you wash them. Moreover, as you marking and finishing the project, you won’t smell any strong smell from the marker since the ink formulated with low odor and non-toxic formula that safe for child use.


  • Ideal for fabrics and other home décor projects
  • Offer wider color selection with 30 color choices in one pack
  • The marker is designed with graffiti tip to give easier marking application
  • Fast-drying and water resistance
  • Odorless and non-toxic ink formula


  • May fade out a little after washing
  • Brighter colored-markers may don’t look the same during application of darker surfaces
  • May requires rubbing for well-marking results


NPW 8-Count T-Shirt Graffiti Fabric Markers, Multicolored, Bright Colors

As you look at the pack, you might find NPW-USA markers are adorable. Yes, it designed with the T-shirt shaped package so that it will be a good gift for your kids. Available in 8 different color markers, NPW-USA markers are perfect for various use on fabrics, including the cotton T-shirt, canvas sneakers, caps, and many others. The best thing is the color won’t fade away easily even after you wash them to multiply. The ink color result is permanent on the fabric. However, you should better to wait for 24-hours before removing them.


  • Best for uses on fabrics
  • Permanent and fading resistant
  • Waterproof and withstand multiple washing


  • Need several rubbing to get vibrant color result
  • Only available in 8 different color options


Colore Premium Fabric Markers – 20 Rich Pigment Fine Permanent Graffiti Coloring Pens – Child Safe & Non Toxic – For Art Writing on Bags, Shoes, T-shirts & Other Fabric Paint Materials

For professional painters or artisan, Colore Premium markers are the best choice to help them on doing fabric painting or textile designing projects with excellent results. However, every beginner including kids can also use the marker easily to help them boost their creativity. The pens are highly versatile that you can use them to mark on various surfaces such as canvas shoes, cotton T-shirts, blue jeans, handbags, and other fabric materials. You can draw any color and any picture as you wish because Colore markers are available with 20 rich pigmented color options that you need primarily.

The tip designed with bullet brush tip that perfect for doing thick strokes, yet you might it is rather hard to do with full strokes. Still, as you mark on the fabric, you will find that the color has an intense result. The best feature offered by Colore markers is its weatherproof ability. The pen is manufactured to resist weather damage. The color will not fade away easily when it gets too much sunlight. The color will also remain the same by the time. It is a great thing when you want to use your work for a long time.


  • Available in 20 color options
  • Versatile application on various materials, including cotton, canvas, jeans, and much more
  • Bullet tip is excellent for doing thick strokes
  • Fade-proof and weatherproof


  • The tip may broader to mark on detailed pictures
  • Light colored-marker don’t work well on darker surfaces


Luxbon 12 Pack Permanent Fabric Markers Pens Color Art Markers Dual Tip Minimal Bleed Stained Graffiti Coloring Textile Paint Pens for T-Shirt Canvas Shoes Bags DIY Non-Toxic & Children Safe

Inside its white pack, you will find 12 different colors of Luxbon markers. There are dark markers and brighter markers that all you need to draw any pictures. Luxbon pens are designed to be used correctly for fabric application. You do the various project with all type of fabrics, such as cotton, denim, and others. Luxbon markers will blend well into the cloth. You can draw your baby’s vests, kid’s shoes, boyfriend’s T-shirt, or your handbags, and the Luxbon will only give you beautiful results.

Luxbon markers are designed with the dual tip to satisfy your drawing projects. So, you can flexibly draw broad lines then fine lines as you wish to improve your creativity. The ink with dry faster and blend with the fibers. Don’t worry to wash the fabrics because the ink is hand and machine washable only with water under 30 centigrades. The color won’t fade away so you can use the colored-fabrics longer. Although the markers formulated with odorless and non-toxic ink, it is recommended to avoid children under age of 3 for using the pens.


  • Available in 12 color options
  • Best for use on all type of fabrics
  • Dual tips markers with numbered and colored caps
  • Weatherproof, fade-resistant and withstand multiple washing
  • Low odor and free toxic ink formula


  • May don’t work well on non-fabric materials


Craft 4 All 12 Dual Tip Fabric Markers in Black Body Pack

Rather than only a fine tip, you want to use chisel tip marker to draw thicker lines? How about both of them? Yes, Craft 4 All 12 pens are also available with dual tip, fine and a chisel point. So, you can draw broad strokes on the fabric then color its detailed pictures with the beautiful end. Your DIY projects now become more flexible and convenient. Both caps also designed with color and number according to the color inside. Now, you can choose the one that fits you best easily.

Craft 4 All markers are formulated with German ink to give minimal bleed for any application on clothes, canvas, wall art, paper art, and much more. So, you can enhance your creativity to draw your imagination on the fabrics by using these markers. You can also use the pens to draw bibs or baby gears with cute pictures since the ink is child-safe. In every application, Craft 4 All ink will dry out fast, so it will give minimal bleed. As you finish your projects, the marker ink is fade-proof and water resistance so you can wash them without worry.


