Tips Choosing Your Best Paint Markers for Art Painting Projects

Now, you can write any word or draw any picture on every object around you at ease. Why? It is because paint markers products will help you to do that job. So, you don’t need to get your hand dirty using real paint; instead, you only need to open the pen cap, and the pen will do the rest painting. However, you might be a little bit confused to choose which markers will work the best for your art projects. Here, we recommend Uni-Posca markers that have 15 different colors. The reason we put Uni-Posca on our most top list is that its high versatility use on almost all kind of surfaces, both porous and non-porous objects. Moreover, the paint offers to pop color results that look great for your art painting. You can also expect to get a long-lasting result since Uni-Posca markers provide minimal bleeding and waterproof features. Now, you can check more details in the following review.


Consideration before Purchasing Paint Markers

There are several considerations that you should put in your mind before start purchasing the markers for your art painting projects, including:

  • Application versatility

You need to pick the art painting projects you are going to do. Do you want to draw on a piece of paper simply? Do you want to draw pictures on woods and rocks? Or, do you want to put identifying marks on metal objects? Well, each marker for painting job has different application versatility. One pen may work the best for only porous surfaces, but another pen may work best on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

  • Marker Tip

The next thing to do is painting you want to draw. If you are going to draw on small objects or paint small pictures, you need to purchase markers with fine tips. Meanwhile, if you need more coverage to draw on broader objects, you need a medium to broad, fine tipped-markers.

  • Color options

Each pack of each product comes with different color options. You need to recheck whether the color options are enough to support your coloring projects. There are marker products that only offer 5-10 colors option, but others may provide 18 or twice more.

  • Ink-based formula

Markers for painting made from water and oil-based ink. Water-based ink usually will dry quicker than oil-based ink. Water-based ink pens will be a great option for painting on porous surfaces such as paper, wood, or fabric. However, oil-based ink offers stronger water resistance than water-based so that it would be great for outdoor projects and most surfaces.

  • Safety

Remember always to purchase pens that formulated with non-harmful formula. Check on the package if the pens made from the non-toxic, xylene free, and acid-free formula. So, you can work with ease, especially when doing the projects with your kids.


Top 10 Best Paint Markers for Art Painting Projects

On choosing the products in our list, we consider about its application versatility, long-lasting paint color, resistances, and child safe formula. Here, you can check all the products that positioned in our top 10 list below.


Uni-posca Paint Marker Pen – Fine Point – Set of 15 (PC-3M15C)

When doing an art painting project, you should consider choosing Uni-Posca pens for your painting items. As our starting product on the list, Uni-Posca pens have the high versatility of application. You can almost draw using this pen on any surfaces. Whether you want to paint on wood, canvas, plastic, glass, metal, stone, or many others, this permanent Uni-Posca pen will dry quick, so you can go on drawing using different colors at a time.

However, you should know that on nonporous surfaces such as glass and metal, the paint can be easily scraped off especially with hard objects. Meanwhile, the marker will work the best on porous surfaces such as paper and wood since the ink will be permanently absorbed. It is because the ink formulated with water-based pigment ink that won’t bleed unlike marker made by alcohol-based ink. Moreover, you can also work on outdoor projects with ease because the ink has water resistance ability. The free toxic ink also allows you to let your kids join on the project to help to enhance their creativity.

You will have 15 different colors in a pack of Uni-Posca markers with all those popping colors that will look amazing particularly to create vibrant craft work or signs. Also, the tip designed with the fine point, so you can work on detailed projects without worry. Keep in mind that you need to be careful to work on broader surfaces for its minimal coverage of the tip.


