Best Non Toxic Professional Coloring Markers for Adult and Children Review

The Best Coloring Markers to Get Professional Result

From all the coloring pens, you can see that this one is the best coloring markers are Sargent Art Markers. From the materials, it built in perfect construction. Although it comes as 30 set marker, the size is not too big which makes it easier to bring. Moreover, the materials are also safe. The ink is free toxic. Then, most of all shades have a vibrant color which makes it more stand out when applied on a piece of paper. For the best outlining, it comes with a beautiful tip which is easy to handle. It is not only for adult, but this pen is also perfect for children. Although the color will fade easily, it is not a big deal since you can use it for double layer. All in all, the Sargent Art Classic Markers will make you feel enough with all 30 vibrant shade colors in one set.


How to Choose the Best Coloring Markers to Achieve Perfect Result

The coloring is the best activity for developing our brain. Recently, there are so many adult coloring books which offer around the bookstore. It simply shows that coloring is not only for children, but coloring also help adult to maintain their emotional. Moreover, coloring is also the best way for increasing your imagination. There are so many tools for coloring that you can use. One of the easiest to bring tools for coloring is the pen. If you like to color using a pen, so you can choose the coloring markers.

For the best result, you should make two main points with it. First, you have to choose the best pens. Second, you have already known a simple secret technique to get professional finish by using the pen for coloring. Here is the way to choose the best markers to get a perfect result:

  1. Avoid the Overlapping Line

For the first thing to get the ideal result is avoiding the overlapping line. It must be more difficult using the pen for shading. As the best recommendation, you can choose the alcohol-based marker which usually is the little bit fast to dry. Moreover, this kind of pen is also perfect for cover all the space since it has high coverage.

  1. Make Sure the Color Stay in line

One of the biggest problems when coloring by using marker is bleed. Some of the people face this crisis. However, you can resolve it. Don’t give much pressure when you handle the pen. The more you force the pen, the more bleed it will be.

Video about shading with markers


Top 10 Markers for Professional Coloring

Sargent Art 22-1592 30 Count Classic Markers, Fine Conical Tip, Plastic Peggable Pouch

The pen is one of the critical items for drawing or coloring. One of the best markers which are perfect for coloring comes from Sargent Art. In 30 sets, Sargent Art Classic Markers give the best color for coloring or drawing. Although it is the perfect pen, these Sargent Art Markers have the great color which is perfect for coloring in many types of style. From the cover, you can see that this marker has the fine tip to fill the color in small to big space.

Moreover, the Sargent Art Classic Markers built in well-constructed. The body of this marker must be tiny, but it has high durability. It will come along in one set in a plastic coverage that will make all of the pens well organized. Since it comes as 30 set, you can easily find all the color that you need. From the dark to the light, all of them served in one set. However, some of the colors have different shade from its cover. So, it seems a little bit difficult to get the right shade from the cover colors. In contrast, it still has full colors that might be the best choice for a beginner or even for an intermediate artist.


  • It has completed shade that will make you easier get any colors in a set
  • Easy-to-go product that let you to bring it everywhere
  • The Ink is non-toxic, so it is safe even for children


  • Some of the color shades have different shade from its cover, so it will make little bit difficult to find the right shade
  • It is not long-lasted, the color might be faded easily


Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Broad Line Markers, 40 Classic Crayola Colors Non-Toxic Art Tools for Kids & Toddlers, Huge Variety of Bold Vibrant Colors, Great for Classrooms

When looking for any coloring for school, Crayola might be the first item that crosses our mind. As we know, Crayola has incredible products that are perfect to become one of school item. It is not only for school, but the Crayola products are also excellent for some projects, in office, and many else. It means that Crayola is worth to get. One of the best product is The Big 40 Set Crayola Washable Markers. It comes in 24 colors that will make you enough to get more colors. Although there are only 24 colors in a set, all of the colors are incredibly perfect for doodling or coloring.

Moreover, The Big 40 Set Crayola Washable Markers has perfect materials that make it easy to wash. There will be some problems for children who like doodling everywhere. They may doodle on themselves, so the washable pens are the perfect item. In that condition, this Crayola marker is not only brought the ideal vibrant colors but also easy to wash off. There are also many parents who like to give this item to their children that make the most of them like it more. The colors are perfect for children who need an exploration of colors.


  • It has washable material to make it easier to wash off when your children got marker on their body
  • It has non-toxic and free-acid that make it safe to use
  • Great range of colors
  • No odor


  • The caps are too challenging to take off, so your children need more help to use it
  • The size is bigger than usual markers, so sometimes it is not too comfortable to handle

You can also use dry erase markers for your class projects.


RoseArt SuperTip Assorted Color Washable Markers 100-Pack

Have you ever thought that 100 packs of marker came in one set? It must be incredible, right? As you imagine, there are 100 pack markers in on set. RoseArt introduced these highly completed pens for coloringRoseArt. The RoseArtSuperTip Assorted Washable Markers are the incredible set of the pen in market ever. Some of you might think that set of marker contains just 50 packs. However, the RoseArt breaks the rule. It comes as you wish to get the incredible shade. If you like to coloring or drawing with pens but like to make some gradation and confuse to get the shade, this is the answer for you.

