Best Markers for Drawing, Sketching, Rendering And Coloring Projects

The Best Markers for Drawing and Coloring Projects

When doing drawing and coloring projects, what kind of item you might need the most? Yes, it is a marker. For those who are focusing on doing sketch or portrait for their drawing project, we are highly recommended to use Master Gray Tones markers. This pen nominated for the top position of our drawing markers list. In one pack of Master Gray Tones marker, there are 24 pens with different grayscale tones that no other pen can offer. Each pen provides different accents and effects that you will need when doing sketching. Whether you are a beginner or professional artist, you can opt for purchasing Master markers inside your drawing case.


Tips before Purchasing Drawing Marker

Rather than a pencil, marker offers more permanent result. It is the reason why most of those who are into drawing or sketching are choosing pens instead. However, if you are new in this art world, you need to learn some tips before decide to purchase drawing markers.

  1. Choose the Color

Each product of pen offers a different number of color choices. Some pens only offer 12, 24, or 36 colors choices. However, other markers offer 80 colors choices or more. If you are into more serious drawing and coloring projects such as drawing anime and fashion design, you should purchase a pen that offers more tones options so you can get more detailed results.

  1. Consider the versatility

Here, you need to consider where you want to apply the marker. Do you only need to draw in your sketchbook? Or, do you want to do some DIY projects on the fabric or wood surfaces? Well, not all marker pen have the same versatility to be able applied on the wide variety of surfaces. You need to find markers that are suitable for your projects.

  1. Check out the formula

If you are going to use the marker near children or give them as a gift for kids, make sure that you check the formula to make the marker filling. Ensure that the formula is safe for children. Choose markers with non-toxic and acid-free formula. Children sometimes do some unexpected action such as put the marker inside their mount or draw on their skin. So, it is essential to look for the safe pen.


Top 10 Drawing Markers Products to Give the Best Drawing Result

When you want to purchase in the shop or online store, you will find various and different markers. However, no need to confuse, here we have narrowed down the various choices of drawing pens in the market into top 10 list. The products below are chosen based on their various color options and high-quality drawing result.

Master Marker 24 Color Gray Tones with Chisel Points

Master Gray Tones positioned on top of our list as the best marker for drawing and sketching. Available in 24 grayscale tones in one pack, you will have unlimited choices to sketch in details. Whether you want to the drawing, sketching, shading, illustrating, or others, the various marker tones help you easily create accents, effects, and features to get the real-portraits result.

Master has dual coloring tips in one marker that convenient for drawing and sketching. One part of marker point tip is chisel tip to help you draw a clean think brushed lines. Meanwhile, the other point tip is swept tip to give you more flexibility and accurate on drawing thin lines. Both suggestions work together sharing a single ink reservoir to provide you with excellent drawing and coloring blending for the perfect result. The marker is also easy to use that you can grip on both ends comfortably.

Moreover, Master markers made with safe formula. They contain with a non-toxic and alcohol-based formula to provide the safer permanent result. This formula has even safe for children at the age of 3, and it certified. So, you don’t need to worry when your child accidentally apply the marker on their skin.


  • Give the best result for sketching
  • 24 grayscale tones choice
  • Dual tips
  • Safe for kids of 3 and above
  • Ergonomically design with affordable price


  • Might bleed on certain surfaces
  • The lightest colors might get dry faster


Soucolor Marker with 32 Color Choice

Do you need more colorful markers with various tones offer? Well, Soucolor should be on your shopping list. Offering 36 different color choices, you will have more vibrant tones even more than those rainbow colors. For those who just love to coloring pictures or those who into a more difficult level of drawing such as anime pictures, caricatures, fashion design, and much more, Soucolor marker tone choices help you to make your drawing more colorful and livelier.

Soucolor markers designed with dual chisel and brush tips. The difference of Soucolor marker tips with general one is the size. If general markers usually only have 5 mm chisel tip width, Soucolor offers 7 mm wider. The wider the tip means that you will have broader and thicker lines for highlighting and underlining with the precise result. On each marker, there is the color-coded cap to help you organize and identify the color more easily. Additionally, one pen is claimed to be able to draw the line at least up to 300 meters long. One of the best points is you can store and carry the markers easily for traveling because they are packed nicely inside a black case with holder.


  • Provide more colorful result for drawing and coloring
  • 32 colors choice with more vibrant tones
  • Dual tips with 7 mm more extensive tips
  • Good choice for traveling set


  • Ink may splatter if you don’t carefully open the caps
  • Bleed easily on thin paper
  • No ink refills available


STA Aquarelle Brush with 24 Colors Choice

If you love to drawing or coloring in small details, STA marker pen is the right choice. STA marker pen designed with dual tips, including brush and excellent tips. The brush tip has a width approximately 1-2 mm, while the excellent tip has the thinner diameter about 0.8 mm. So, you can easily draw any thin lines and color the small detailed-pictures with the excellent point. Then, you can do the coloring you work or the bigger pictures with brush point, yet it might take more times than using chisel point.