  • Ideal for use on most surfaces both porous and nonporous
  • Permanent water-based ink that will dry out faster to give minimal bleed
  • Water resistance
  • Non-toxic and child-safe ink


  • Less coverage due to its beautiful tip
  • May easily bleed on paper surfaces rather than others


U.S. Art Supply 15 Color Set of Medium Point Tips Water Based Premium Paint Pen Markers – Permanent Ink that Works on Most Surfaces Glass, Wood, Metal, Rubber, Rocks, Stone, Arts, Crafts & Tools

Do you need to work on detailed projects such as painting accurate pictures on coffee mugs, rocks, or other small objects? Here, you will need markers with the medium tip like U.S. Art Supply markers to go on details. These pens will work amazingly on any surfaces, including porous and nonporous surfaces. Not only great for art and craft works, but these permanent pens are also convenient for adding identifying marks on parts, tools, and other industrial applications.

Between 15 markers, you can choose which color you need that all will look great on light or dark colored surfaces. So, you can draw anything easily with any color you like to whether on transparent glass, black leather, or white canvas. Since U.S Art Supply pens formulated with premium water-based opaque glossy ink, these permanent markers will dry quickly on those surfaces. Moreover, the pens also resist from water, fading, smearing, and even abrasions.


  • Medium tip is ideal for precise works
  • Water, fading, smearing, and abrasions resistance
  • Permanent water-based ink with glossy paint great for painting and marking


  • May work less great on unfinished wood
  • Less coverage tip


Premium Paint Pens by Beric 12 pack, Oil-based Paint Marker, Medium Point, Writes on Almost Anything, Water and Sun Resistant Vibrant Colors Low Odor Long Lasting Fast Drying Assorted Colors

If previously you have Beric markers with a fine point, now you can have more coverage with another Beric markers’ product with a medium tip. You can easily draw the bigger pictures on any surface. Well, although you might find it quite difficult to go on finer details, with the medium point you can find coloring is easy. Whether you want to paint on canvas for your wall decoration, drawing in your drinking water, writing a message on the fence, or other projects, you won’t get any limitation doing your projects. Supported by its weather-resistant ability, the ink is drying out faster and last longer on the surfaces.

Inside the box, you can find 12 different colors with all primary color you will need to draw any pictures. You can even use these markers for your kid’s project to help them enhance their imagination and creativity. Don’t worry because the pens formulated with a tested and certified formula that free for harmful substances.


  • Medium tip gives coverage for quick coloring
  • Weather resistant with long-lasting and fading proof paint
  • Non-harmful ink formula


    • Harder for finer detail
    • Take more time before drying out on certain surfaces such as plastic and glass.


Premium Paint Pens by Beric 15 pack, Water-based, Marker, Extra Fine Point Tip, Writes on Almost Anything, Water and Sun Resistant Vibrant Colors Low Odor Long Lasting Fast Drying Assorted Colors

Art Supply also offers pens for painting not only excellent but also medium tip. If you want to draw with broader strokes, these medium tipped markers is very useful compared to fine tip one. Moreover, these premium U.S Art Supply markers are designed with valve pump action feature to allow freer flowing of the paint. So, you can write, draw, and paint anything on most surfaces, both porous and nonporous surfaces. U.S Art Supply markers are designed to be versatile to use for the most application, including paper, wood, fabric, plastic, glass, rubber, stone, metal, and many others. The paint will last longer due to its fade proof and resist to smear, abrasion, and water. So, whether you want to work indoor or outdoor, you get no problem.

Since the pens made with oil-based ink, so the paint will dry out quicker. In so, you can use different color at a time without worry the paint will be mixed, and your project can finish faster. Not only for doing arts and craft projects but these permanent markers also the great option for industrial applications such as identifying each product. You can see the result, and the paint will prettily look glossy with intense color both in light and dark colored surfaces. One more point, U.S. Art Supply is also free from xylene and other toxic substances, so you don’t need to worry to let your kids join along.


  • Ideal for use on most surfaces, both porous and nonporous
  • Medium tip design is great for broader details
  • Water, fade, smear, and abrasion resistance
  • Safe ink formula


  • Strong odor
  • Difficult on finer detail and strokes


Premium Paint Pens by Beric 12 pack, Water-based, Marker, Extra Fine Point Tip, Writes on Almost Anything, Water and Sun Resistant Vibrant Colors Low Odor Long Lasting Fast Drying Assorted Colors

Due to Beric markers extra tip, you can have flexible painting time that you can draw easily even on small objects such as stone, mugs, chino, or shoes. You can get to any painting work precisely. All 15 color options allow you to write and draw on most surfaces, both porous and non-porous objects. Also, Beric markers also have the slim body that let for more comfortable grip.

