Best Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers On Whiteboard, Glass, Paper And Multiple Surfaces Review


The Best Dry Erase Markers for Your Class and Other Projects Review

Most of the classrooms are now using dry erase markers to write on the whiteboard, instead of using chalks. Not only prevent dusty class, but the pen is also easier to mark and wipe on the whiteboard or other surfaces. Among the top-10 list below, we would like to recommend you using EXPO marker that provides eight different colored pens. Each pen is designed with chisel tip so you can let the students mark on the board as they wish. Moreover, the marker ink formulated with a safe formula that non-toxic and low odor, so it is the best for your class supplies.

Consideration before Purchasing Dry Erase Markers

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You might think choosing pen merely is like choosing pencil or others. However, you should know that there are several considerations before purchasing pen with dry erase feature, including:

  • Ink formula: Always ensure that the pen formulated with safe ink formula. Recheck the package. A good dry erase marker formulated with non-toxic ink that safe for kids use. Also, it is far better if the pen has a low odor that might disturb you while writing on the board.
  • Durability: Don’t choose markers that dry out easily. You will use the pens almost every day for presentation, class projects, or just writing something on the boards, so you need markers with great durability. The pens with invisible ink level are even better, so you can always monitor ink supply and can calculate when you should purchase the new one.
  • Versatility: If you often do class projects to marks various surfaces with markers, you need the one that versatile for multiple surfaces. There are some markers that only for whiteboards and other non-porous surfaces use. But, you can use some others on the fabrics and similar surfaces.
  • Color options: Do you only need a black marker or more vibrant? If you love to teach by drawing colorful things on the whiteboard, then you should purchase marker product that offers more color options.

Top 10 Products of Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers

You will find various brand and type of dry erase markers in the store or online shop. Here, we are helping your sorting out into top-10-list from best of the best pens out there. All the products are chosen based on functionality and safety for student use.

EXPO Dry Erase Marker with Chisel Tip

Let’s start our top 10 list, and there is EXPO dry erase marker. Available in an 36 Black dry erase markers, EXPO offers black, red, orange, green, blue, purple, pink, and brown markers. All the pens provide intense and vibrant colors that perfect for writing on the whiteboard. The chisel tip design allows you with the versatility to writing or drawing thick lines on the whiteboard with consistent color quality. Even the students who sit at the back of the class can see the writing. However, a brighter color such as orange and pink might be barely showed up to be seen easily from a far distance. Not only a whiteboard, but EXPO markers are also suitable to be used on glass or other non-porous surfaces.

This marker ink is made from a non-toxic formula that safe for children so the teachers can let their students write or draw on the whiteboard during the class without worry. Teachers can let the kids write and draw on their small whiteboard with their favorite color of markers. Look how the course will turn out more fun for learning. EXPO markers are also low odor that you might smell the odor faintly. Moreover, once you finish writing, the marker marks will dry quickly, and you can erase it right away simply with dry cloth or eraser.


  • Low odor markers with eight color choices
  • Made with non-toxic ink that safe for kids
  • Perfect for writing and drawing on whiteboard, glass, and other non-porous surfaces


  • Stain marks on fabrics might be hard to wash out
  • The ink might dry out easily when you don’t close the cap tightly
  • Orange marker might be hard to see far distance

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EXPO Dry Erase Marker with Fine Tip

It has more detailed lines on the whiteboard, looking for a pen with fine tip is the solution. Different from the previous product, this EXPO marker is designed with excellent tip so you can draw thin lines easily. This product is perfect for students who want to draw a lot of things with fine lines on their small whiteboard without spending too much space. The kids will have fun time to draw with brighter and vivid color including pink, red, orange, blue, green, purple, and even brown and black. Moreover, the ink is made with low-odor formula, so it is ideal for use in the classroom.

If you have some class projects, you can also use the markers on different surfaces like glass, ceramic, and other surfaces that will not absorb water. Don’t worry, the ink can’t easily smear and will dry quickly. So it won’t disrupt their works flow to wait for the ink to dry. If they accidentally draw the wrong lines, the marks can be easily erased using a dry cloth or something similar.