STA Aquarelle drawing brushes formulated with water-based ink, so it might need more time to dry after coloring. However, you don’t need to worry because the product equipped with alcohol solvent ink. So, you can apply alcohol ink as the base then use the water-based pen on the top. In this way, you can let the draw to dry more quickly, and durable also get a brighter result. The ink claimed acid-free, non-toxic, non-pollution, and odorless formula, so it is safe to be used for kids.

There is no coded-cap on each pen. Instead, the cap designed with specific color like what the ink filling is inside as color identification. No ridges to help you open the cap easily, instead a small pointed knob to help rotate the cap and prevent the marker to rolling off from the table.


  • Suitable for drawing thin lines and coloring in small detailed-pictures
  • Available in 24 colors choice with more vibrant tones
  • Equipped with alcohol solvent ink to give better result
  • Formulated with safe formula to be more reliable for kids


  • No ridges caps, so you might find it more difficult to open the cap
  • Might smear or bleed easily when exposed to water


L’émouchet Marker with 60 Colors Choices

Need more color choices to make your works more colorful and livelier? Then, L’émouchet marker is the best option out there. Available in 60 colors choices, you can put more colors from the most vibrant to darker tones. This pen is suitable to those who need to draw, color, highlight or others for their manga and design projects. Moreover, you can use the pen on a variety of surfaces including paper, plastic, fabric, glass, wood, ceramics, and metal. This marker is also useful for doing some DIY projects.

Another best thing from L’émouchet marker packed with carrying case. So, you can choose the marker pen easily and organize them. The colored and coded caps allow you to easily identify the color that you want between the 60 tone choices. The color result is excellent with rich pigment to let you smoothly draw the line at least for 325 meters. You can also do some blending to get more rich color for your works. Each marker is designed with four corners round shape for holding comfort and dual tips to a more detailed application.


  • Versatile on various surfaces from paper to metal surfaces
  • Suitable for wide variety of drawing and coloring projects
  • Available in 60 colors choice
  • Packed with carrying case


  • No slots inside the case so the pen might easily dilute


Master Professional Marker with 80 Colors Choice

Master offers you with another product for more professional works. Yes, providing 80 primary colors, Master professional marker is suitable if you need more various tones to draw and color your work. The best feature is a cool black case made from nylon to let you organize the marker neatly and ready to use them easily.Moreover, inside the case is designed with an individual slot to hold each marker. So, you don’t need to worry the pen will dilute out when you are carrying them. Above the case is attached with hooks for a sling so you can carry it easily anytime anywhere.

Like other Master markers, this pen also designed with dual tips, including chisel and excellent point. You can draw, sketch, highlight, underline, give colors, and much more on your projects. You can be easily identified the color you want by looking at the caps. The caps designed with name, number, and color identification. Moreover, the caps also have ridges to easily open the caps and avoid them rolling off from the table.


  • Available in 80 colors choice
  • Dual tipped-markers, broad and beautiful points
  • Designed with ridges caps with name, number, and color identification
  • Formulated with alcohol based ink for permanent and fast-drying result
  • A cool black nylon case with individual slots and sling for easy carrying during trip


  • No refill ink available
  • Not suitable to be applied on fabric surfaces


Zhijian Marker with 80 Colors Choice

Zhijian markers offer 80 different colors choices for detailed coloring works. Those 80 TouchFive markers stored inside a black case with holder, so you can easily bring it anywhere. But, the case doesn’t have individual slots so the pen will easily splay out when you open the case. The filling ink is formulated with non-toxic alcohol base so it will dry out faster and avoids fading.

The marker is designed with a triangular shape to give ergonomic grip. You also don’t need to worry the pen will rolling off from the table. But, for those with small hands, they might feel the marker shape is too big for them to grip. On each marker, you will find the cap is designed with specific number or color to identify the color you want to pick easily. When you open the lid, you can see two different tips. One part is chisel tip to allow you draw thicker lines, while the other part is brushed tip to draw thin lines and color detailed pictures.


  • Available in 80 colors choice
  • Packed with black case and holder


  • No slots in the case so the markers will easily splay out
  • The pen is way too big to hold

Master Landscape Marker with 24 Unique Colors

If previously you already have Master markers with gray tones, now you can have another option to drawing and sketching with more unusual results with Master. Yes, Master is also available in ‘landscape’ mode to allow you capture the real landscape onto you sketchbook in details. Now, you can draw a tree with the help of vibrant tones markers to get every effect, tone, color, and accents captured like a real one.