To get the best result during application, you should follow the instruction on the back of the package. Before using, you need mix the paint by shaking up and down the pen several times with the cap on until the ball inside rattles. Then, follow up by pressing down the tip repeatedly until the paint is present.

The best feature from Beric markers is its weather-resistant capability. Here, you can work on indoor and outdoor projects at ease with high expectation to have long-lasting result from minimal to no fading. Here, you can ask to utilize Beric markers to enhance your kids’ painting creativity. Don’t worry! Beric markers formulated with a safe formula for all ages that have been tested and certified.


  • Extra fine tip that perfect for precise and detailed painting works
  • Weather resistant that offers long-lasting result
  • Slim body pen for comfortable grip
  • Safe ink formula


  • Take more time before fully drying out on certain surfaces
  • Less coverage for coloring and highlighting


Sharpie Oil Based Paint Markers, Medium Point, Assorted Classic Colors, Set of 5 – 34971PP

Do you want to use the finer-pointed marker or Sharpie? Well, Sharpie has another paint marker product with the fine tip to help you painting in more precise projects. You can also draw a more visible line with this fine tip. The paint allows you to create high-contrast colors that appear to be opaque and glossy looks. It allows the marks to look stand out on light, dark, and reflective surfaces. Now, you can draw any detailed picture with five different colors set from light to dark color choice. Particularly, the colorful markers still allow you to paint on scrapbooks, posters, rocks, window arts, and much more.

The oil-based ink allows the paint to dry quicker, so you don’t need to worry about your marks to fading soon, get smearing, or wash off with water. Here, Sharpie markers let you do some outdoor projects without worrying those problems.


  • Ideal for wood and glass surfaces
  • Fine tip design is great for precise works and more visible lines
  • Waterproof and prevent from fading and smearing.
  • Oil-based ink formula to let the paint dry quickly


  • Only five colors option
  • Big pen body may be somewhat difficult to hold by kids


Metallic Markers Pens,Set of 10 Colors,Permanent Fine Tip Metal Art Paint Marker for Gift Card Making,DIY Photo Album, Scrapbooking, Black Paper, Artist Illustration 

Different from other products, Mincho offers a set of metallic marker pens with intense metallic color during application. The metallic color is the best for drawing and writing on black card and the dark gift card to give special glowing effects. Not only on the paper surfaces, but you can also do other DIY projects with these Mincho markers to mark on glass, plastic, or ceramic surfaces. Moreover, the markers’ pen body is designed with the slim figure so you can comfortably hold the pen comfortably during your project. All ages and all kind of professions will feel that the pen provide the most comfortable grip.

Designed with excellent extra fine tip, you will feel a smooth application while stroking the tip to the surfaces. These markers are great for writing notes in your notebook and drawing detailed pictures on your scrapbook. Available in 10 different colors, you still get a fun moment doing some coloring. Since the ink formulated with water-based ink, the ink will be absorbed easily to the surfaces, especially on paper. Parents can use these markers as a gift for their kids without worry since the pens are made with environmental-friendly also acid and toxic free formula.


  • Ideal for use on black or dark surfaces show its metallic paint
  • Extra fine tip is great for write notes or drawing detailed works
  • Slim body pen design offers most comfortable grip
  • Environmental-friendly, non-toxic, and acid-free formula


  • Not suit for highlighting due to its minimal coverage
  • May don’t work well on wood and rock decorating


40 Color Super Markers Primary Tones Dual Tip Set – Double-Ended Permanent Art Markers with Fine Bullet and Chisel Point Tips – Ergonomic Tri-Oval Barrels – Draw, Sketch, Illustrate, Render, Manga 

Only one type of markers’ tip doesn’t enough to support finishing your project faster? Well, how about getting two types of pens with the different tip in one purchase. Here, U.S Art Supply markers provide you with broader painting coverage with its medium and fine tip markers. In one pack, you can use its medium tipped-markers to draw broader pictures and coloring in a wider area. Meanwhile, the other pack offers fine tipped markers that allow you to draw precise lines and coloring in detailed pictures. So, you can more flexible and effective application to finish your project faster.