  • Available in 12 color choices
  • Designed with dual tip, fine and chisel, to offer more flexible application
  • Ideal for application on fabrics, papers, wall, and canvas
  • Fast-drying with minimal bleed
  • Water, fading and washing resistance
  • Formulated with non-toxic ink that child-safe


-It won’t work with a dark material

-May bleed a little in particular application

If previously you have read about Craft 4 All designed in black body pack, now you will have a different option with white body pack. It is a matter for you who love white color or stationary in brighter appearance. Similar to our second product in the list, Craft 4 All markers are available in 12 different colors from darker to more vivid tones. All those are primary colors that you will need to do graffiti, sketches, or painting for your projects. Each pen designed with dual tips, including broad and fine tips. So, you can easily draw from broad strokes to more detailed lines.

Specially designed for use on any fabric application, Craft 4 All is ideal for any DIY project using fabric materials. Whether you want to draw on T-shirt, canvas, sneakers, handbags, bibs, or other textile materials, Craft 4 All markers will help to shine your imagination and creativity. The color results in high pigmentation with less bleed. The color also resisted to water, fade, weather, light, and washer. So, your work will last longer.


-Available in 12 color options

-Perfect for use on any fabric project

-Dual tips, broad and fine, are ideal for flexible application

-Water resistance, fade proof, and washer proof

-Weatherproof from light, time, and weather


-Light colored-marker don’t work well on darker surfaces


ThatColor Dual Tip 12 MartKerz

ThatColor markers designed with permanent ink that highly versatile to use on various surfaces including fabrics, paper, plastics, and woods. Since the ink is continuous, the color is water resistance and won’t easily wash off. So, you can use this marker both for indoor and outdoor projects. You can also do several DIY projects with T-shirt, shoes, jeans, etc., without worry to use them again and again. The ink gives you the experience of minimum fading so the color will be the same after multiple washing. The marker is also safe for kids since the ink use non-toxic formula.

These dual tip markers are ideal for you who want to feel flexible to do some arts on your project. Why? The fine tip will allow you to draw on the precise finish to do some lining, drawing, sketching, and other thin strokes works. Meanwhile, the chisel tip is great for drawing thick strokes, coloring in, highlighting, and even doing calligraphy. After finish painting your T-shirt or other fabric materials, you can use them immediately because the ink dries out fast. You can choose the color you want more easily since the cap designed with color and number as the filling inside.


-Available in 12 color options

-Highly versatile for multiple application on various surfaces, including fabrics, paper, plastics, and wood.

-Perfect dual tip design for broad and fine strokes

-Permanent ink with vibrant result and faster drying

-Minimum fading after multiple washing

-Non-toxic ink that safe for kids


-Need several rubbing to get the color filled in

-The chisel tip might get shred out after several uses


Colore 12 Dual Tip Fabric Markers

Available only 12 different color options, you still get all the primary color to draw a beautiful rainbow. You can draw precise lines to do some sketches or paintings. You can also draw broader marks to coloring in or marking. This dual tip marker is very functional. As Colore markers designed for fabric application, you can do a various project with fabrics such as clothing, canvas, sneakers, handbags, baby gear, and much more. Colore markers are designed with permanent ink to blend well to fabric fibers. It is resulting in minimal to no bleed and fading for last longer works.

Whether you want to use for yourself or giving these markers as a gift for your kids, Colore can be your best choice. The pen is formulated only with child safe formula without toxic formula. Moreover, the ink is also weatherproof that durable to any weather, damp or dry. You can also wash the fabrics again and again without worry the color will fade out.


-Available in 12 color options

-Specially designed for use on fabric

-Developed with broad and fine tip for more flexible application

-Permanent ink that absorbed well into the fibers

-Minimum fading after multiple washing


-Non-toxic ink that safe for kids


-The ink may run out faster if you store the marker upside down. If this happened, you need to angle down the marker in advance before application so it can work well.

-May don’t work well on several surfaces.


UnityStar Superior 21 Dual Tip Fabric Markers

The ink is designed to help you doing several DIY projects, not only on fabric materials but also others such as canvas, paper, and wood. Since the markers are ideal for fabrics drawing and coloring works, the marker colors withstood through multiple washing. Although the pens are waterproof, you should take a note that there are two colors of UnityStar markers that non-waterproof. They are thick violet and vivid purple. So, don’t use them on clothing or other fabrics that you are going to wash them.

UnityStar markers have dual tip design so that you can draw broad and thin lines alternately. Each pen formulated with sturdy pigmented ink that even allows you to draw a line up to 400 meters long. The ink is also free from toxic that safe for doing various projects for both children and adult. Moreover, the cap is designed with color and number to help you know which color you want to use immediately. The lid also can be attached to another end, so you won’t lose them easily. Also, you will even get the black carrying case for convenient organizing and store the markers.


-Available in 21 color options

-Ideal for fabric application, but also can be used for canvas, paper, and wood projects

-Dual tips markers with numbered and colored caps

-Waterproof and withstand multiple washing

-Free toxic and child-safe ink formula


-There are no slots inside the case so the pen may splay out easily

-There are two markers colors, vivid purple and deep violet, are non-waterproof


Final Words

Doing DIY projects during your free time or school holiday is going to be a fun thing to do with your kids or friends. Drawing and coloring white T-shirt, black cap, handbags, sneakers, and much more at home is no more difficult when you have fabric markers inside your stationary case. You can draw any pictures you love the fabrics, and you can create your fashion style. You can use Craft 4 All markers to help you do this DIY project. However, you can also opt for other products such as Colore, Luxbon, UnityStar and much more on your shopping list. Now, it’s time to prove your creativity!


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