Best Washable Markers For Toddlers, Kids and Adults

Washable markers are drawing tools which are perfect for young children. They often accidentally mark their clothes or body with marks. If they use a washable pen, the marks can be removed easily from clothes skin and walls only by wiping a wet sponge across the surface. The washable pen is perfect for home and classroom use since it does not stain a surface permanently. Not only young children, but young artists also enjoy using washable marker because it isn’t necessary to show a great deal of pressure to make a perfect shape and bold marks. Using washable marker means they can be as creative as possible. They can make a brighter color than marks which made by a crayon. A washable pen made by a variety of companies. You can find it in homes and classrooms where children create artwork. Moreover, some pens are scented as well. Children should use heavy pieces of paper such as newsprint or manila when they are drawing with a pen. Those papers can be attached to an easel if you want. Other children may choose to use the pens to drawing or coloring a book. But, most pages of drawing and coloring book are thin. Thus, the markers often bleed through to the other side of the page, so the washable pen is the best choice. We choose Crayola 20 Ct Super Tips Washable Markers to use


What to Look for in Washable Markers

Choosing washable pens is an important decision which should not be overlooked, especially, if you want to buy this marker for your children. You should look the ones which do not harm your children. Here’s the consideration before you purchase washable markers:

  1. Child-safe formula

It is the most important consideration since you are going to buy the pens that will be used by your children. So, always check the recipe of the product if they are free from toxic from the hazardous or toxic method.

  1. Pigment

The pigment is the powders which are mixed with oil or water to make ink, paint, or another coloring material. The pigment used for color in washable markers made into water-based mediums. You have to choose pens with an excellent water-based premium so that it can dissolve or separate and run easy when they exposed to water.

  1. Color options

If your child is creative, make sure to get them markers with various types of color. You should choose products which available in broader color options to make your child has a lot of options.

  1. Price

It is also essential if you are on a budget. Choose markers which are affordable, but it is also a great product. You can read the reviews first before spending your money on certain pens brand.

  1. Practicality

Since this pen used by children, you should also consider the practicality too. Choose the ones that come handy and easy to toss into your purse. You can buy markers which not bulky.


Best Top 10 Washable Markers for Young Children

There are various washable markers in the market that you can choose. However, sometimes it is hard to make a decision when it comes to purchasing the best one for your children. Don’t worry, and we have listed the various list into top 10 products below. We consider criteria for listing the product including child-safe formula, pigment, color option, price, and practicality


Crayola 20 Ct Super Tips Washable Markers

Super Tip washable markers feature a useful tip which draws both thick and thin lines. The washable ink from this product is formulated specially to wash from skin easily and also children’s clothing. Moreover, the markers would not bleed through paper, so this is safe to use. If you are looking for washable markers brand which has a variety of colors, you can choose this name since the set contains 20 different colors. The pens set has both the traditional and pastel colors so your child can use these pen as creative as possible. A good washable pen should have a thin barrel to make it easier for children to hold. Luckily, Super Tip washable makers’ barrel is thin marker, so it is children friendly. The pens can also be used by adults for lettering since you can use it the brush pens and they are great for faux calligraphy. The pens work great and the size also perfect for an adult to hold. It has more excellent tips and even thinner and longer compared to other washable markers.


  • The set contains 20 different colors
  • Can be used to write letters and words
  • It is easy to hold for both children and adult
  • The collection has both the traditional and pastel colors


  • The markers would dry out if used rarely
  • The price is quite high

Below is video about Crayola Supertips demo



Crayola Broad Point Washable Markers – Pack of 2 (58-7808-2Pack)


These markers are no exception! Other markers should be compared with Crayola washable pens since the brand is the standard of what a good washable pen should be. The packaging is a handy re-closeable box for convenient storage. You can store them in whatever space. Overall, the pens work great as far as the markers themselves. The colors show up vividly on a variety of surface. The best part about Crayola markers is that if you get the ink in some unwanted place, you can wash right off with an elbow grease or little water. Since it is a washable marker, you can remove the stain from painted walls too. What more could you ask for? There are plenty imitators in the market as far as art supplies, but at the end of the day, Crayola markers show that they are the best on their level. It is the brand that you can trust for both children and adult artwork needs. The downfall is that the marker tip is not quite right so you can’t color in an object quickly. It is also not too broad, so you can’t draw fine details as you wish.


