Different Types of Marker

In the art world, artists and researchers have always found a new way to apply figment in any other media. Every people could benefit from it by using it in a creative matter or even home industrial used. One of those figment-staining media any other than crayons and paints is the famous pens. It is a versatile, simple and cleaner, unlike the other paints. Pens are many, and you’ll be wrong to assume there’s only a marker type. Most of them can be categorized into ten majorly used a type of marker. What are they? Let’s see down below:

  1. Drawing Markers

It is used for people to make outlines from their drawings, or just sketching. Their characteristics are stable and smooth. The inks are not easily smudging, except it is on anything that is slick or glossy. Drawing markers usually have point size from 0.01 until 1.0, the more significant the number, the bigger the tip is. The drawing pen is a common thing you can see in any book or stationery store, just because of its versatility.

2. Permanent Markers

Well, most of the pens are stable when it put on any absorb-able medias. There are erasable and permanent markers, for the whiteboard. These both usually have bigger tips, so it can make bigger drawings and writings so the audience can see. The permanent one, obviously can’t be erased by just a mere fabric or eraser. It can be cleaned only by any cleaning solutions, such as kerosene, petroleum, or acetone. It is usually used to mark any hard and slick surface.

3. Dry Erase Markers

It is the opposite of permanent marker. It has the same characteristic, except it is erasable when dry. Rather than to mark stuff, it is better used for any changeable and dynamic use, such as for classroom, to teach and learn, or just to explain anything. Even if you don’t have any whiteboard, you just need to fine a hard-slick surface, and you can use and erase the markers as you like it.

4. Coloring Markers

Kids love these coloring markers. Just as the name implies, it has lots of colors. It is not efficient to utilize it in professional drawing though. Despite its functionality, the tips are usually big, and the ink bleed easily makes an easy mess out of it. It may be useful for the kids to know colors from early development, not only just see it, but to practice it as well too. The big coloring marker usually has vibrant primary colors in their product set. So anyone don’t need to buy it separately since it’s already packed for efficient use.

5. Fabric Markers

The fabric markers are everywhere in many of the stationary shops. But somehow it isn’t gained much popularity with the normal paper or hard surface markers. Even though it has specific and high function use, but it is not very versatile anyway. It is more expensive than any other coloring markers, even though with the regular coloring ones, it can be used in the pen as well. But the good points of fabric markers are after it washed, it won’t bleed the fabric.

6. Paint Markers

It is one marker type that is not common to see in any stationary store. For it is used in a more advanced industrious hard surface material. Such as cars and constructions. The paint markers itself has a lot of varieties, there even one for marking a wet surface.

7. Alcohol Based Markers

Any Illustration or any manga artists love to use this kind of markers. It has transparent quality in paper, not easily absorbed, but not easily smudged too. Usually, this kind of pen has two tips, in the back that has a flat surface, and the top which has a pointy tip. It can be blend with a special marker blender for this type. Depends on its sets, it even has vibrant or soft pastel like colors. It is one of the most expensive markers in the art industry, so better be careful when using it. It may not be easily absorbed so it can blend, but it is an electric dryer because it made from alcohol. Better not give it to kids, beside it is expensive, it is dangerous too.

8. Chalkboard Markers

The chalkboard markers, or just a chalk marker, are just a regular neon like a coloured marker. It is an alternative of chalk that makes lots of dirt on the chalkboard. Any other pens may have the problem when facing a chalkboard since it made from wood, it will ruin the tip and the paint as well. But this special marker can handle the wood surface just well. It usually used to make any art on the chalkboard, or maybe you could put fancy typography on it. The fancy light colored marker contrast the black chalkboard can make a nice visual for your party as well.

9. Washable Markers

Any other marker may stain your clothes, unlike this washable marker. Kids may have not any control on which surface they can draw, and they can draw the wall, your table, your clothes, unexpectedly. Nevertheless, no worries, the washable markers can take care of your kid’s fun while you relax from any ruined furniture. Because just like the name said, the pen is washable, as long as it is not on any absorb-able surface that is.

10. Brush-tip Markers

Last but not least is a marker that has unique tips. While all other pens have the pointy tip, but it has a brush tip just like a mini soft broomstick. A favorite for a replacement of watercolor media or any calligraphy practitioner. Any typography artist loves this too because the effect of bold and thin in the stroke is verily visible.

Have you picked your favorite marker type? Remember, all the markers have their specialities and weakness, you better be wise knowing what you will use it for. It’ll be ridiculous to use chalkboard markers in fabric, only the stain will stay in, and your mom will have a hard time cleaning it!


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