  • Perfect set to write or draw thin and detailed lines that resulted in intense colors
  • Low odor and non-toxic markers with eight color choices
  • Ideal for writing and drawing projects on whiteboard, glass, ceramic, or other non-porous surfaces


  • Difficult to stain out if staining your clothes
  • The ink might dry out easily when you don’t close the cap tightly


U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Marker

The best feature from U Brands Magnetic dry erase marker is on the cap. If you see the pen, it designed with the unique shape of the cap. On the pointed tip of the cap, it is built-in felt eraser. It is great for the kids, so they don’t need to go far away to find eraser to erase their works. Moreover, the cap also designed with magnetic ridges you can store the marker on the fridge door or other magnetic surfaces on the wall. Additionally, the cap ridges design also allows the pen for not slipping out from the table instead the kids kick it off. Take a note, when you store the marker, don’t let the tip positioned vertically with a magnet at the top. It will make the color get weak quickly because the gravity makes the ink run into the pen.

One pack of U Brands Magnetic marker contains with six different colors, including black, purple, red, blue, orange, and green pen to write both in whiteboard or glass boards. You won’t find the smell of the pens to be overwhelming or unpleasant since the ink formulated with low odor and non-toxic formula.


  • It designed with built-in eraser for more ease use
  • Magnetic ridges cap allow the marker to store on magnetic surfaces
  • Low odor and non-toxic ink that dries quickly and erase easily


  • The magnet might not be powerful and fall off easily
  • Rubbing the built-in tip eraser too hard and too often can make the sponge fall off


EXPO Dry Erase Marker with Eraser

Need a complete package of dry erase set? Now, you don’t need to worry purchasing eraser and cleaner in the different purchase. EXPO dry erase set provides all those needs in one package. Once you finish draw lines and marks on the board, you can clean it right away with the eraser without the need to let your hand get dirty. Additionally, the 2 oz. cleaner is handy when the boards become too messy, and you need some extra cleaning.

This EXPO package only offers four colors choice including black, blue, red, and green markers that provide strong color quality. Still, all those primary colors that will you need in the class. The pen is designed with chisel tip to allow you to mark on the board in 3 ways including thick, medium, and thin lines. It’s perfect for drawing things during the class.


  • Complete package, including 4-colors markers, eraser, and cleaner
  • The cleaner works great to clean dirty board
  • Designed with chisel tip to allow three ways marking: thick, medium, and thin lines
  • The marker ink and cleaner formulated with non-toxic and low odor formula that great for the classroom.


  • The eraser may don’t work so great on cleaning the marks alone. You may need to spray the cleaner to help the eraser to work better.


AmazonBasics Dry Erase Marker

Need more supplies for black dry erase markers for your classroom so you can let more students write on the board at the same time? AmazonBasics provide a package of 12-black markers ideal for whiteboard use for classrooms or offices. AmazonBasics claims that the ink is specially formulated with DryGuard ink so it won’t dry out easily if your students forgot to put on the cap yesterday. You still can use the marker to mark on the board boldly even the day after tomorrow.

The pen designed with flexible body and cap. You can ask the kids attach the cap on the end while using the marker to write on the board. It allows for more ease access after use while preventing they forget and lose the cap easily. The cap is also designed with a tiny ridge for easy opening and preventing it falls off easily from flat surfaces. The tip is also designed with chisel point so you can write or draw on multiple line widths by changing the angle.


  • More supplies with 12 black markers in one package
  • Ideal to be used for classroom with whiteboard
  • Designed with chisel tip to allow three ways marking: thick, medium, and thin lines
  • The ink is formulated with DryGuard ink to prevent drying out up to 2 days while uncapped


  • It’s not working for other surfaces such as glass or laminate paper.
  • May still smell its strong ink smells.


EXPO Dry Erase 4-Colored Markers

EXPO offers value packs that you can get four packs in one purchase contains 4 markers in each pack. So, you can have 16 pens for more supplies in your class. In each package, there are black, blue, red, and green markers that offer bold color so your students can see the marks easily even those who sit at the back. The pen is designed with chisel tip so whether you can to write in think, medium, or thin lines, you just simply turn how you hold the pen.

Moreover, EXPO marker formulated with non-toxic and low odor ink that has been certified to be safe. Whether you just want to use the pen to write on whiteboards or for drawing on glass or ceramic surfaces for class projects, you don’t need to worry because the pen is safe for your kids. After the class ended, you can erase the marks with a dry cloth or easer without leaving any trace.


  • 4 value pack with a total of 16 markers
  • Ideal for whiteboard, glass, ceramic, unpainted metal, or other non-porous surfaces
  • Formulated with non-toxic ink and low odor that has certified
  • You can erase the ink mark with dry cloth and eraser


  • May dry out quickly if you uncap the marker too long
  • Limited color option for those who want to use more colors


SRX Magnetic Dry Erase Marker with Built-in Eraser Caps

SRX marker will give you easy access and time efficient on the use because you don’t need to walk off to take the eraser or hold onto extra eraser on the other hand while writing on the board. Moreover, you can also save more money by not purchasing new eraser. It is because each marker is designed to be convenient with built-in eraser cap. Additionally, the cap is also designed with the magnetic feature so you can store the pen by attaching them to a magnetic surface on the wall or fridge door. The cap design also enables you to take it off easily without too much effort. An easy way to keep them organized.

