Best Permanent Markers For Fabric, Plastic, Glass etc Review

The Best Permanent Marker to Make Your Work Turn Well

From all reviews, you will see that 24 Set Craft 4 All Fabric Markers Permanent Color has the best quality that is perfect for every kind of your needs. It is a perfect one since it has more shade colors that make you comfortable to choose every type of color in a set of markers. Then, to create the excellent result of drawing or writing all the colors of this pen will not bleed easily. After that, it can also be used for every type of fabric to make it more multifunction coloring marker that you can use for everything. Also, the most important thing is that it has the highest pigmented colors. It will make it looks cool. This set of permanent markers is highly recommended for all ages, from children to adult since it does not contain or toxic and acid. Thus, it is safe and incredible as markers.


How to Choose Permanent Markers Based on Your Need

There are a lot of types of markers that you can find in the stationary store. From the big one to smallest one, you just name it. There are so many types of permanent markers since they made for some purposes. You have to get what you need. So, here are some considerations to choose the best pen:

  1. Consider the Tip Size and Material

So far, there is three types of markers based on its size and two types of the pen based on its material. From the size; there are an excellent tip, medium tip, and broad tip. For the thicker marker, you can choose a pen with the fine tip. Meanwhile, it is better to select a pen with full tip since it has thinner one as you need for coloring. Then, you need to choose it by the material types, and there is plastic tip which is usually has a metal funnel. This plastic tip is firmer than felt tip since the felt tip made from the spongy material.

  1. Check the Ink Quality

From ink, you can consider it while choosing markers. There are water-based, pigmented, oil based, and alcohol based ink marker. It is essential to know which pen is the best as your need since some of them will bleed quickly on paper. Alcohol-based and oil based are two types of ink marker that you need to avoid because if you need the pen for drawing or writing on a piece of paper since both of them will bleed easily.


Perfect 10 Permanent Colors on Market that Highly Recommended


Fabric Markers Pens Permanent Color Art Markers 24 SET Premium Graffiti Fine Tip MINIMAL BLEED By Crafts 4 ALL .Child safe & non-toxic

The DIY craft will not complete without color markers. The permanent colors are the best since it will not fade easily. Craft 4 All will satisfy your will with its product called 24 Set Craft 4 All Fabric Markers Permanent Color. As its name, it intends to color on fabric. For all 24 set, it has full selection color so that you will never find other makers to find another color. Only with these 24 set, your creation will brighten and lived up.

You can use all of the pens for every kind of fabric. It is also better on canvas, for you who like to draw on a canvas bag. It is not only perfect for children who love to draw, but it is also perfect for people who love to make some items by themselves. Drawing on the shoes, bags, and even clothes will not be a problem. Since it has high standard coloring, the 24 Set Craft 4 All markers will not be faded easily.


  • Has deepest and highest pigmented colors
  • Created with a bullet-tip that’s is perfect for any kinds of coloring and writing such as doodling, sketching, underlining, etc
  • Made as the no-bleed fabric markers
  • The ink is dried easily after applied on fabric


  • The colors are too dark, mostly contains darker color than usual pen
  • Limited shade
  • Little bit tricky to get lighter color


Sharpie Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Black, Box of 36, Includes 5 Color Flag Set

Sharpie Permanent Markers is ideally perfect for any surfaces. There will be no problem if you use it on paper, plastic, and even metal. With 12 set, it comes entirely for the basic coloring. Besides, you can use it for all type surfaces; this marker also built-in water resistant. You don’t need to be worry because of it is obvious even if it exposed to water. Also, it is also perfect for coloring the more vibrant color since it has tremendously bright color. People use it on every occasion such as for home, class, and office.

It is not only for designing or coloring for DIY’s items, but the pens from Sharpie can also be utilized to write your schedule. It is perfect for both coloring and writing. It comes with 12-set colors which you can use as the primary color. There are black, brown, blue, turquoise, green, lime, yellow, orange, red, berry, and purple. These colors may be perfect for the primary use but the little bit limited for gradation. However, it is comfortable to hold since it built with fine point tip. Not too big yet too small tip; it is perfect for writing or coloring on any surfaces.


  • The ink will dry easily
  • Multifunction, coloring, and writing
  • Has more vibrant color
  • The shades color will be bolder


  • Limited color for gradation effect
  • Only alcohol can remove it
  • Will set stains if rubbed away


Sharpie 1949557 Color Burst Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 24-Count

When it comes for the DIY project, more shades option is a must. Some pens only offer some color that makes it limited to choose. Different from the previous series, it comes with more various shades that are perfect for coloring. It is not only for office or class purpose, but this pen is also excellent for children who begin to draw anything. It also built with the fine tip that makes it more intense in every inch of color.