  • Washes off skin and clothing easily
  • It has variety of styles
  • Water-based ink
  • The set has eight conical tip pens


  • It can’t wash off of white painted walls
  • Quite hard to clean off of carpet


RoseArt SuperTip Washable Markers 50-Count Assorted Colors Packaging May Vary (DFB70)

If you have the child who loves to draw anything at anywhere, Super Tip markers are the great product that you should purchase! The set comes in 50 different colors which make it great to use since you have a variety of colors. They are also children-friendly. The washability is great as they can be washed off easily if the ink gets on skin or furniture. If your child uses this to draw on your table, the stain can wash off with a little soap and water. The markers’ size is small enough to hold by the children and durable enough to resist lots of coloring. The best part of the pen is because the set comes with a lot of different shades of colors. Adults can also use the product for the adult coloring book. The downfall of this product is that the markers will bleed through the page. The pens will be perfect tools if that have a white color.


  • Certified non-toxic
  • The set bold and bright colors
  • Great for school or home
  • The comes in 50 different colors


  • There is no white colored marker
  • The markers bleed through the page

Crayola 12 Ct Ultra-Clean Washable Markers

Again with Crayola markers, this markers also one of a kind although sometimes you have to scrub a few time with soap if to wash off the stain. The pens are rich in colors and filled abundant ink. The eight colors are purple, pink, light peachy/pink color, gray, brown, black, yellow, orange, red, regular blue, light sky blue, and green. It is not just because the marking pens and most of them do not have beautiful colors. The set comes with cute color which adds the benefit of pure washability. Besides washable from skin, painted walls, and clothing, the markers have brightest colors compared with other brands. Furthermore, the pens are non-toxic, so it is safe to use by children. The pens can also be washed off of light-colored carpet. You can even write with them, and it does not bleed through papers.The downfall of this product is that some markers will be fired out after a year of using. The colors do not wash off easily from hands.


  • The colors are vivid
  • Wash off easily
  • Children-friendly
  • Non-toxic markers


  • Dried out after a year
  • The tips are hard


Sargent Art 22-1581 50-Count Fine Tip Washable Marker Packs

Besides Crayola, Sargent is also one of the brands that produce a great product. The pens are reliable and long-lasting. They built with a high-quality conical point. The pens are great for children because it has ventilation in the cap and toxic-free. The Sargent pens are also available in different size packs, large tip, washable, brush tip, fabric, metallic, and more. The set comes in 50 different colors and no repeat colors. They work great for both children and adult artwork needs. They don’t stain permanently, and they can be washed off form clothing with soap and water. The tip was not as good as what they said, but it gets the job done well unless the coloring space is tiny since the markers are quite thick. Overall, Sargent brand is a good set of pens for coloring as a hobby. It recommended for children and adult coloring book. If you want to use them for professional artwork needs, you need something different.


  • They are AP certified
  • Great selection of 50 vibrant colors
  • Wash off easily from skin and fabric with soap and water
  • Non-toxic markers


  • Bleed through paper
  • The colors are not intense


Crayola Washable Markers, Broad Point, Classic Colors, 8/Set (58-7708)

Crayola comes back again with eight classic colors with tip broad-line washable markers. It has water-based ink so it can washes off easily from skin and clothing. The Crayola broad point is washable markers which multi-purpose, specially formulated to wash off quickly from skin, clothing, and walls. The set contains eight colors from brightest to darkest. The variety of colors give skids plenty options to be creative and to complete their drawing projects. Each pen has a broad tip for drawing, writing, doodling, and more. The product is safe for children since they formulated for ages four and above. Moreover, this product made with recycled plastic which is eco-friendly. The markers contain recycled plastic resin which saves hundreds of tons of plastic. Your child can keep our Earth while being creative to the fullest. The product is also safe for children since they are non-toxic markers. Another great thing about this product is their flexibility. It can use in the Crayola Airbrush.


  • Safe for children
  • Non-toxic markers
  • Vivid colors
  • Eco-friendly


  • The set only comes with eight different colors
  • The washability is not excellent enough if the color gets in furniture.


Pacon Tru-Ray Construction Paper, 12-Inches by 18-Inches, 50-Count, Assorted (103063)

The next product is not markers but papers that should you buy If you want to use pens for your children’s projects.  Tru-Ray Construction Paper is excellent for any arts and crafts project. Why? It is because this heavyweight and 100{d9182458edee9a28a81d765ba139aba90e4d787eb35c4fdb400cdc5e12a49fc8} vat-dyed paper made with stronger and longer fibers to add the durability. The premium paper from Pacon Tru-Rays is tough enough to folding, scoring, and curling without tearing and cracking since it is made of heavy 76 lb stock. To make your child projects is good, the paper has superior fade-resistance. Moreover, the paper is recyclable, acid-free, and it allows your child to explore their creativity! The package contains ten different colors which are blue, festive green, pink, orange, red, sky blue yellow, dark brown, white, and yellow. Each pack comes with 50 sheets of 9-inch by 12-inch paper. Pacon Try-Rays offers a variety of colors which won’t fade over time. So you can display your art project for many years to come. The acid-free material will make the paper less fading, so it keeps project fresher and brighter longer. Your child can also save our planet since the paper made by recyclable construction paper which contains a high percentage of recycled fiber.