The RoseArtSuperTip Assorted Washable Markers is super perfect for school, project, or even just for the hobby. This full set is also durable that make its color long-lasting. Moreover, all of the 100 markers will come in one set of pull and pop packaging. This packaging becomes the most brilliant packaging that will help to keep in organized. The most important thing is it has non-toxic ink which is highly safe to use. Don’t worry there might be the duplicate colors since it has full set colors. There is no duplicate, all of 100 pens come in different colors.


  • They have many shades which are perfect for children and adult coloring book
  • Children-friendly markers
  • It comes with full coverage which makes the colors more vibrant
  • The price is affordable for 100 packs of markers


  • It has limited primary colors, so it will be difficult for you who prefer more primary colors
  • It is not preferable for fabric base
  • The white color is not available


BIC Color Collection by Conte Felt Pen, Assorted Colors, 20-Count

We all know that the BIC Marker has the super big reputation. Mostly all of the products have the high standard. Now, you can also get the best color from BIC Marker by choosing BIC Color Collection by Conte as one of the best choices. It comes with a felt pen which has more vibrant, bold, intense, and bright color. A set comes with 20 different shade colors that will let you experience the best color. Moreover, all of 20 set colors that stored in a metal premium case.

Besides for your collection, the BIC Color Collection by Conte is also perfect for a gift. In highly excellent quality, this pen has intense color. Although you will only get 20 shades in a set, it will be enough for you. At first sight, it has a package for adult coloring pen. However, it is also perfect for children who like to color all of the objects. The body is easy to handle to make it more comfortable when using for drawing or coloring.


  • It has metal premium case which let you store it well
  • The best color for the light line
  • The colors are intense and long-lasted


  • The ink bleeds easily, and sometimes the paper will be torn up
  • It is not perfect for gradation
  • No named color on each marker that will make you difficult to know the color
  • The shade of colors are little bit different from the tone on caps
  • It is not highly coverage


RoseArt SuperTip Assorted Color Washable Markers 100-Pack

Are you looking for a perfect pen in full set? The Super Markers is one of a brand that offers complete set colors. The 100 Set Super Markers Unique Colors is the best choice for you who like to draw or color some objects in many colors. There will be no duplicate color in 100 set. All of them serve in different shades, so you do not worry to get limited colors. As full set markers, it comes with the most vibrant color that will make your drawing more attractive. Moreover, the tip of the pen designed in brilliant concept. It has bullet point tip that will help you to make a thin and think line in fine detail.

Although the 100 Set Super Markers Unique Colors comes in completed colors, it is not too expensive. It has an affordable price for 100 set markers. Mostly the colors from Super Makers have the smooth tone with a nice tip. When you want to get more gradation, this pen is worth to get, and it has high saturation. The body of the pen is easy to handle. It makes you easier to use it to draw. Some of the pens will make your hand tire easily, but with this pen, it will not happen anymore.


  • It comes in a convenient organizer rack that will help you to organize all of the pens since it has individual spit to hold each marker
  • It has vibrant and bold color
  • Completed shade colors in one set
  • Easy and comfortable to handle and


  • It leaks and bleed easily and sometimes it can tear a paper up, so you may be more careful in using it
  • It is not waterproof, so it has short durability
  • It has limited light color
  • The ink will dry easily


24 Marker Pens – Dual Tip Brush Pens with Fineliner Tip 0.4mm Art Markers for Adult Coloring Books, Drawing, Underlining (Pack of 24)

Are you looking for a dual tip marker? A product from Wanshui is one of the options that can you can choose. The Wanshui 24 Set Dual Tip Brush Marker Pens has the incredible tips. There are fine tip and brush tip. The fine tip has 0.4 mm which is perfect to draw a bold line and make an outline. Meanwhile, the brush tip which is perfect for filling and shading color has 1 to 2 mm brush. For all 24 colors have the most vibrant colors that let you live up your drawing or craft.

Some of the people use the Wanshui 24 Set Dual Tip Brush Marker Pens even for journaling, scrapbooking, doodling, and much more. It means that this pen is perfect for your creativity. As the best pen for coloring, this Wanshui marker is ideal for all age. It built with perfection and is suitable for adult or children. If you want to color all the space, you can use the brush tip. Then, you can use the excellent tip for the details which is sometimes too difficult to apply. What makes it more incredible is it will not bleed easily, so you may need to worry that your drawing will be messed up.