Since it comes with the color burst, there will be five perfect additional color burst that comes in 24 packs. For the rest 19 packs will be the classic color. It is not only perfect for writing on plastic or metal surfaces, but these markers are also ideal for drawing. The color is long-lasting and even not too different from each surface to draw. The bold color that comes in 24 set will be perfect for making some gradation color. It will not ever bore with this pack. With the attractive shades, it will not have the different color on different surfaces.


  • Perfect for every surface
  • Has bold color
  • Completed color comes in 24 set
  • Intense and bright color
  • The ink dried quickly
  • Fade resistant
  • Best for coloring on larger spaces


  • The ink runs out easily
  • Sometimes the ink is not working, so it is needed to close right away
  • Not water base
  • Difficult to color on smaller spaces


Shuttle Art 51 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers,Permanent Marker Pens Highlighters with Case Perfect for Illustration Adult Coloring Sketching and Card Making

For the completed series of drawing and coloring, the Shuttle Art 51 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers is the massive package. It does not only come as markers that have various colors, but it comes with the dual side that makes it easier to handle. The double tip of Shuttle Art markers has different tip types. One side provides to draw the smaller line in smaller space while another side has the triangular side that offers to bring the more significant line in bigger spaces. Although it has the dual tip, it still comfortable to be handled since it built with the no-slip grip.

Dual Tip Art Markers with 51 Colors also can be used for drawing on some surfaces. You can use it to sketch on a piece of paper and also to make a great design on a glass or glasses plate. Besides, it can also be used to draw a display that made from ceramic. No worries that it can be faded out. If you want to draw some animations on your favorite clothes or shoes, you can use the Shuttle Art markers as the coloring tip.


  • It has non-toxic ink and acid-free so that it will not distract your activity while drawing and safety to use
  • Both of side tip have full coverage that most natural to blend
  • The ink will dry quickly


  • Adult-only markers, so it is not intended to use for children
  • It will bleed easily through any paper, so you have to use some piece of paper behind your worksheet, or you need to use it on a paper intended to marker
  • The variation of grey colors are limited


Avery Marks-A-Lot Desk-Style Permanent Markers, Black, Value Pack of 36 (98206)

The marker that usually used for office and class, Avery Marks A Lot Desk Permanent Markers can be an option. It comes in three colors which are black, blue, and red.  Three of these colors are the standard colors for permanent markers. Although it does not come as a package, which means in a set of 12 to 24 packs, the Avery Markers offer the best quality that comes in one color for each series. It has bolder visibility so that it will not need any force while writing with it.

Moreover, the Avery Marks A Lot Desk Permanent Markers has chisel tip that you can use for every kind of lines. You can use it for the small line with small widths either bigger line with bigger widths. After that, you can also see its brilliant design. The bottom of the marker designed to make the cap of marker clicked each other. So, there is no way to lose your cap marker. Thus, the cap is not too hard to take off so that it comes with a good performance as a marker.


  • It has non-toxic ink so that highly safe to use
  • Since it made as permanent marker, so the ink is rub and water resistant
  • It has small size and handy
  • It has high durability which is last longer than the others
  • The ink will not dry even the cap was off for 30 minutes


  • Didn’t come in set colors, so you have to buy it one by one
  • Has limited colors, black; blue; and red
  • Little bit difficult to use for writing large sign
  • Doesn’t stay long on every surface, it will only remain along on some the of surfaces

Sharpie 15661PP King Size Permanent Marker, Chisel Tip, Black, 4-Count

The Black Sharpie King Size Permanent Marker is intended for industrial purposes. This one has a more prominent size so it will make a great line. Like its name, the marker has a significant proportion which has bold line and highly visible color. Although it only comes in one color, the pen still incredible and perfect to use for industrial purposes. The ink built with water resistant and non-toxic so that not only safe but also will not bring any odor when it opened. The large size of a marker, the more extensive ink supply will be. It is perfect for tough jobs that need to mark anything.

To support the project run well, this Black Sharpie King Size Permanent Marker is available in three primary colors such as black, red, and white. Three of them have bold color so you may not worry it will be faded out quickly. As a permanent color, it is not only durable on marking application but also tough enough to mark on oily and wet surfaces. Glass, stone, foil, plastic, corrugated, and other surfaces that usually available for the industrial project. On the other hand, people also often use it at home for marking their pot or display at home.


  • Has bold color, so it is perfect to mark everything
  • It will ruin or fade out easily even on the oily surfaces
  • Strong enough to use for tough jobs


  • Has limited color
  • Not too comfortable to hold since it has big handle


Permanent Marker Set Markers Colors Pens Eco Pack 36 Fine Point Felt Tip – Big Bulk 18 Assorted Ink -FREE Gift (Ebook) Not Sharpie Brush Ultra Broad Chisel Fabric Black Pen – Classroom Office Supplies

For marker that has more colors and bold colors, the maker from Permanent Marker is the best choice. There is a product called 36 set Permanent Marker Colors Pens Eco Park that has highly recommended to use. In this set which contains 36 set marker includes 18 different bold markers that will satisfy your will in drawing with markers. At this point, this kind of markers is perfect to use in the classroom. In various colors, it will give more attractiveness on writing subjects.