On the cap, you can see that every marker is coded with its number and color identification so you can find any color you want easily. Additionally, the caps are also designed with ridges to prevent the markers rolling off the table. In this way, you can also avoid the ink to splatter or miss the pens. The marker barrels also help you to grip both ends comfortably while drawing. Moreover, each pen designed with dual tips, chisel, and brush. So, you can easily draw thick lines with chisel tip then turn it over the draw thin lines with the brush tip.


  • Suitable to draw colorful landscape
  • Available in 24 colors choice with more vibrant tones
  • Ergonomically design with ridges and coded-caps
  • Non-toxic with alcohol-based formula
  • Safe for kids of 3 and above


  • May bleed easily on thin paper
  • No ink refills available
  • No case only stored inside the box

Meetory Art & Draw Marker with 24 Colors Choice

The best feature from Meetory marker is that it can be used not only on paper but also on several surfaces, including fabric like clothes, canvas, burlap, and much more. Even, you can draw on plastic, wall, or wooden surfaces. This pen is excellent for those who love to do do-it-yourself projects. When applying to non-paper surfaces especially fabric you need dry out the surfaces with dryer or iron. Then, wash the painted-fabric with cold water with detergent and no bleaching.

Meetory markers are neatly packed inside a box so that you can organize them easily. Designed with chisel and brush tips, you can draw 6 mm thick lines and 1 mm thin lines. Moreover, the marker has the dual function that you can use the chisel tip as the highlighter. The pen also designed with the rectangular shape, so you can grip on the pen easily especially when using chisel tip. The caps intended with code and color identification, so you can choose your color and take them back with no confusing.


  • Versatile on various surfaces, including paper, plastic, fabric, wood, and wall
  • Suitable for DIY projects
  • Available in 24 colors choice
  • Dual tips and dual functions as highlighter
  • Packed with box for easy storing
  • Made with non-toxic and safe for kids formula


  • May take spaces to carry out while traveling

STA Coloring Marker with 36 Colors Choice

When you want to take the marker for your trip, this STA marker eases your job. The pens stored with a portable black case with holder. There are no slots to hold the pen inside, so as soon as you unzip the case, the pen will dilute. However, you can also store the other pencils or pens inside the case. So, the case can be your new pencil case.

Inside the case, you will find 36 markers with the different color each other. Each pen identified with color and number on the cap, so you can pick the color you want. The pen also designed with dual tips, broad and subtle. You can change them easily to draw what kind of lines you want. The marker made from alcohol based-ink. Once the pen applied to the surfaces, the result will be permanent and dry out faster. The ink is also formulated with acid-free so parents can let their kids draw with this marker.


  • Dual tips and coded and colored caps
  • Available in 36 colors choice
  • Markers stored inside a black case with holder
  • Formulated with alcohol based-ink for the permanent and fast-drying result.


  • No slots in the case so the markers will easily splay out
  • May bleed in certain surfaces


Miss AJ Marker with 36 Colors Choice

Miss AJ marker designed with dual nibs. The broader point has approximately 1-2 mm width, while the fine point has 0.8 mm width. This marker design is perfect for those who want to draw and color more detailed pictures. Each marker also designed with round body, so you can hold and turn the marker easily while drawing. You can identify the color of the pen by looking at the cap. The cap has no number instead of the color of the filling in the reservoir. In one pack, there are 36 different colors of the marker with vibrant tones.

The filling is formulated with water-based ink so it can be easily scattered and mixed with water to give the best result. However, you might only apply the marker on the paper as it is not suitable for other surfaces. As it made from water-based ink, the pen is odorless and no-toxic that safe for children. It will be ideal for your kids who start to learn drawing on their coloring books.


  • Available in 36 colors choice
  • Dual nibs marker with approx.1-2 mm broad point and 0.8 mm fine point
  • Round body to give comfort holding
  • Non-toxic and odorless formula that safe for children
  • Scattered easily with water application


  • Unsuitable for non-paper use
  • May bleeding when exposed to too much water


Look at video below about how to draw a house with markers


Final Verdict

Drawing markers are indeed an essential item for drawing and coloring works. Not only merely used to draw lines on the paper, but markers also help you to capture your imagination or the real-life scenery on the sketchbook. As you have read on the list above, we put Master marker with 24 grayscale color options on our top menu as it offers the best drawing ability, especially for those who more into sketching. However, you can choose the other products if you feel like you need more color options to finish your projects.


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