Each pack is available in 18 different colors that allow you to get more colorful results. From light to dark tones, you can get rich colors both on light and dark colored surfaces. You can also get more versatile use for almost all surfaces including porous surfaces such as paper, fabric, wood, and canvas, also non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, and plastic. These permanent markers’ ink allows you to mark on the objects without worry it will fade and smear soon. You can also mark on the outdoor objects such as fence or water fountain without anxiety the paint will be washed off by rain since the ink made with the waterproof formula.


  • Ideal for most surfaces
  • Extra tip in one purchase, medium, and fine tip markers
  • Permanent ink markers offer no fading, smearing, and also water resistance
  • Glossy paint result that looks great on dark and light surfaces
  • Feature valve-action to support free flowing during application


  • Strong odor
  • The wider fine tip may work like medium tip, no differences


Uni-posca Paint Marker Pen – Extra Fine Point – Set of 12 (PC-1M12C)

Another marker product from Uni-Posca will be ready to help you on any art painting project. Available in 12 different colors, you will have all those primary colors you will need to draw flowery, rainbow, anime, or other detailed pictures. Yes, due to its extra fine tip markers you can draw easily on small objects such as small rocks or teacups. Uni-Posca markers will leave its long-lasting paint on various objects, including canvas, plastic, wood, glass, metal, and much more.

Since the markers made from water-based ink, so they will have minimal bleed, unlike alcohol-based markers. Uni-Posca markers are working perfectly especially on porous surfaces such as paper and wood without bleeding since the ink will be absorbed and dried out quickly. However, you should be careful because the paint may easily scrap off from non-porous surfaces such as glass and metal. Furthermore, Uni-Posca markers are also designed to be waterproof so that you can do more outdoor projects without worry.


  • Ideal for painting use on most surfaces, but work best on porous surfaces
  • Extra fine tip for supporting detailed painting projects
  • It is waterproof
  • Minimal bleeding


  • May easily scrapped off from non-porous surfaces


Sharpie 5 Colors set Medium Tip Paint/Peinture Marker

If you need to work quicker on painting your projects, the medium tip of Sharpie markers gives you more coverage to help to finish your works. However, this one pack of Sharpie markers only consist of 5 different colors including black, white, blue, yellow, and red. If you just need to draw and paint your project using those colors, Sharpie will be handy for you. Ridges cap can be easily taken off from the pen, and you can attach it to the end so you won’t lose it quickly. Moreover, the big pen body design gives fitted grip for easy-to-use application, but may somewhat difficult for children.

Sharpie markers formulated with valve-action oil-based ink. You can also finish your project faster as the ink allows for quick drying out in minutes. Moreover, you can work virtually on almost surfaces, including wood, glass, metal, plastic, stone, pottery, and much more. Sharpie also allows you to work with high flexibility and long-lasting result both for indoor and outdoor projects because the ink markers are resistant to fading, smearing, water, and abrasion. Furthermore, Sharpie markers have been certified to be safe for every user since the ink formulated with xylene and toxic free.


  • Medium tip design allows for more coverage than fine tip
  • Versatile use for any surfaces
  • Water-, fade-, smear-, and abrasion proof that great for indoor and outdoor projects
  • Certified child safe formula


  • Limited color options
  • May quite difficult to draw precise or detailed marks
  • Big pen body may be rather difficult to hold by kids


Final Verdict

Rather than using paint for painting an object, by using a pen will provide clean work results. You can also feel more comfortable during application by holding the pen markers rather than a paint brush. Here, Uni-Posca paint markers will help you to do those arts painting works to be more comfortable, fun, colorful, and long-lasting. However, you can also consider the others products since all of them even offer great result for any painting work. So, have you decide to purchase the markers now?


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