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Turning a New Leaf

Illustration by: Unraveled Design

This is such an inspiring quote and I'm grateful that I'm living more and more by what my passions are. However lately, I've had so many projects going I've barely been able to stay afloat. Not to complain, I LOVE everything I'm involved in: VP of PMQG, growing Remnant, helping Chris pick more, upholstery, blog projects, photoshop ideas, quilting, baby quilts, and more that I hope to be able to share at a later date. But also while trying to squeeze this into the times when I'm not working at Collage has been really challenging. What's a weekend anymore? especially since my "weekend" changes and isn't on the typical weekend. However, upon reflection, this seems to be a trend no matter where I am. I always pack life to the max. It's something I want to change about myself, however, there is just so much that I want to do and accomplish that I don't want to say no to opportunities or projects. In fact, I keep thinking of new ones!

Which is why I'm so grateful for my new schedule! Today is a new day of my new work schedule and I really hope/know that this will make a huge difference. I will work at the Sellwood Collage Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday (pop in and say hi!) and then be "off" to work on everything else Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday! You heard me four whole days! I will try to be more realistic about what I take on, but for now I'm so grateful that this can be more new type of normal. 

Also, I hope that you enjoy reading more of my thoughts and about my life. I'm purposely intending to share a bit more about myself and create a dialogue here at Joy of all Crafts. Thanks so much for reading. I love blogging and enjoy all of the doors that have been opened because of it.  

As I think about my own life, I'm wondering how do you juggle everything? Are there somethings that you say no to? How do you do it? 

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Heather, hooray! This is very inspiring. I'm also thinking about balance and reaching for a more sustainable life myself and it's so nice to hear your thoughts. Love your new schedule!

I'm making two lists today: want to do + need to do. it's been very energizing already!

May 24, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersusan b.

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