  • The dual tip is the best recommendation since both of them are drawn the color efficiently well
  • Both of tips are easy to use
  • Completed in incredible color set


  • The ink dries quickly, so you have to make sure to close the cap when you do not use it
  • The label of marker will be peel off easily, so you have to be more careful with it


60 Dual Tip Brush Pens Art Markers, Fine Liner Brush Tip Double Colored Pens Set for Adult Coloring Books Bullet Journal Note Taking Drawing Planner Art Project

The Ohuhu 60 Colors Dual Tip Brush Art Markers is one of the recommendations for coloring and drawing. The color of markers is variant and soft. It is the best for coloring the gradation with the pale color. In one set, there will be 60 great colors. Since it has the dual tip, it lets you to use it for thin and think line. For the outline, you can use the fine tip while you can also use the brush tip which is perfect for shading or coloring.

What makes it more perfect is it comes all in one set of round paper barrel. With this kind of storage, it will make all of 60 pens are easy to organize. On the other hand, the Ohuhu 60 Colors Dual Tip Brush Art Markers with the super attractive packaging is also perfect for the gift. If you are looking for the best gift for your friend or children, this marker is an option. This pen is different from the others since it will have a watercolor result. After applying on a sheet of paper, the color will look like a watercolor. Since the brush is easy to handle, it will not make you tire easily. Moreover, you can also use the fine tip for journaling or write anything.


  • Can mix well on watercolor paper which is perfect for painting
  • Both of the tips are comfortable that do not need much force to make it bold


  • Some of them have duplicate color
  • Most of the colors are dark shade


Studio Series Fine-Line Marker Set (30 colors, 0.4mm tip)(Perfect for Coloring and Bullet Journaling)

If you are looking for markers with the fine tip in one set, the 30 Set Studio Series Fine Line Marker is a perfect choice. It has 0.4 mm tip fiber which allows you to get more attractive experience in drawing the line. With perfect materials, all of the colors have a rich and bright color which have water-based ink. As a perfect bonus, it comes in a carry case. However, the carry case is not too usable since the hanging part is too small to carry. Since it built like a fine line pen, most of the people use it for the adult coloring book.


  • Has great vibrant color
  • Easy to handle that will let you draw flawlessly


  • The ink bleeds easily, so you have to be careful about giving the second layer
  • The ink can dry out easily, so you have to make sure that the cap was close perfectly


Dual Brush Pen Colored Art Markers 24 Colors – with Fineliner Fibre Tip 0.4 Fine Point – Sketch Drawing Marker – Perfect for Coloring Books for Adults qianshan

Are you looking for a set of markers for coloring in the dual tip? The pen from Qianshan is one of the best recommendations. The 24 Set Dual-Tip Pen Colored Art Markers is the best choice for you who are looking for the dual tip pens which are perfect for coloring or drawing. As its name, it comes with 24 full colors in a set. The Qianshan pen has the dual tip which is 0.4 mm fine tip and 1-2 mm brush tip. Both of them are effective for coloring for outline, filling, and shading.

The 0.4 mm fine tip is incredibly perfect for outlining. It has a bold and thin line that will make the drawing looks even greater. Meanwhile, the 1-22 mm brush tip that you can use for the filling and shading. It has a comfortable shape that will let you get the perfect color. Both of the dual tip colors are vibrant. What makes it more interesting is all of the shade can be blended well. There will be no worry on coloring for gradation or any shading since the colors are highly blend-able.


  • The colors are vibrant
  • Full variation of colors
  • The ink is durable
  • Whole package of dual tip which both of tips are easy to use
  • It is safe since it has free-acid and non-toxic ink


  • It bleeds easily and sometimes can tear a paper
  • Some of the color shades are different from the cap colors


Strokes Art 100 Fine Tip Kids Coloring Markers – Washable – Smudge Free – Vibrant colors – Carry Case

It seems kind of difficult to get a 100 set of markers that have easy-to-go cover. There are a lot of to choose, but some of them might have the rack for the cover place. In that situation, it will difficult to bring. It will be a problem too for children who want to bring all of the colors that they have to school. However, the 100 Set Stroke Art Kids Coloring Markers presents to be the most incredible pens for kids. It does not only has 100 set colors but also it has kind of a bag as its cover that will be easier to bring.

Since this product intentionally targeted for children, the materials that used in this pens is highly safe. The 100 Set Stroke Art Kids Coloring Markers built with a washable mess free that will help you to remove the stain or marker from hands easily. By cleaning it with water, the color will faded out easily from hands. So, there will be no worry if your children draw on themselves. As the perfect product for children, it is perfect for coloring books since all of the colors are so vibrant.


  • A set with a carry case that will easily to bring anywhere
  • It has full shade colors that will let your children create their imagination through coloring
  • Smudge-free


  • The tip will split easily, so you have to be more careful when taking the cap off
  • The carry case is little bit fragile, so it is possible to have a short durability
  • Sometimes, it will rip the paper easily



All in all, you can use a pen for your coloring book as long as it has great quality. For the best quality of coloring marker, you can choose it with free toxic so it will be safer. Moreover, you can also choose the pen which will not bleed easily. Once the shade bleeds, all of your art-work will not be the same. All of the pens might be same when you let it open for a long time because the ink will dry. It might be true that coloring by markers is difficult, but there is still much technique that will make your art-work to get the professional result with pens.


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