  • It has superior fade-resistance which make projects fresh and bright last longer
  • The papers are sturdy enough for folding, curling, and scoring without tearing and cracking
  • It is acid-free and recyclable
  • 50-pack contains ten different colors


  • Quite expensive
  • Can be purchased only at Amazon


Fine Tip Chalk Markers – Pack of 10 neon Color pens – Non Toxic Wet Erase Chalkboard Window Glass Pen – 3mm Reversible Bullet & Chisel Nib

The pens made from non-toxic, high-quality materials which make them ideal for both girls and boys of any age. You can use the pens on the various platform because it is washable. The reversible tips are the most significant thing about this product. Your children can have endless fun with Chalk Markers since the reversible tips allow them to turn into beautiful tip markers and chisel markers. Adults can also use the pens for their artwork projects. Also, the pens are also odorless since they formulated as safe for children. The pens are non-toxic and easy to clean. The set includes ten washable liquid pens with ten labels. This product is ideal for kids, and it has bright neon colors, washable materials, and high quality. But, since the colors are limited, children and adults do not have a maximum creativity with this product.


  • High quality
  • Safe for children
  • Non-toxic material
  • Bright neon colors


  • The colors are limited
  • Quite hard to wash off of skin


Super Markers Set with 100 Unique Marker Colors

Another good brand for markers is from US Art Supply. This name has fine tip markers with vivid tone. The pens produced for children and kids, but adults can also use them too! The set comes with 100 different kinds of washable markers which are recommended for the kids to utilize for drawing, coloring, writing, and doodling. The vivid inks do not bleed or smudge through most paper. If the colors get in your child’s hands and clothing, it can be washed off easily with soap and water. The packaging also comes with a convenient organizer carrying case so you can keep them organized and ready to use. US Art Supply comes with markers that perfect for the young artist. Children can express their imagination freely while having fun using this! These bright pens are fun for everyone to use and you can write with them smoothly. They are great for school, and home and they are also perfect for any arts and crafts projects. Another great thing from this product is they are safe for children. They are water-based, non-toxic, and conform to EN71 and ASTIM D4236 certifications for art products. With this certifications, the markers are suitable for children 3 and above.


  • It has vivid and bold colors
  • It has 100 different colors to choose from
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for children


  • The colors will bleed through papers
  • The tip is not as elegant as others


Color Marker Set – 120 Different Coloring Pen that Washable and Friendly for Kids by Pagos

The last washable pen is from Color Marker Set which comes with 120 unique and wonderful of colors in a variety of styles. It is the perfect set for the young artist that wants to explore and combine more colors. The collection has the rainbow of shades including pink, purple, gold, silver, black, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, chrome, skin tones, and more. The variety of colors gives benefit for kids and also adults who are into arts and crafts projects. The product is also perfect for the school project, coloring, and doodling. The pen is non-toxic, non-scented, alcohol-free, and acid-free. This one formulated with superior quality and ultra washability, the pens are washable form skin, painted walls, and also clothing. You can also get money back guarantee if you purchase them from Amazon.


  • It has 120 different kinds of colors
  • Safe for children
  • You can use it for many various arts and crafts projects such as drawing, coloring, scrapbooking, decorating, and more
  • Made from safe materials


  • The price is high
  • Not washable enough if the colors get in furniture


Final Words

If your children are doing a project from school or just beginning their imagination and creativity through draw and doodle, the best tools you can give to them is washable markers. If they use this type of pens, you don’t have to be worried if they are coloring in painted walls, floor, or furniture in your house since it is washable and will fade through time. Moreover, you can also use this product for your arts and craft projects or just simply to coloring your adult coloring book. We have list ten products that are perfect for you and your kids. The best thing that we can offer from this list is Super Tip 20/PK Washable Markers. Why? Because the product contains 20 different colors, can be used to write letters and words, comfortable to hold by both children and adult, and the set has both the traditional and pastel colors. Beginners can also use this product. However, you can also opt for other products such as Crayola, Sargent, US Art Supply, Chalk Markers, and much more on your shopping list. All of these products are safe for children and formulated with non-toxic materials. Now it’s time to explore your child’s creativity and imagination. Let them color their life with these pens and wait what they would make in the future.


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