Although it has bold color, it built with safe ink. The ink is xylene-free and toxic free so that you may not worry it will intoxicate. For some markers can be used for children, so do this marker. It is safe for children. Some parents already gave this marker for their children that used for making some decoration or work at school. Moreover, if you like to make some DIY or like to draw on clothes or shoes, this marker is the recommended one. It will not fade smoothly but the color will be turned out well too. With small body handling, it is easy to use.


  • It comes with bulky box so it will not scatter around for 36 set of markers
  • The ink colors turned out well to use on various surfaces such as jeans, cardboard, paper, or plastic


  • The ink can bleed easily, so you may make sure that the cap didn’t come off
  • The ink will be dried out easily while you opened it for sometimes


BIC Marking Permanent Marker Fashion, Fine Point, 36-Count, Fashion Assorted

The coloring is not only for children. As an adult, you have special items. In that situation, people need coloring markers that is ideal for them. It is not only for coloring the coloring book, but people also need coloring marker for some work. You can choose BIC Marking Permanent Marker. It comes with more vibrant and soft color. Moreover, it also has a ultra-fine point which helps you to get more color in detail work. This one is handy. It covered by rubber. That way it helps to make handling point more comfortable. With this soft grip, it will also help to control the coloring easily.

In various colors, BIC Marking Permanent Marker is perfect for the fashion-related project. Blending color or making gradation is easier with this pen. Then, it also comes with acid-free so that it will not bring too much odor. Besides paper, this pen is also perfect to apply on other surfaces such as plastic, photos, foil, metal, glass, or even oily and wet surfaces.


  • Has perfect color for coloring in many colors
  • Comes with a soft rubber so that it will be more comfortable to handle
  • It has various vibrant colors that are perfect for any works


  • The ink will dry easily
  • Although it has free acid, the odor of ink still can be smelled when it opened
  • When it applies to wet surface or glass, it will not be dried quickly so that you have to let it dry for a while


Fabric Markers Permanent 12 Pack premium quality bright dual tip stained fine writers art fabric pens BY Crafts 4 ALL .Child safe,water-based & non-toxic

Craft 4 All is like a home for who like to do DIY or drawing on fabric. With the best tips, Fabric Markers Craft 4 All 12 Packs comes as an option. Different from other markers that usually used for fabric, this pen used high-quality ink that has the minimal bleed. There will be no worry there is some mess while drawing over the surface. Moreover, this product also comes with a dual tip that lets you control coloring way easily. For smaller space or bigger space, you can handle it with one marker.


  • The ink is non-toxic and free acid so that it is even safe for children
  • Although it has minimal bleed, it still has waterproof ink which is perfect for fabric
  • Since it made from fabric, the color highly pigmented that make the color more vibrant


  • The ink will dry up easily, so you have to take care of its cap
  • Since the ink color will be absorbed efficiently, it will be difficult to turn out on black fabric surface


Write Dudes Infinity Metallic Permanent Markers 8-Count Assorted Colors (CYB80)

At first, the Infinity Metallic Permanent Markers would look like a natural highlighter. It is an incredible marker that will not fade easily. It built with ink permanent ink that has high durability. It has best use for school, office, or home. Different from other markers, it comes as the metallic color that must be easy to apply on some surfaces. Moreover, there is some color that usually not too builds up when it comes to light or dark surfaces. For this marker, the dark or light cover is not a big deal since it still has colored up on both.

The body of the Infinity Metallic Permanent Markers is not big yet too tiny, so it still comfortable to be handled. Although the cap of marker seems fragile, it always quickly to take off and can be placed on the bottom of the pen. So far, it has eight variant colors which are green, light blue, purple, gold, orange, black, and also silver. For the recommended one, people usually choose the grey color as the most pigmented one. The most important thing is it has non-toxic ink to make it safer to use.


  • Has not any strong odor, so it must be safe to put in the pocket or pencil case
  • Each color turn well in light or a little bit dark surfaces
  • Has full coverage so it may have deep color


  • Although you can use it on the dark surface, on deep black surface it will not turn out well
  • The ink will not as bold as other permanent pens, so it takes more force to make it brighter
  • The ink will dry fast, so you may make sure that the cap is not off


We have nice video about how to draw with permanent markers

Final Verdict

All in all, choosing permanent markers is not too easy yet too tricky. There is some consideration that will make your work or craft turn out well. The pen made for some purpose. It is not surprising that they create different types of markers. You can take the full color in many shades if you need pens for drawing or coloring craft. In contrast, if you need pen more to do some project in industrial purpose you may choose one best bold color. There will be pro and contra of each product since all of them are intended to use for one purpose.


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