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2013 QuiltCon Recap

Wow, I had such an amazing time at QuiltCon! I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to go to the very first modern quilt show and conference. It was truly an incredible event. In addition to an amazing display of quilts, there were vendors selling and handing out swag, inspiring lectures, and fabulous workshops! 

During this event, I was a Super Volunteer. In exchange for volunteering 16+ hours, I'd received a four-day pass to the conference. This worked out really well! Being more involved with the behind the scenes of the conference was a treat and this helped make this trip a reality! 

On Wednesday, I took a really early flight to Austin. My favorite part of flying is being absorbed by a really amazing book. I'm so glad that my good friends, Courtney and Elizabeth, suggested Divergent. I couldn't put it down and finished it on the plane ride home! Upon arrival, I checked into this room with a view. Then I got to volunteering! I helped hang quilts, cut temporary tattoos, and monitor the loading entrance. 

On Thursday, I was lucky enough to volunteer in Lizzy House's block printing class. I was one of her assistants, and really just got to hang out and learn lots about block printing myself! During lunch, the winners were announced for the quilt show and I discovered my applique quilt won 3rd place in the Applique category. I was (am) pretty thrilled and estatic! 

Isn't this ribbon incredible? Elizabeth made all of them! Thanks so much! 

My retro block design was included in the raffle quilt. It was great to see it in person and quilted! I'd love to make more of these! 

On top of that, the charity quilt that PMQG collaborated on, and I pieced the top for, was displayed on the stage of the lecture hall! Pretty amazing that they choose this one to be one of the four quilts creating the backdrop for all of the lectures (second from the right). 

Unfortunately, my Geometric Eames quilt was a little too tall for display, so they had to hang the quilt folded over, so you don't see top. Oh, well! 

 There were many, many workshops that were offered. All registration had occurred beforehand, I signed up for Lotta Jansdotter class. I've long admired her work and knew this would be the one opportunity that I would have to take a class from her.  In prep for the class, I knew that I wanted to wear something made from Lotta's fabrics. I used Colette's free pattern Sorbetto, but took out the pleat in the front and added a tie (thanks to Meredith for the suggestion!). I love the way it turned out and so did Lotta. She instantly commented on it and re-tweeted this pic of her and I! :)

On Friday morning, Petra, Susan, Nancy and I enjoyed block-printing and stenciling together all morning. I loved how free Lotta made me feel to just experiment and try anything. Nothing has to be perfect. She shared how she is very tactile with her designs, she designs everything from block printing, stenciling, and photocopies prints to play with scale. Once she is happy with a design, then it's transferred to the computer for final editing. 

Friday afternoon, I jumped all around listening to lectures and demos. I got to see Heather Ross and preview her new line of fabric (to be shown at Spring Market), hear Anna Maria Horner share her story of how she began creating until now, my friend Susan Beal talk on a panel about how to submit to magazines, and Kathy Miller share the story of Tammis Keefe, a 50's textile designer. It was truly an inspiring afternoon. 

Friday night was the 80's dance party. I turned into a sequined butterfly and had fun chatting with new friends and dancing to the tunes. I'm usually such a wall-flower with what I wear to these types of dress-up events, it was fun to wear the outfit that everyone commented on and loved. Many people even wanted a pic with me! The first pic are new friends from Salt Lake City, Colleen and Marci. The second pic is Susan and I. 

Saturday, I attended David Butler's lecture on photography and walked all around the quilt show. Then in the afternoon volunteered in the MQG booth. Melody Miller (one of my favorite fabric designers) has hosting a giveaway at a the SuperBuzzy booth, and I won a gelaskin for my laptop! We were able to chat for a while too and she is even more nice than you can imagine. Susan and I took a pic with all of our typewriter fabric that Melody designed. :) 

On Sunday, the conference was winding down, I attended a few lectures, took a final tour of the show and said goodbye to QuiltCon 2013. The next one will be in 2015 and members will vote on the new location. Fingers crossed for Portland! :) 

Before closing, I want to thank my amazing husband, Chris, for allowing me to go and sacrificing so I can have these amazing experiences and quench some of my travel bug! I love you, Chris! 

*I couldn't share my whole experience in one post, so expect another featuring my favorite quilts from the show, and another on Austin!*


Hello Austin! 

I'm so excited to be leaving early tomorrow morning for QuiltCon in Austin, TX! Here's just some of the things I'm really looking forward to: 

- Seeing TWO of my quilts featured in the quilt show. 

- Seeing my quilt block featured on the cover of the program! (via Heather Grant's instagram feed)

- Meeting Lotta Jansdotter and taking her textile printing class. I've made this top featuring one of her fabric designs. 

- Volunteering during the conference and meeting lots of new quilty friends! 

- Taking in Austin and eating yummy BBQ. :)  

- The 80s Dance Party should be lots of fun, I have my outfit all ready! 

- Getting to see my a wonderful friend from collage, Melissa, for the first time in probably five years! 

- Bunking rooms with Petra & Susan

I've made some new business cards to pass out, I'm hoping everyone will love them! My card is tucked into these kraft mini bags, with a fabric heart pin washi taped to the front. 

If you're not going but want to peek in on all of the fun, follow me on instagram or facebook for my updates! 


I Passed the Weekender Test!

In the sewing world, the pattern Weekender is sort of a test of wills. Everyone loves the bag, designed and written by Amy Butler, but many have struggled through it with all of it's difficult directions. Because of this, I had always been leary of diving in and making it.

But after seeing Elizabeth's quilt as you go weekender bag, I knew I had to finally make one for QuiltCon. I had lots of help and tips from many people who sewed it before me. 

I found  quilting the pattern pieces, lots of fun, but much more time-intensive than I thought. However, I really love the outcome and would do it again! 

The best tip that I received was from Kim, she suggested to hand stitch the corners where most of the bulk and many layers make it difficult to sew on any machine. 

One problem I ran into was I cut the pattern pieces all out of duck canvas, then lay the batting over it. I had planned to use the canvas as my guide to trim down the batting and piecing. But once I started to piece and quilt as you go, the pattern pieces sometimes became miss shaped. Next time instead of cutting the pieces first, I will cut the pieces a little bit bigger and then trim down the entire piece. 



Quilting Classes

Over the past five months, I've been teaching beginning quilting to enthusiastic sewists at Modern Domestic. It's such a joy to teach people who are initially fearful of the quilting process, that there is nothing to fear! The smiles as they leave the final session with their finished quilt are so priceless! 

Here's a peek of this joyous occasion! 



QuiltCon Linky Party

The Modern Quilt Guild is hosting a little link party, so that we can all get to know each other before the big event! I'll admit, I'm a little skeptical of getting to know everyone, as I think there are hundreds if not thousand(s) of people going to be there, but it's always fun to play along!




 First, they asked to post a pic of yourself, so here I am... and five things that you may not know about me. 

1) Throughout my whole childhood, (K-HS graduation) my parents home schooled me. Whenever I tell people this they are always so shocked as I don't fit whatever home schooled mold they have in their head. I like to think of this as a good thing! ;) But for however much I hated it during those teen years,  now looking back I'm so thankful for it.

2) When my husband and I were married seven years ago, we didn't care a lick about furniture and how times have changed! Check out our business, Remnant

3) I have run 3 half-marathons and one full marathon in Santa Barbara.

4) I quit my secure job teaching fifth grade in Menlo Park, CA to peruse the dream of the 90's in Portland, OR. ;) 

5) It was my dream to be like Martha Stewart, growing up my mom and I would watch her orginial show (the good one) everyday. We viewed it as one of my "classes." 




I look forward to meeting lots of you at QuiltCon!