You can choose SRX magnetic dry erase marker as your supplies in the classroom. The ink formulated with the formula that won’t harm for the users. The pens also don’t have the strong smell, so you can write on board without feeling bothered. In the package, you can find six different colors markers, including black, blue, green, pink, purple, and orange pens.


  • Convenient built-in eraser and magnetic caps for storing
  • Formulated with non-toxic ink and low odor


  • The magnetic cap might lose the strength quickly
  • Pink and green marker is too light so they might won’t show up and uneasy to read on whiteboard


BIC Magic Marker Dry Erase

What the best thing from BIC dry erases is the visible ink level feature. In the middle of pen’s body, you can see how much the ink left through the window. That way, you can count the time left before the marker entirely dies. It’s great to give you notification before you run out for marker’s supplies and get more time ahead to purchase a new one.

In one package of BIC magic marker, there are 12 markers with different colors, including two black, 2 dark blue, one light blue, one dark green, one light green, one red, 1 brown, 1 purple, 1 orange, and one pink marker. They are primary colors that very needed for your kids to draw colorful pictures on their whiteboards. You can use the pen on the glass and other non-porous surfaces. Don’t apply it on the cloth because the stain won’t go away once stained.

The marker is designed like a pen so you can hold it that fit for kids hands. The cap is versatile which you can quickly open and attach it on the end of the pen so that it won’t miss out. The marker has the fine tip so you can mark precisely with thin and bold lines.


  • More vibrant color choices
  • Visible ink level to measure how much time left before the marker dry out
  • Ideal for whiteboard, glass board, and other non-porous surfaces
  • Easy to use with slim body and versatile cap


  • Not suitable for marking of fabric and other porous surfaces
  • Opening and closing the cap too often might cause the ink leaks


The Board Dudes Dry Erase Marker

In the package, you will get nine different colored markers. You will get two black markers in the box since this color is the most used one, especially during the class. The Board Dudes pen designed like a pen with ridges cap, so you can attach it to erase boards, shirt pocket, or book. The kids will love the markers since they can hold them and store them in their most favorite places.

You can use the marker to mark on dry surfaces such as whiteboard, glass, ceramic, or others. The marks may take times to dry easily. But, once they dry out you can erase them easily. You can save your class from strong ink marker smell because The Board Dudes markers are low odor unless you put them right on your nose. Furthermore, the pen has medium point tip so can write on precise lines.


  • The cap with clip allows you to organize the marker easily
  • Slim body with pen style to give comfort handle
  • Perfect for dry surfaces marking
  • Erase easily, low odor, and non-toxic ink formula


  • Take times before completely dry out to be erasable
  • If your clothes or other fabrics get stained, they won’t be washable


Quartet Enduraglide Dry Erase Marker

Like BIC, the Quarter pen also offers invisible link level. From the see-through gauge, you can monitor how much the ink left inside with just a glance. This feature is convenient so you can assume when is the time to get the new supplies for your class needs before you run out. If you look at the ink reservoir carefully, you will see that it has three patented-chambers that will directly deliver ink to the tip. Each chamber designed with enough pressure and airtight to prevent the ink from drying out easily. It doesn’t matter if you forgot to close it an entire day, you still can write in the bold statement.

Furthermore, the marker is designed with chisel point so you can let your students draw both in thick and thin lines during a presentation in front of the class. Don’t worry because the marker won’t fall off from the table due to the cap is designed with anti-roll design to keep the pen in place. All 12 pens in the pack formulated with low odor and non-toxic ink, so your class won’t get interrupted.


  • Unusual see-through gauge design to allow ink monitoring
  • Ink reservoir design prevent the ink from drying out easily even when uncapped too long
  • Chisel point design allows for thin and thin lines marking
  • Anti-slip cap design to prevent the marker slipping off from flat surface
  • Ideal for non-porous surfaces: whiteboard, glass, plastic, ceramic, and much more
  • Low odor and non-toxic ink


  • Vibrant colored marker such as green and pink might be hard to see at far distance

Final Words

The pen is the most critical tool for class supplies, especially those that use the whiteboard for learning. If you want to find dry erase markers with high durability, versatility, safe ink formula, and more color options, then EXPO marker is the best on our list. You can purchase the other products if you think the meet your class need the most since all of them are great choices.


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